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  1. I've been going all out with a 'Heavy Explosion' build and Dual-Wield, and have been absolutely loving it. This control change has taken the fun times from 100 to 0 in an instant. It's awkward and clunky to use, and demonstrates the dangers of making changes purely for the sake of consistency. I've swapped out Corrupt Charge for Volatile Quick-Return on my build to avoid the newly introduced awkwardness, but I'm paying for that in damage output. It's a band-aid solution for a problem that requires stitches.
  2. It would appear this affects sniper rifles as well. I had my Angstrum equipped this whole time, hence the confusion.
  3. -Snip- Already reported, https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/290018-1421-weapon-ammo-rebalance-bug-lowest-max-ammo-is-used-for-all-wepons-using-that-ammo/ Oh, and give serious thought to bumping the pools for launchers back up a little, say, 1.5x to 2x what they are now, etc. etc.
  4. Certain abilities, chiefly Switch Teleport and Rip Line, are capable of overriding a teammate's current actions. This is all well and good when used properly (pull your buddy away from certain death), but unfortunately, they're sometimes abused. Just today, I was in a squad with a loki who went around using switch teleport on everyone else. I did my best to work around him, but the other two members of the squad were understandably &!$$ed. One of them even left mid-mission. I feel there needs to be a way to block individual players from using such abilties on yourself. Similar to h
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