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  1. I think kubrows are bad because a lot of people use red energy colours on their frames and weapons. It's really dull. Seriously, the reason? Cosmetic gambling & Imprint Auctions. And they require constant care to keep alive. What a pain.
  2. Just peeved that he posted an instruction in orange. I would slap my boss if he gave me an instruction. In orange.
  3. I've never wanted to have everyone downvote a post more than I do this one.
  4. Did you 'wait' til the hotfix has been deployed? That's what it said. Leaving while it's deploying probably causes that.
  5. That's racist. On topic : I never saw the game as having a 'dark' theme. We're killing soldiers who had no choice but to be soldiers. They were cloned and bred to be killers. There is no concept of mercy or kindness for clones, despite the fact they are very much capable of individual thought. A) This game isn't big on emotional feedback B) The themes are meant for lore C) It's already pretty dark, we're just making light of it D) I can't believe I'm typing this. I have things to do.
  6. We're not killers who hide in shadows. We're war machines.
  7. Nopls. The boredom I have is that the core gameplay is dull. Shoot that, hit a button, shoot that, hit another button. (this is also what melee is, essentially)
  8. This guy is right. The only valid argument I have... I'd rather not pay your pointless credit tribute. ICE's rail is not our only way of getting there due to shortage of rails. I'll just burn my void keys for now until a 0% retakes Sechura. Until then, down with the tax on our creditfarm.
  9. There's two images in that link.
  10. Both. Essentially means 'it doesn't exist for me''. http://imgur.com/lPfce6O,h2XzltP
  11. Did Interception at Ceres Draco a few times Got t4s, t4d, t4i. (not sure about the I one, I forgot) T4S is missing from inventory. Other squadmembers (clannies) have theirs. Too mad* to write this in an orderly fashion.
  12. Description : Joined mission, grayed-out. Unable to do anything. Character 'seemingly' moving. Lotus still giving silly instructions. http://i.imgur.com/T6k8G6D.jpg
  13. Mission : Sechura, Pluto. (Dark Sector Defence)(Corpus snow tileset, the large-valley one) Status of Mission : At Wave 1 - 5. Status of Mission Node : Dark Sector Rail by Space Confederation.(opposing rail being built by some Czech clan/alliance) Description of issue : An ally with a Mirage, using Hall of Mirrors, was firing from on top of a light post using an Ogris, firing downward to avoid hitting himself in the Infested defence. We got the pod on one the side, think it was the right side from coming out of the elevator. He was firing down using an Ogris at Runners. At a random point, o
  14. A) PWE. B) Steve says we'll be fine. C) Overhaul coming. D) Shocked. E) Prepare escape routes F) Have faith. (while preparing more escape routes) Simply, be prepared. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They've shot themselves in almost every part of their body so many times and Warframe still stands. edit : The fact DE keeps shooting themselves doesn't bode well, but, look at it another way, they're sturdy and flexible. edit+1 : I guess flexible may not always be good, but this is going way off the point.
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