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  1. From a lore perspective, being assembled from parts means that Brokenframe doesn't have the benefit of an Orokin-crafted theme the way other Frames have. (eg. Ember having a fire theme, Titania the fairy, Mesa the gunslinger) All he has is the Void Energy holding him together. Thus, I think the Void should serve as his theme in lieu of proper Orokin craftsmanship. And since pure Void Energy is the Operator's "thing", we have an opportunity here to have a frame that blurs the line between Operator and Frame. Ability VFX would primarily be Void-themed, with faint signs of the Operator's presence "bleeding through" (think translucent extra hand doing the same motions as your Frame's hand, positioned just above said Frame hand). Passive: Your Operator's active focus school influences your abilities #1 "Void Ball" - Throw a bit of Void Energy like a Wizard casting Fireball, stripping Sentient Resistances. Affected enemies killed within X seconds will cause an AoE with 200% Status Chance, doing X [School] Damage in X meters. Vazarin: Viral Madurai: Heat Naramon: Blast Zenurik: Electric Unairu: Corrosive #2 "Power Dash" - Brokenframe surges forward like a Void Dash, unleashing a small explosion of Void Energy where he stops, damaging and knocking down anyone nearby. Meanwhile, non-Corrupted enemies along the dash 'path' are affected based on School. There is no cap on how many enemies a dash can hit, but only up to X are counted for scaling the effects below. Hit Enemies who were Corrupted by #4 will instead have their Corruption buff increased by X% in intensity for the remaining duration of their Corruption. Vazarin: Brokenframe gains X Health regen per enemy hit. Enemies hit receive a DoT of X Void Damage per tick per enemy hit for X seconds. Madurai: Brokenframe gains +X% Additive Status Chance per enemy hit. Enemies hit will suffer +X% Status Duration per enemy hit. Naramon: Brokenframe gains +X% Additive Crit Chance (Stacks with Avenger/Adarza/Harrow #4) per enemy hit. Enemies hit are stunned for X seconds per enemy hit. Zenurik: Brokenframe gains +X% Ability Efficiency per enemy hit. Enemies hit are slowed by X% per enemy hit for X seconds. Unairu: Brokenframe gains X Armor per enemy hit. Enemies hit will suffer -X Shield/Armor per enemy hit for X seconds. #3 "Void Sentry" - Deploy a makeshift turret made from parts much the same way Brokenframe is. Turret has X Health, Armor, Damage per shot, etc., and lasts for X seconds, with X% Status Chance. The turret's damage type is determined by School. Vazarin: Viral Madurai: Heat Naramon: Blast Zenurik: Electric Unairu: Corrosive #4 "Critical Mass" - Unleash a massive explosion of Void Energy, Turning up to X enemies in the AoE into Corrupted, and damaging the rest. Brokenframe, companions, allies, and the newly Corrupted in the AoE receive a buff (determined by School). The various "parts" as shown in the concept art are visibly blown away as shrapnel in the explosion. After X time, they fade into existence near "you", and move back into their proper positions. Corrupted enemies are semi-frenzied; attacking anyone and everyone who is not 'Tennofaction' or another Corrupted. Enemies remain Corrupted for X seconds before the effect fades and they revert to their original faction(s). Vazarin: Non-Corrupted get X% of health restored instantly. Corrupted gain massive life steal, remain corrupted for +X% of normal duration. Madurai: Non-Corrupted gain +X% to all Elemental damage (Any source, not just guns). Corrupted gain +X% all damage, explosive AoE for X Void Damage in X meters on death or end of duration (whichever happens first). Naramon: Non-Corrupted gain Invisibility for X seconds. Corrupted gain X% chance to stun enemies for X seconds on doing damage to them. Zenurik: Non-Corrupted gain "Energy Creator" (Kills have X% chance to generate an additional Energy Orb) for X seconds. Corrupted gain Electric AoE around themselves, damaging nearby enemies with a small chance to proc Electric status. Unairu: Non-Corrupted gain X% DR for X seconds. Corrupted gain massive damage reflection (if source is non-Tennofaction).
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