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  1. Inanegrain62

    Screen black blocks

    Seems that any weapon that induces cold Procs can trigger this issue.
  2. The Pre stalker for most players is still broken as he spams invisibility, being unable to be interacted with aside from abilities that hone in such as slash dash. All AOE and target abilities will have 0 effect as stalker spams invisibility I frames. Shooting the stalker doesn't work either as the stalker's iframes also affect weapons while being able to "phase" through bullets for a short period after casting invisibility, which makes it impossible to hit if it spams invisibility while still being able to attack.
  3. Inanegrain62

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    Waiting for 2 known issues.... The drone still does the path that gets it stuck on the cliff and The mission in POE where you have to go underground and exterminate, but, the door never opens for you which has been there for quite some time
  4. I believe that I should be able to trade rivens away after exceeding my capacity and should have only occurred if I'm trading in for rivens, not when I'm selling it.
  5. Inanegrain62

    Rebb said "it was a lot more viewers than we expected"

    Usually, new things tend to confuse people, similar to how the concept of common core math is misunderstood and meant to be a teaching tool, not a examination tool. I googled internet standard time and was incredibly confused that it introduced beats as a time. I preferred using a timezone such as "Coordinated Universal Time" making it 10:20 P.M. 18th of July of being posted right now instead of mine, 6:20 A.M. 19th of July
  6. Inanegrain62

    Rebb said "it was a lot more viewers than we expected"

    I'm not quite sure on how it works but, during the twitch drop campaign, especially the first, there were multiple people watching warframe partners to get the drops, and there were a lot of em including myself going afk for the loot. There was definitely a lot of people during that period especially how they don't need to watch the official streams. I'm not quite sure if it's DE or Twitch now.
  7. Inanegrain62

    Rebb said "it was a lot more viewers than we expected"

    I'm not too keen about cutting some slack, but it's still possible. There were similar issues on past Twitch streams and still had issues with drops and I'd at least expect that they would anticipate a similar issue to occur again. Similar how I tend to brace for upcoming waves of bugs that would be filtered but still add to the pile on any majour updates. It may be bots as well since it's free with just time to spend.
  8. Inanegrain62

    Rebb said "it was a lot more viewers than we expected"

    The regular streams were much lower. This introduced a load of players to try watching the stream despite previous twitch drop campaigns. It shows a lot of viewers miscalculating the time for the stream for a very long period as they weren't expected well, what I've explained in the thread.
  9. Inanegrain62

    Operator mode malfuntioning

    During the Sortie 3 Hyena assassination and managing to kill Hyena NG, the magnetic one, I died to it as I wasn't able to use my operator anymore. The symptoms include the gauge for the amp shots to not regenerate in void mode while void dashing still gave energy for longer void mode. After dying in void mode and sent back to my frame, the gauge for void mode was empty and I couldn't switch to my operator. Which then led to failing the mission as I ran out of revives as a harrow with very much useless weapons against the hyena as they're elemental weapons. If this is a mechanic for operator, someone please explain it to me as I've never had such an issue during Eidolon hunts aside from being completely crippled to not even attack. I don't quite understand the magnetic procs aside from it being an aoe around the hyena.
  10. The worst case I can think of would be warframe's unofficial official discord server to be flooded with players asking for the time and being redirected to a time conversion site. I'd think that confusing things make me investigate said thing to understand it. It solves the issue of "people directly copying the time and timezone with 0 regard to the day and improper planning" by having people look closer.
  11. There is so much, therefore I was thinking if people aren't going to check precisely on what their time is, what if more confusions added by having two timezones that are simply the opposite? Such as ET and PT being the opposites I use, having to skip a day with other people's timezones gradually reaching the 7th first, they would be quite confused on what it means for a _ hour stream. The clearing I have now would be stating ET and PT while clarifying others to check their timezones through the links you've mentioned. It really seems like excessive hand holding, but, again, it's uncommon for many people imo unless they're accommodated with international travels which is rare in most people that hasn't touched work or even still, have touched work. (very much debatable but I'd be driving off topic immensely due to how some companies work)
  12. Likely yes, there's plenty of people in chat wondering when the streams starting. It's not an everyday thing where people would specifically check their timezones unless they're under work conditions planning international meetings. Video games seem to be the stepping stones for these timezones for work as I don't see them much needed aside from common travelers.
  13. If you do so without actually using a calculator to include the date, 6 P.M. ET will not count as "tomorrow" or "today" if you've passed the time it's meant to be, i.e. googling 6 A.M. July 7 on the 6th of July will still show 7th of July, 6 A.M for me, after watching many streams, I've simply thought that it's a day behind due to how my timezone's a day faster than ET. The main trap imo seems to be the date, varying from 7th and 8th.
  14. That works I suppose, though, there are a lot of people live as they entered the 7th of July earlier than the ET timezone
  15. It's about stream times and how they're shown to everyone. The chat's booming with people waiting for the stream to start; it's due to how it's shown as 6 P.M. ET. In my timezone it translates directly to 6 A.M. , in which, I should be up by 8th of July, 6 A.M. for the stream, not the 7th of July 6 A.M. . The problem with this is that, it doesn't consider those that are on the other side of ET, as they're simply led to believe that it's universal which it wasn't and caused people to mistime their schedule. Sure, they're dumb for not knowing but, on hindsight, I'd be very much expected that it's accurate by directly translated 7th of July 6 A.M. . The only calculation being the time and not the date as I've noticed barely anyone does so even though ET had a meaning. At best, a solution I could think of would be to have ET and PT timezones shown, as they're both opposites and people could figure out what's the difference between ET and PT to figure out their dates. a solution I thought of involved using Coordinated universal time, however, I don't see how it solves the issue on how people's hindsight doesn't calculate the date, the other for this would be to show a 7-8 Date that varies from timezone, which will cause even more confusion unless clarified through "7th of July 6 P.M. ET and 8th of July 6 A.M. PT". I'd say use ET and PT as they're simply opposites and the rest are in the middle between timezones of ET and PT which would be a hassle.