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  1. Than this conversation is not for you, It is in the players right to add constructive criticism to a game especially if they have a significant time investment in said game. If this is what you mean by "complaining" if not I apologize for assuming.
  2. Brammas nerf did not make the weapon bad, it is still good and preforms, if you actually liked it you would still be using it, you are after a broken weapon. and I do not believe your forma and time were waisted, you still needed to put 5 forma in it to max it, so you probably lost 1-2 forma but I don't see a reason to forma it past 5. When catchmoon got its nerf back in 2018 I didn't stop using it because it was less powerful than it once was, I still use it to this day because I like the weapon.
  3. Yes, DE seems to have an issue with commitment. the open worlds, conclave, nightwave, liches, etc they seem to add the "BIG NEW FEATURE" then ignore it when the next thing comes along. stacking pile on top of pile while the foundations are breaking. I would prefer them to update and fix what is already in the game before adding anything crazy or new that keeps our attention for a month or two.
  4. Fissure missions definitely feel as if they have been tacked on to the game after they removed the key system, I only need to do fissure missions for about two weeks every 90 days, I'm not even interested in min maxing them, the prime market is also saturated because farming for primes is extremally easy because of the fissure system. Liches should not be something that you go grind for, it should be something that happens to you no matter where you go... doing steel path on a node your lich controls? thralls should spawn there and so should your lich.. a passive goal with the option to h
  5. Blue is my favorite color after all, and I happen to be a dark user, I agree with the issues you have but I would also add the content islands to the bunch. Weapon variety is a good one, for a si-fi game there sure aren't a lot of sci-fi weapons, they backed them selves into a corner making corpus the only type of sifi weapon using faction ... I'm tired of same old boring gun that uses boring normal bullets, give me some more lazers, plasma cannons, gravity hammers, etc. paradoxically id also love some European melee styled weapons like an actual Excalibur or a halberd, real scythe( not the
  6. Rivens are a whole Issue, I believe the cons out weigh the pros at this point, but they have been in the game so long they cannot simply be removed especially with how much plat people have used on them. most people suggest a stat lock feature for them but that would be too powerful for the meta weapons, the simplest way to fix these is to go back and rework the "bad" weapons to make them more user friendly. that is quite the balancing act though. Rivens are an outdated feature and changing them will make people angry no mater what so working around them may be the best option.
  7. There ae many missions to go do, but there is no reason to go do them, they are just re skins of the same game modes on different planets and tile sets, no challenge, no reward, and most of the tile sets aren't even pretty to look at.
  8. Agreed, Game modes are outdated and should be looked at to make the game more engaging and more skill based perhaps.
  9. I completely understand that, I have been playing since June, 22, 2017, I'm mr 30, there is nothing to do that is Fun. all I have is dojo and orbiter decoration... I remember having fun 2 times in the last year, Grendels missions, and Arlo's flame boss steel path when me and my friend didn't know it didn't need to be completed for the rewards. XD which is stupid but I understand it may be too hard for people.
  10. Hello! I'm making this post to ask the community what their issues with warframe are, just to get some more perspectives! Please say what bothers you about warframe in its current state.
  11. This would be a pretty pog tie in to make the game feel a little more connected....also giving liches cool new abilities specifically for this system would refresh the grind.
  12. If this is not a bug its awful design... I cant tell you how angry I am that this exists in the game.... KITGUNS GET THEIR OWN RIVENS< CQAN BE FOUND IN PISTOL RIVENS, AND NOW RIFLE RIVENS?!?!?!?? thesis idiotic and I hate it like many things in this game..... just disappointing
  13. Many a time I need to do a radshare and I see that I don't have any traces... This is annoying and sluggish especially when the amount of traces you get per relic ranges from 6-30 traces per relic. quite annoying when you need 100 traces, the most missions you need to do to get this much is 16 and the least is 4 not counting for boosters of course. It would be great if we could "dissolve" relics to get a small amount of traces maybe 10-15 per relic and a bonus if the relic is already leveled...
  14. Many a time I look at the decorations in the buy menu and I wonder what size it is. It would be great if we had a banana for scale or something like a mastery plaque in the preview to accurately judge the size of the decorations!
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