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  1. Inanegrain62

    Host migrations and Sortie defense

    During a host migration, giving your weapon to the objective will make the weapon disappear, it will not be given back to you nor the objective would have it, leaving you without a secondary
  2. The Pre stalker for most players is still broken as he spams invisibility, being unable to be interacted with aside from abilities that hone in such as slash dash. All AOE and target abilities will have 0 effect as stalker spams invisibility I frames. Shooting the stalker doesn't work either as the stalker's iframes also affect weapons while being able to "phase" through bullets for a short period after casting invisibility, which makes it impossible to hit if it spams invisibility while still being able to attack.
  3. Inanegrain62

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

    what about blasting kuva with amps still not working? Kuva disappears but doesn't count towards the braids, another turn is required leading to more time loss.
  4. Inanegrain62

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    Waiting for 2 known issues.... The drone still does the path that gets it stuck on the cliff and The mission in POE where you have to go underground and exterminate, but, the door never opens for you which has been there for quite some time
  5. Inanegrain62

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    After nearly one year ever since POE came, it finally gets fixed... Unless sensors are still bugged
  6. If you know limbo well and know when enemies will stay in the rift or out there'll be another safety net if your range is maxed as you can deliberately throw the entire room of enemies out or into the rift. That's already another safety net to cast stasis again. If you're already banishing an enemy and forget about it, you should be punished for leaving scraps behind that your teammates can't touch. Your teammates should be able to pull enemies out of the rift by attacking them, and again, there are almost little punishment for doing so as you're already far ahead, leaving them. They have a choice of either leaving the enemies alone or wanting to rid of them and if they die, that's completely their fault.
  7. Limbo's changes are welcomed by me, the duration matters little if Limbo can regenerate enough energy for it to be cast again, though, I'd prefer the duration to be in sync with banish/cataclysm, it'll be more of... a QoL downgrade for limbo. and the only mod that gives punch through without any additional benefits, sacrificing a slot for utility. Secondaries options feel limited, but shouldn't overpower primaries, should they? EDIT: I've noticed that it doesn't seem to deal with the main issue with limbo, his rift and enemies whereas teammates have no option to interact with unless they get into the rift, i.e. limbo's dash, cataclysm or being banished. A suggestion I'd make would be for enemies to be pulled out of the rift with lesser repercussions as a punishment for limbo if teammates attack a banished enemy while they aren't banished themselves.
  8. Inanegrain62

    Limbo Stasis Rework Inc

    Psst, try and not make enemy projectiles/bullets react oddly in the rift too! Also, will sentries and roller's interaction with the rift be fixed? I'm very sure that it's a bug due to how they can be banished and receive damage and remain in the rift with rift surge BUT still interact poorly with his cataclysm, not staying in the rift and freely moving after taking a tick of damage. So... what else could break when it arrives?
  9. Inanegrain62

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7

    You've forgotten to highlight the o next to the c
  10. Inanegrain62

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7

    Have Rollers and sentries be fixed for limbo? They interact radically with the rift, not entering the rift unless banished directly.
  11. Inanegrain62

    Sortie PoE underground extermination In two different squads, the same issue repeated. The door does not open to allow us to get underground and I've been told to look for a sweetspot to trigger the mission which I never found or bothered to. This issue has existed ever since Underground missions came fourth and should have been solved by then asides from removing Underground missions entirely to be written off as a mining site with enemies.
  12. Mirage's Hall of mirrors seems to have a delay when casting, locking you into the weapon equipped, melee doesn't work and transference too under "ability being casted" or something similar to prevent casting two things at once.
  13. Limbo's cataclysm does not interact properly with latchers, sensors and rollers, only taking damage IF thrown onto them, no interaction with the borders. Banishing them WILL keep them in the rift, throwing the cataclysm above to kick them out of the rift will not work and continue to stay in the rift. This bug has been here for quite some time and certainly not working as intended in my eyes for how it reacts poorly. I believe somewhere in the middle of PoE's update, likely november.
  14. Inanegrain62

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I currently see... DE taking down raids, affecting the community. Reason, lack of man power or other reasons. Issue, its been left untouched for so long, it grew something that people want, only being touched to be completely removed instead of a note of "not touching it till a later date" but a "Poof". Some players would assume that they could have just worked on a separate one while leaving the current raids alone since they have no interest currently. The idea of fixing it in hotfixes may pose more issues instead, which does suggest a overhaul for raids, however, plenty of things would need to be affected, looking at how something I have no idea had any relation with break badly. Then again, conclave exists with no one giving much care just like the trials, along with DS which I've never witnessed and been convinced that it's another form of PvE that counts points similar to how invasions work. Even with almost something breaking on a daily basis, I don't see why should trials be completely removed as it has little impact if it stayed, a large one coming from the community that may grow out of it.
  15. Inanegrain62

    New Contest: Carol of the Tenno

    Inspired by "What Child Is This?" since it isn't a original carol, it's probably disqualified as I've only taken inspiration from it and doesn't follow the original at all, that or I took in the wordings poorly. Title : "Tenno left aloof"