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    The beginning of Royal Destiny and the Rose Alliance. As the largest of the Royal Destiny clans, it is the center of the community, featuring an average of 100 members or more online 24/7. With a player base of consistently active, knowledgeable and helpful players. We seek to maintain an open and friendly society, in which one can quickly bond and play with others of their skill level. Additionally, we frequently hold competitive endurance runs, as well as other challenging endgame content for those with such an inclination.

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    Royal Destiny Academy is perfect for the players looking for an event oriented environment that offers playful experience and content for both casual and veteran players, while still keeping the quality standard of the Royal Destiny community. We have weekly events that encourage teamwork and leadership for members to build up their skills and have fun with other community members. How To Join: For a fast response apply via discord. Step 1: Join our discord via this link https://discord.gg/DSb85Kn Step 2: Follow the instructions in the #apply-here channel to apply. or click "Join Clan" on this page and wait for a reply from one of our recruiters. Contact List: IGN: stputte1 | Discord ID: Putte#6896 IGN: Eyva | Discord ID: eyva#6230 IGN: Shifty9 | DiscordID: Shifty9#0995

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