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  1. Protomorph

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.6.0

    This "update" ranges from pointless to terrible. Ok, we can rebuild a destroyed relay, which I know some people have been asking for. The important quesiton is WHY? Will this relay be any different than the relays we have now? Will it do anything, or offer anything different from the current relays? Because right now we have 3 identical relays (except for location), so this will add a 4th, identical relay? That's the weakest possible form of content. As far as Revenant goes, nerfing his one useful ability is exactly what he didn't need. His 1 is worthless because ally AI is worthless, his 2 is mediocre but mildly useful, and his 3 is overcosted, worthless, and bad. So then we have his 4, which is weak dps with multiple drawbacks and DE increases the cost by 65%. Sadly, this is exactly what I expected DE to do (based on their history and past decisions). DE made the worst possible decision on this, based on spurious, bad logic. Prior to this nerf Danse Macabre was weaker dps than Saryn, Mesa, Equinox, and lots of other aoe/dps which comes with multiple drawbacks: slow movement, obscured vision, can't jump, can't navigate terrain, ability REFUSES to hit enemies that are at a higher elevation than you (because DE did not consider that enemies might exist above you, as they usually do), the dps is low with a high energy cost, and the ability is already almost completely shut down in the presence of a nullifier or Infested Ancient who prevents almost all damage from Danse Macabre to itself and all other enemies. The truth about Danse Macabre (prior to nerf) is that it's not good dps, and not that useful, but it is FLASHY. It draws a lot of attention, and it LOOKS like you're doing something constructive, so people who can't tell the difference think it's great or overpowered. The truth about Danse Macabre post nerf is that Revenant isn't worth playing. There's no content or mission in the game where a player can reasonably say "You know what we need here? Revenant!" The Danse Macabre nerf is exactly the opposite of what DE should have done to fix Revenant. I'm also 100% confident that anyone who would make this decision simply hasn't played Revenant, and has no idea what he's like to play in the game. There's just no other good explanation. So Revenant goes on the shelf, with a lot of other Warframes that shouldn't be there. And that's a real shame. Maybe we won't have to wait for Revenant to be Primed for him to be worked into a useful state, something worth playing. That would be great, but based on this I have no reason to think that's likely.
  2. Protomorph

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I'd like to see channeling reworked in to a resource that builds up from attacks, then maybe you activate it and get the channeling damage buff for a limited time as the channeling you've built up expends itself over time. Kind of like the "rage" mechanic some character classes use in mmos, except the channeling is stored until you activate channel mode, then you kind of go into "super melee damage mode" until all the channeling is spent. I think this would make a nice ebb and flow of interactive combat, and it kind of sounds like DE is already going this way with charge attack so this may be superfluous, or maybe it could coincide. Either way the proposed changes look really positive overall and I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. Protomorph

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8

    How about if we just remove this from the game entirely since it's unfair, overly punishing, poorly communicated, vague, unnecessary, frustrating, and shouldn't have been in the game in the first place? This mechanic felt bad in Armored Core on the original Playstation in 1998. 20 years later on PC it feels a lot worse. The game doesn't need this. No one asked for this. No one wants this. It's bad. There is no upside to this "mechanic". Please remove it from the game entirely, sooner rather than later. I know DE likes to try new ideas and that's a good thing sometimes, but the "insta-lose-a-multi-stage-mission-that-takes-longer-and-provides-less-rewards" idea is just bad and shouldn't be in the game.
  4. Protomorph

    Chains of Harrow: Update 21.5.0

    I'm not seeing where the stealth nerfs to Hydroids Undertow and Tentacle Swarm were reverted. Did I miss it, or is DE just keeping those stealth nerfs? Just so we're clear, if you want to fix Hydroid the first thing to do is revert the multiple stealth nerfs that were implemented in his "revisit". Doesn't really matter if other players can shoot enemies in Undertow when the ability has been nerfed into uselessness. It wasn't good to begin with, and neither was Tentacle Swarm. I can't even begin to comprehend the thought process behind this, or why anyone would think it's a good idea.
  5. Protomorph

    Anndddd it's already October.

    The most important thing is that you guys are communicating with the players, so thank you for that! We do appreciate it. Please try to take any salty replies, well... with a grain of salt lol. Like a lot of players (who may not be as vocal) I am totally cool with the content taking as long as it takes. DE has a good track record of not releasing content before it's mostly bug-free, and you guys are around to monitor things after release and quick to hotfix bugs. These are all good things and we all want them to continue. No one wants content to be released earlier if it means sacrificing any of this. Making vacuum available to all sentinels is good. The nerf is incomprehensible. At this point when it comes to the universal vacuum issue I'm just tired, confused, and disappointed. I understand that you (Steve) have to communicate this information to the players, even though it may not be your decision how the vacuum changes were made. I guess these are the vacuum changes we are ALLOWED to have. Maybe once it's proven that universal vacuum does not cause the entire game to collapse into a gravity vortex of doom the nerf can be rolled back some. We can hope. I guess. Or not. Like I said, I'm just tired of the discussion after several years, so I'd rather accept any solution that let's us move on even if it's sub-optimal (It is.). I just want to say that, as a player, to you, as a programmer, if there were some kind of "bug" with Vacuum where, say, the range was "mistakenly" 6 meters, or 8 meters, instead of the proposed 5 meter range the players would be VERY understanding *wink wink, nudge nudge*, and we would probably bribe you with chocolate and candy to assuage you in such a crisis. :) Thanks for all the things you people do well. Thanks for making a fun game. Thanks for expanding Vacuum to other sentinels. Looking forward to the War Within.
  6. Dear DE and Mr. Steve I know you guys have worked hard on Starchart 3.0 and you're nervous about it. Please keep in mind that all anyone reasonable is looking for is improvement, and a foundation to build on. No one expects perfection out of the gate, we just all want something better, less grindy and more meaningful than what we have now. Some people are going to be overly critical and rude, but we should just stay focused on the goal: improvement. Any progress is good progress, and if you carry forward your recent focus on iterative development incorporating feedback then we can turn this ship in a new direction. We're all rooting for you and looking forward to a better Warframe.
  7. Protomorph

    Hotfix 17.0.3

    Any update on the fixes for running preventing you from opening the power menu, using abilities, opening the map, opening the gear menu, etc.? Any update for the fix for Ashes Bladestorm causing your ability menu to be stuck open until you activate it again?
  8. Protomorph

    Psa: Baro Ki'teer Ducat Value Changes

    Wow. I'm dumbfounded. You gutted an entire economy in the game with literally no warning. Absolutely terrible. Not surprising though. Unfortunately.
  9. Protomorph

    Syndicate Offerings: Coming Changes Psa

    Oh D.E.! There's nothing you won't do to make me regret spending money on this game, is there? Accidentally triple enemies ranged damage? LET'S KEEP IT! People found a way to acquire rep that doesn't require grinding for months? NERF 3 WARFRAMES! WITH NO WARNING! Forced to un-nerf 3 Warframes because the player base pointed out it was unbelievably dumb? HERE'S A SNIPER ENEMY THAT ONE-SHOTS YOU WHO'S IMMUNE TO BULLETS, ABILITIES, AND EXPLOSIVES & GIVES THOSE ABILITIES TO NEARBY UNITS! TAKE THAT, PLAYERBASE! THAT'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S IN CHARGE! People are actually able to acquire 1 tier of keys without depending on a RNG within RNG grind after spending huge amounts of play time and resources in order to do so? REMOVE IT FROM THE GAME! Is it worth mentioning I and a lot of other people missed out on the Imperator Vandal by only a point or 2 (during an event we really had no control over given how community based it was), mainly due to the fact that you shut the event down a day early? I would very, VERY much like to believe that this will be replaced with something equitable but I can't because of your track record with things like this. I haven't even started on syndicates/rep, and now a large portion of the player base has a huge set of rewards I'll never even have a chance to get. If I didn't like the game I wouldn't have spent too much money and time on it but frequently some of the things you guys do make me want to punch myself in the face.
  10. Protomorph

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Vomitous Behaviour: Vomitous will normally be found shambling around on the ground. It can leap significant distances both horizontally and vertically. During combat it will leap vertically onto a wall and attach, then attempt to disable as many enemies as possible with an aoe dot attack. Afterwards it will make a horizontal leap onto a single enemy to disable and devour them. It functions as a disabling assassin by initiating group damage then attempting to disable and kill a single target. Attacks: When combat starts Vomitous will leap onto a nearby vertical surface and stick there using the suckers on its underside. It will rumble and gurgle as it mixes a cocktail of acids which it will spew onto enemies, coating them with an acidic slime and leaving a toxic puddle on the ground. Afterwards Vomitous will leap directly onto an enemy and engulf them from the head down to devour them. Vomitous' bile does corrosive damage. Enemies hit with it will take damage from a corrosive dot , as will enemies standing in the toxic pool. A target engulfed by Vomitous' second attack takes slash, puncture, and corrosive damage over time from its teeth and acids. They are blind while engulfed, and cannot use weapon attacks. Abilities can still be used. Basically if Vomitous is ingesting a target they must rely on their abilities or their teammates to save them. Vomitous must be killed to be removed from its target. Environment restrictions: Any infested area, prefers hallways and close areas over open areas. Normally found in infested groups.