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  1. Yes, like fishing and mining. We like diversity and it is fun for us. Orb fights are not fun for me but you dont see my crying that i had to do it a few times. I understand that im not the center of the world and somebody may like it and devs want content they made to be played to some degree. Im spending money because i like the game as a whole, not some selective parts of it that i consider worthy.
  2. Because the game should be more then shallow exterminate and survival missions all day long. You like it or not fishing, mining and hunting is now part of the game the same way spy missions and interception missions are. Its not just looter shooter anymore, deal with it.
  3. Out of curiosity can you point me to any info about your company. I find it hilarious when no-names from internet try to teach multimilion companies how to do bussiness.
  4. You need to add 2 imprints for that.
  5. Son tokens are easy to get, you just level up pets and sell them for 10 each or you sacrifice like an hour tops to farm animals and you dont have to ever do it again. For grandma token all you need is patience. You make bigger problem out of it then it really is. If you want everything it will take you like 2 weeks if you are being lazy to get it. Its not a race.
  6. Deimos is by far the best of all of them. Token system is the best thing to ever happen and i wish they would add that to the rest of game.
  7. 0 chances of that hapening. Even a dmg bonus is not enough. Puncture has it for example but its still inferior to slash. Meta will always exist. Given a chance players will min-max the fun out of any game.
  8. The problem is very simple. Death is the best status effect and things that bring it quicker are and always will be meta. You cant have all dmg types do that because they would be the same thing so it would be pointless to have them. In a way they are all good but they dont provide more dmg so they wont be meta, ever. There is just to many dmg types to make every single one of them equal.
  9. Apearently PvP requires less effort to maintain. That was the official DE's reasoning. They should know better then no names from forums right? If it was not worth the effort then it was not worth it, no if's or's or but's. Very straight forward and sound reason if you ask me.
  10. And thats why any "endgame" is doomed. It just doesnt fit warframe and its playerbase. Nah, its just some bored vets that constantly cry about it. They just cant get over the fact that they are done with the game. Everything gets boring if you do it enough times. Thats my point? Just look at some complains even on this forums. Some are beyond stupid. Like Deimos content being to grindy while having mostly everything in day 2. Its like they forget that next big content chunk will be in a year. Ive played more then 30 mmos but ive never seen such whiny, spoiled, entitled vets as
  11. Thats only partialy true. They were buggy yes but the reason they were removed was that they were unpopular to the point of not being worth the fixing. Warframe players just dont want to be forced into premades. The moment you force players into cooperating (not as an option) you have DOA content. But when you dont do that it will be to easy for those that complain about endgame. So worse version of arbitrations and ESO? Most players hate limitations of any kind, your ideas will not work, nobody will play it if the rewards wont be good enough but if they make them worth it then
  12. Whats the point in making more frames when excal is good enough for killing? Why make any weapons when Kronen does the job? Answer is the same. For fun, to have something to work towards, something new to collect. Thats the entire point of this game if you didnt notice, collecting things.
  13. Like for real now. How dare people complain about the grind or high requirements when its day 2 and they already have most things? Next big chunk of content will be in like 15 months. Thats plenty of time for everything. Dont you even try to bring "new players" into this, that argument is simply stupid. You make it like having things to do and to get is a bad thing. This game is for few hundreds of hours, they will get there eventualy.
  14. I call statistical player lazy and greedy because its true. Players in general (not only in WF) are like that. For YOU. For normal players it isnt as seen above. Correct. Since you clearly live in your own world i will leave this topic to die. You know better then players with 5-10 times more play time then you and devs that need to have games longevity in mind. Keep being you.
  15. Because its not. It may seem like it for someone who doesnt know anything about the game, he has to learn how it works. It is part of the "working on" process. Because they are new and dont know any better. Also players are greedy and lazy in general. No its not. You can legit log in to just start building and come back in 3 days. There are games that require you to log in every day. Doesnt change the fact that its true. You can just continue to play. All you did is confirm that its all you do in warframe and thats true.
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