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  1. I'll check the energy colour - thanks, guys!
  2. So I bought Burning Path Ephemera from Teshin, ground for Ember System and built it in the Foundry. I equipped the Ephemera on a few frames but it made absolutely zero difference. Is it bugged because it's not showing up at all? Anyone got any ideas why?
  3. For some reason I imagined that last line being spoken by Vay Hek... AND YOU WILL BE HELPED! MAGGOT!
  4. I find that one of the positive qualities about Warframe - there is always something to learn. I'm still crap at Index so need to up my game there, I've never played a game of Lunaro - ever. I still don't have the widget that lets you use archguns in missions. Always something new to do. And they just keep churning it out! Love it. Oh and can we remove warframes from the game please? They are far too violent 😈
  5. Tried Ivara - one shot while invisible. Tried Ember - one shot on sight, never got close. Nyx was the only frame that gave me a fighting chance. Never fought an enemy like that in Warframe before.
  6. With experience? 5 years and MR22 - guess I still have the training wheels on...
  7. I tried Hyldrin with Toxic resistance and Antitoxin to try to prevent the one-shots but, although I didn't die (much). I couldn't kill the sister. Her shield bar dropped fast initially and then damage mitigation kicked in and although I was still firing it started going back up! Switching weapons caused it to drop again then DM kicked in again and up it went. I'm wondering if Hysterix (spelling?) might be useful as you can switch between damage types? Anyone tried it? Then I went back and actually watched GHS's guide instead of skimming to the build and going in gung ho. Pyschic Bolts to strip the shield/armor and Absorb with the augment allowing 50% speed movement. Used Operator Void Dash to chase her teleporting ass around the map. Those tactics and the timely help of another Tenno and down she went pretty quickly. I'd never actually taken Nyx into battle before and I have to say I was impressed. Tried her out on Steel Path with remarkable results. I buried the Acolyte in short order 8o) Thank you Squadron Leader (GHS)! The Tencent Flux Rifle I got form the sister was a bit disappointing though... I know I said never but...
  8. @SilentMobius - I've read that somewhere else, that under leveled high rate of fire guns are more effective. That kinda sucks in a game where the whole purpose is to increase your power... A lot to think about in all these replies...
  9. Hi Gguys, thanks for the replies. To clarify, I've run Hyldrin with Antitoxin and Toxin resistance mods. Modded weapons according to weakness and played mainly solo although on kind soul who tried to help me out in a random squad perished as quickly as I. I'll try Nyx - thanks for that - and report back. Nyx has to be useful for something, right?
  10. I have a level 5 Sister with Flux Rifle and a Saryn progenitor. The hounds one shot me. The Sister one shots me. I've lost count of the missions I have tried to take her down and have only once (once. ONCE!) managed to use parazon before I'd used all my revives and failed the mission. Time after time after time I get absolutely nowhere no matter which weapon or frame I use. I've tried hiding in stealth with Ivara and using long range weapons - snipers and Oticor etc.. I've tried immortal Hyldrin - get one shot. Mesa - one shot. - Rhino - one shot. Nothing works. This is NOT fun DE! I've given up for now hoping this is some kind of bug or developer mistake as it feels like I have no chance of winning against this enemy and what is the point of that? A player needs to feel that if they get this mod or that frame or this tactic they can triumph but to feel so utterly beaten. I've had enough. If anyone can give me any crumb of comfort or advice that might give me an honest fighting chance I'd be really appreciative.
  11. Ok, I'm stumped. Got my third Sister at rank 5 and none of my weapons or frames even make a dent and the Sister one-shots me regardless of frame or tactics. I'm up for a challenge but this is stupid, frustrating and it's not enjoyable.
  12. Thanks for your comments, Guys. It would appear normal starchart content, presenting little challenge, has made me complacent and lazy. Instead of running through a mission melting enemies without a thought I need to work at Steel Path as if starting the game anew. Fair enough. Now I know I haven’t missed anything obvious I shall enjoy stripping armour and dealing death across the system!
  13. I'm MR22, got 1k days login a while back and my weapons and frames can vaporize level 120 heavy gunners in Simularcrum easily. So why, when I load into the very first node on the star chart in Steel Path get one shot by level 101 grunt-level Grineer. Why can I not even scratch them without resorting to my trusty Condition Overload Lesion? Sure I can strip armor with Ash but in Simulacrum I don't have to do this with significantly higher level units? Just curious. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it's supposed to be?
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