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  1. You know what puts the biggest hole in your thought? The fact that the most braindead solutions are the meta, always and in every game. You know why disruption became popular? Because its just mix between survival and defense but faster then both. The speed at which you get things done is the biggest factor why people choose one thing over the other. It is like that because lets face it gamers are just lazy, thats why we play games instead of being productive in the first place.
  2. But they are not financially supported and they dont have a publisher. Or do you have any proof that they do? As far as we can tell they got bought to take some profit out of them not to financially support or interfere.
  3. Most doesnt mean everyone dear, im the exception to the rule as well as few others in this topic.
  4. I have 930 hours played over 309 days, i would say that pretty good average. Now i do other things and have forums on the other tab simple. You are crying whiners since you cant even answer some basic questions. Talking with all of you was like talking with spoiled toddler. You tell me what you want , i ask you about actual problems with what you want and you just repeat the first part, ALL THE FKN TIME. You have nothing else to say beyond "me want that","game needs it","game is dieing" . When presented with actual problem you just ignore them and resort to insults. Keep believing that you know better, that will take you very far, hopefully far away from this game.
  5. At least i play the game i like and not sit here crying like masochist but yea, keep being you.
  6. Yea yea keep crying. The one dude that tried to answer my questions brought more substance to this topic then your whole day of screeching.
  7. You can believe whatever you want but the facts are DE doesnt get any help or guidance from outside source, they are on their own with warframe. Also you fight a argument that you made in your head. Nobody even once used Indie as justification of anything, you made that up and now you fight it for god knows what reason.
  8. AAA studios have like 15 000 people, just check Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA at top end. Bethesda publishing branch has 400 alone. Your arbitrary numbers mean really nothing.
  9. But thats exactly what you want, every single example of games given in any topic revolve around changing Warframe into more tactical, engaging meta slavery. And why being a cookie clicker is a bad thing? Those games are surprisingly popular. The fact that you dont like it doesnt mean its bad.
  10. Just go back to Destiny you troll, stop reading what you want to be said. Read whole post again until you understand what i meant and stop embarrassing yourself further. Answers i get are not the answers to questions i asked. You repeating what you want doesnt matter one bit when questions i asked are not about that.
  11. Thats not what i asked about. I meant how you determine how much of in-game effort is enough for given rewards considering its purely subjective. Again you talk why you dont like current reward( i dont like it either). Again a non-answer. Nobody really did answer that because everyone has his idea how challenging something must be, i ask how to find middle ground. Also funny how you bring out Dark Souls because despite being completely different game faces similar problem. Once you are familiar with it its not very hard, there are like 50 minutes speed runs of it. Does it mean the game is to easy? Yeah, for someone with 3000 hours it is. I would argue that 1 Jim Stirling vidoe and 1 from SkillUp did more for the game then all other creators combined. But lets say i can accept that point of view. But then people will complain that you want to remove something because "thats the reason im still playing", like trials. The game is already a clusterfu.ck but people still demand more and more. Those games are completely different in their concept. They are more tactical with fewer but stronger enemies by design while Warframe is the opposite. The good example of balance i would like are shotguns, all of them op but you could make argument to use any of them, thats the most balanced weapon class imo and thats the kind of balance im looking for. Not balance vs enemies but balance between our gear.
  12. I believe I already covered why I think its bad idea. Doesnt matter really because it still doesnt adress problems I listed.
  13. I told already i dont care what you want, i know it already. I listed questions about issues with what you want, nothing i asked there have anything to do with agreeing or disagreeing but you still refuse to answer. I made it very clear that its all i want from this topic. Only thing im "shooting down" is changes to core concepts of the game. I dont play it for "engaging, strategic combat" but ive wasted enough time on that already. Maybe the game lacks coop but forced one never works. Probably their fault, they didnt know how to do it properly and the fact that it broke is mostly their fault. But its also unreasonable to have attitude like they just couldnt wait to remove it just to piss off some players. They deemed it not worth the effort, we have no authority to judge.
  14. And point proven, you dont know the answers, its easier to scream all the time "DE fix" instead right? I dont care that you disagree, i care that you want to change a game into something it isnt. You deem everyone who doesnt agree with you a troll or white knight. I asked simple questions revolving around problems with what you want. You didnt even bother to try. Thats why im telling you that you have messiah complex not because you disagree. I was very open on what i want and why i want it this way, you just put vague statements and throw insults. Nothing more. You are the ones that think world should revolve around you and that everyone agrees with you while i said multiple times that i present my point of view and mine alone. The point of those questions wasnt the answers alone but to present your hopeless attitude. You just spit nonsens what they game needs, what must be changed, what added but when you are asked how to solve actual problems with what you want you keep crying how not understood you are and how stupid i am to even question your magnificence because you know better. I asked simple things and all i got is further proof that vets leaving this game would be the best thing that ever happened to it.
  15. Of course i do play it, casually. You want to change what it is so im here waiting for answers why. You simply ignore what the game truly is and try to change it into something you think it should be thats why i told you that you play the game wrong, even dev told you how they imagine you should play the game but you know better. You just look for excuses because you know you dont have answers and you have the same selfish reasons as i do to change the game. You are right, i dont care what others think thats why i gave you list of questions that do not revolve around what you want but around problems with what you want.
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