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  1. He isn't wrong either. We would have to see the overall drops to everyone. That would tell us more on whats going on, if at all. The fact you and I are getting different results shows that the drop rates may be fine and just getting unlucky.
  2. I have gotten several of everything except neurotics.
  3. I have taken in and seen banshee in that fight and I did not get one shot. Your build is awful if your being one shot.
  4. Permadeath, to me, is not really that big of deal. I dont really see it as fun. There is so much damage mitigation on so many frames. I very rarely die in arbitration and thats usually because I get bored and just stop paying full attention. Level 100+ really isnt much of a big deal either. So many frames can drop their armor or make them really squishy. (Nova for example.) Here is the problem as I see it. Think of a game mode that actually provides a real challenge. The challenge would be to think of a game mode that a warframe does not trivialize that content... And its not as simple as saying power creep either. One of the best parts of warframe is one of its achilles heals, the number of options we have.
  5. They brought braton and lato in to put it back in the pool, is my guess. IT was an exclusive to an old event and only a few people had them. I do agree with most of this except I love adaptation. Putting that mod on a nova has made really made her really good in higher level content. (well, just so much less squishy) I never said it. I am end game and was just trying to see if people are thinking about it differently then I am. The problem here is your asking for the same things they provided, for example, in ESO. They tied a warframe and some things to it and people *@##$ed because they had to run this boring ass content to get it. I did not think eso was that bad, it had issues but it wasn't that bad either. So if they bring new content in and tie some really good stuff to it, people will just complain they have to run this content. Seems like they get shafted no matter what they do these days.
  6. If your a veteran then that usually means you have everything, so what is this reward your after that would be so go for you?
  7. Because those are not auto aim. If your going to compare, least know how to do it.
  8. Why dont you just dual wield a weapon and use another frame?
  9. IGN: tCartmant Discord: Cartman#1689 Hours Played: 897+ MR: 25 The clan I was in was fine but was more for New players. Now that I mostly play end game its hard to find people who have min/maxed frames who want to play. I am hoping this clan would be good for that. Thanks!
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