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  1. I've been on pc for like 2 3 years already and never saw a plat sale like on consoles. Does pc not get summer plat sales, Christmas plat sales etc.?
  2. Residues falling through the map. I'm farming with xaxu and I'm noticing when using his 4th some residues fall through the map.
  3. Very little info on this. Sorry to revive this topic but maybe others have more info now that lich have been out as long as they have. My tests have shown molecular prime, ensnare, lull, condemn and zenuriks temporal blast work on Lich at diminishing effects, half duration on some. In the case of molecular prime the lich became immune after 2 casts. Rhino's stomp and Frost's Ice wave with augment worked for the full duration. Limbo didnt freeze the lich but he did freeze the bullets. Got some love for the old school frames there, nice. I dont know if any other tenno got other tips for stunning the lich. Thats what I was able to find.
  4. Didnt like it at first but it seems to help with finding ppl to play with. When the planets were random I would hardly get ppl. With this new change I can do almost any mission and theres always someone in public.
  5. Anyone know if there were any visual changes in this update? I cant help but notice something different with my colors in the game. Not sure how to explain it but something looks different. Brighter, vibrant, bloomier.. not sure how to explain it. Also very much thank you a lot for that Volatile fix with Cephalon Cy blocking the view of the vent meter, very much appreciate that. DE you guys rock!
  6. Sorry to bring this back up people, sorry sorry I couldnt find answers but if this is arcane goes by weapons stats and the damage it does is primarily impact would that mean the hammer zaws would give the strongest hit since they're high impact based?
  7. ok fine and I'm talking about the amount of ppl that did that. It was so annoying when some random spam invited the whole lobby only for him to rage quit or get pissy cause the mr 6's he invited didnt know what to do
  8. I have to believe some people are just masochist cause I've never once joined a pleasant LoR match. By the end everyone was mad if they hadn't left from the one guy just being vulgar and racist cause the 3 randoms he invited didnt know what to do.
  9. Can we please do something about Cephalon Cy. When doing volatile missions his big head gets in the way when you're suppose to shoot the vents. Now, I like the guy I just want him moved somewhere else. Maybe let us get the option to choose where to put his transmissions. The top, right, lower bottom ect or disable his beautiful face all together when doing volatile missions. Thank you for hearing me out. I bid you a due.
  10. Getting annoyed with these bugs as well. Sucks cause railjack is a lot of fun but when you get locked into a "out of service" screen cause you're trying to see where everyone is at really sucks. I hope its not that they're neglecting these bugs but they just cant figure out how to fix them cause its a kick in the teeth if they dont care when some of us have spent thousands of dollars over the years to keep warframe alive.
  11. Alright cool, thanks for the info.
  12. do we have to refresh the twitch stream? I've been on it for 2 hours but no Loki prime. I got the gunblade tho. And do we have to stay in the tennocon relay the whole time or just till the end? I wanted farm more ducats cause I thought I had enough.
  13. is this cinematic gonna happen at the end of the live baro relay?
  14. Index is still crashing when host leaves. Please can we get that looked at?
  15. OK send me an ig request then since you love playing conclave so much. I'm on most days. I'm just farming the standing and you aint ever seeing me again just so you know. PC RoaringRhino. I'm on right now.
  16. If there were ppl playing conclave my post wouldnt exist! Are we seeing the issue now. YES I'm on public its not difficult to see that since its right in front of your face. The problem is no one plays but 3 of you that seem to want to preserver this game mode only the 3 of you play.
  17. Hmm so tell me. How I suppose to get "access" to these rewards when I cant even get ppl to show up to play conclave to get standing. Are ya getting the issue now?.... No standing. No rewards.
  18. I expected a solution not some angry ranting. Being on the warframe forums for such a short time I'm starting to see this was a mistake.
  19. Even tenno specters can destroy drone from my testing. I was trying to see how my afk banshee could deal with drones and tenno spector damage scales pretty well. Give them a AoE weapon and they usually pop those suckers in 2 or 3 shots.
  20. Damn that would be dope. No one has ever explained it like that. Just had some annoying angry ppl in my post cause I wanted sigils. I dont like pvp games but that doesnt mean I dont want to play conclave for the rewards. I only wanna play it for the rewards and once I get the rewards probably never touching conclave again. Its sucks I cant get conclave rewards cause no one plays conclave.
  21. Literally all of warframe is somewhat like that. If thats the case I dont see how you're playing warframe to begin with. I can see why some would get annoyed by the whole revive method but that just puts more pressure on you not to die cause then your team mates have to scrounge up the points to revive you. If it truly was boring no one would play it but I always get squaded up meaning it has enough popularity to get attraction.
  22. Its an endo mine. I dont get how ppl dont like it. Its not too hard either to the point I'm getting angry. The rewards on there are really great too. Tanker, the one that keeps you companion alive and other great mods. Thanks to Arbys I was able to finally max out my umbral mods. I dont understand why ppl dont like it. I'm just an average player too.
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