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  1. You mean arbitration? There is the movable object in arbitration but at least he follows someone around and does not, usually, do their own thing. The time between has been considerably lowered.
  2. I am not going to fight but I will say I tried it out and at first I thought the same thing, kinda odd I am getting null star abilities from molecular prime. But it would be odd if it was a augment mod to null star too soo. Far as the mod, She is pretty tanky since I was able to keep my null star maxed out most of the time. (low range slova) That and adaptation make her very end game survivable now. I was good with it once I got into using it.
  3. tCartmant

    Riven rerolling

    Right, but then everyone would have god roll rivens.. Weapons are overpowered as it is.
  4. tCartmant

    I want to transfer my account

    Xbox one got mouse/keyboard support. I thought warframe with fortuna was suppose to get it?
  5. tCartmant

    I want to transfer my account

    Like I said, fornite allows it too but its the exception not the rule. You would have to get permission from sony and microsoft first, once they open it up, then its on DE. Warframe, as far as I know, has never gotten that permission. If they do, I would have my pitchfork out as well as I would love to have at least, cross save.
  6. tCartmant

    I want to transfer my account

    Yes they do and its been told to this and many other communities over and over, you just wont accept it. Sony and Microsoft own your account. Pulling data or pushing data to that account is completely under sony and microsoft's control. They have said, repeadity, they dont want to share. Fortnite had a hell of a time with Sony until they finally caved under pressure, however, that is the exception, not the rule. Why is this so hard to understand?
  7. tCartmant

    I want to transfer my account

    Microsoft owns your account, not gonna happen.
  8. I am only guessing here.. Trinity kind of falls on that edge where she is really doing a lot even if she isn't killing things. They have not released what the criteria is for how rewards are taken back when participation is suspect.
  9. Your lack of killing may have played a part? Seriously, there is code in there if that your not considered participating you dont get rewards..
  10. tCartmant

    The releasing of Mesa prime

    Mesa and her weapons will all be available in relics. You won't have to spend a dime.
  11. tCartmant

    Riven Mod - Maintain 3x combo counter etc etc

    Has to be user error, this game contains no bugs. :)
  12. tCartmant

    Give us migration from console to console alrdy...

    Come on already, this question has been answered several times and it clearly explains DE isnt in control of your account, sony and XB1 is. Go call them.
  13. tCartmant

    mastery tests... practice too "hidden"

    Titania method? Seriously? I do see some of these "cheese" methods and usually laugh at the fact that they are doing it. There is no reason to cheese any of them. Just practice them until you get a solution down.
  14. tCartmant

    [Suggestion] Web Player trade market

    You can put all your buy/sell orders on it but at the end of the day, you have to log into warframe to actually make the trade. I think he/she wants to be able do the actual transaction on the web as well. The issue I would have is anyone using actual trade chat would be inundated with so many web transactions that I dont think it would be usable.
  15. tCartmant

    been suspended sucks

    When you go to inv them, there is another option to look at the player profile. If memory serves.