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  1. I more want the main arsenal page to include everything in one screen. would probably require some nesting and focus switching, but it would certainly be better than having out full loadout split between 4+ screens...
  2. Personally I want a unification of all the disperate loadout systems. One singular arsenal that allows equipping ground, Archwing, and operator equipment all on one screen, the devs seem to want to unify the disperate game modes into seamless modes so let us build single comprehensive loadouts that have everything we want on them. Personally I would like more of a 'Templates' system anyway, where when saving a loadout you can select what items are actually saved and load up what would be essentially partial templates overtop of a base loadout, rather than having each loadout be a fully self contained thing. For instance, lets say we have a unified loadout system, but I don't want my operator's gear, my Archwing or my arch-weapons to change when I change my loadout. When I click save loadout a dialogue pops up with all the equipment, categorized, and toggles next to each. I toggle the operator and Archwing categories off and bam, if I select the loadout later it'll just switch my warframes and weapons to this loadouts gear and ignore the rest.
  3. Any chance we see a conversion of augments from mods to actual augmentation that can be slotted directly into the abilities? Would really open up the limited space in builds and could also allow players to have one augment per ability, thus allowing for more than one augment per ability to be made. Edit: you could even lock the slots like exilus slots requiring a new or existing forma type to unlock the augment slots, would give another thing people could grind for or pay to bypass...
  4. You must be new here. First, Welcome! Second, not gonna happen. This is something many of us have fought for, for a very long time. The devs even acknowledged it before and effectively said it's not gonna happen. Keep dreamin' though dreamer.
  5. It boils down to the fact that warframe is a power fantasy. And having the agility as one player to just spam 2 buttons in a circle around the map and keep it cleared of enemies leaves nothing for anyone else to do. That's why saryn was updated so that you had to keep moving around and killing things to keep her ability going. Her ability also allows other players to interact thorough killing to keep it spreading, and can burn itself out.
  6. I'm still strongly against nightwave in it's current state. I still believe that dropping the challenges to reimplement the old alerts with standing and a single wolf cred as their reward is a better system. This system back peddles hard to punishing players for not having enough free time. And it locks creds behind a time wall at the top. It doesn't make sense from a design standpoint...
  7. Games are indeed a time sink. But for warframe it was a time sink i enjoyed up until recently. This is something that's honestly been building the last few patches. This of just feels like a slap in the face though. The problem i have is the level at which the tier rewards are gated. If i take a week away from the game without logging in and grinding or the challenges (probably going to to take a few at least), it looks that there's no chance I'll be able to get to rank 30. Up to now, every week I've had free time to get most of the challenges, but not nearly all. If I can't get the unique items this time around, i doubt I'll be able to get them on their reintroduction without large changes to the system as a whole. I like to play the game, I also like being rewarded for play. It kinda sounds like your asking in a way that implies those two things are self exclusive, when they really shouldn't be. It's not about needing things from alerts, that said though, I'd pop on for nitain and the like. It's more that they got rid of a system that was working but was old and replaced witha system that punishes players who don't have a ton of free time to devote to the game.
  8. Up front, for those that might say I'm not being constructive, I've made a couple posts on ways Nightwave could be fixed (mind you, I do consider it's current state to be broken), and made a topic or two on the same subject. However, we've seen no rush by DE to fix the valid issues many, including myself, have raised with it. That said, as a Founder, I love Warframe. I've put almost a couple thousand dollars into this game at this point (I'm insane I know), but I did it because I love the game and everything about it. The Dev team has def made some questionable decisions over the years but this... I've never been pissed off about something added to the game before. Nightwave managed it though. If it was truly a re-work of the Alert system to remove the random 'hurry up and wait' system of the old alerts I'd love it and support it, but it's not, it's a time sink meant to make us log in and play for at least a couple hours a day (or much longer a few days a week), to keep the player count up; making us sacrifice unique rewards if we don't (mind you it's still a hurry up and wait system, even worse it's a 'fall behind and you'll never catch up' system now). If you can offer some form of tangible proof otherwise I'll shut my mouth, but everything I've seen since it started points me to that conclusion. Burnout is real, and I've had had to take breaks a couple times in the past, but it was always due to a lack of new, interesting content, not the introduction of something new that I just can't stomach. I'm stepping away from this game for a while. I love Warframe, I will always love this game I fell into years back and literally got me though a time I wanted to just be dead by letting me be something... else. I think... I'll see if I keep putting money into supporting Warframe in the future... but right now... with the jank that is the 'new melee system' and the dumpster fire that Nightwave has turned out to be, I just can't can't support it right now. Alerts used to be a bonus that could draw me into the game naturally if they had something I wanted, Nightwave has taken that and flipped it on it's head. Warframe now demands my time at the threat of locking me out of those nifty series exclusives. It was a gentle nudge to come back in and get something I might want, but now it's a chore list and what feels like a knife at my back if I don't finish it... IF they ramped it up in a way that allowed you to to complete the whole thing in the last week if that's when you jumped into it I'd be all for it, the grueling start would still be annoying as hell, but at least then I'd know that taking a vacation, or, god forbid, getting really sick wouldn't lock me out of rewards... ...Anyway, I'll stop ranting. Please DE, make this right, and please stop pissing you're most devoted fans off. ._.
  9. So, like 2 sorties as a weekly would be okay, but 5? That's absurd. That said i still feel the format needs heavily changed. I'd say remove the dailies and bring back the old alerts popping up every couple hours for like 6 hours, and instead of random rewards have them give a bit of standing and one wolf cred. Then split the weekly rotation into two 7 day rotations that that are offset for Monday and Friday. That way the challenges stay in but only on the weekly rotations, and some measure of the freedom of choice of what you want to do remains.
  10. Just gonna pop this in here too, the manual block re-introduction is... nice, but not nearly enough. I'm also not loving the new melee system. I like the idea of smoother swapping between melee and ranged but the execution feels too wonky in the current state. Once the combo system is broken down and remade I'm sure it'll feel a little better, but in the current state it's just too frustrating to feel good. Some ideas to alleviate this: Retain quick swapping on ADS, but remove it on non-aimed 'fire' and eventually when you (hopefully) bring back heavy attacks proper, assign that to 'fire' in melee mode. (probably with an option to swap quick melee and heavy melee for people that want to have 'fire' be their normal melee). People who've ever played a game with guns and an ADS system already tend to aim before firing anyway, so it's low impact and keeps the smooth transition. Bring back manual blocking as alt-fire in melee mode AND non aimed gun mode, allowing for a quick switch to melee without requiring a melee attack, and allowing us to still manually block whenever we want (with even more freedom). This will also have the side effect of un-breaking combos for the time being, and enabling blocking aim-glides again. As a side note to the above I would also say if blocking while not airborne have aim just zoom and not switch modes for the sake of zoom functionality in Melee mode. As a side note, maybe once Heavy attacks are re-introduced add an option to 'hold to attack' for normal melee attacks. (as in hold the button to attack at full speed until released) Edit: maybe just have quick melee be a separate non-switching function and have gun mode only switch to melee mode on block, and vice versa on aim? This would essentially make them two separate modes again but with a quick trigger switch similar to the new unified system. A block at any time pushes you to melee (unless already aiming, then alt fire), and an aim pushes you to ranged (unless already blocking, then zoom).
  11. Ooor maybe make operator arcanes one per ability and two for statistical boosts... Then maybe make augments the same way rather than having them be mods...
  12. Uh, what? That's... distinctly not what you said in Update 24... You specifically stated we could get standing for the races and that the admission cost races later would be for MORE standing... so you lied to us... again... guess I'll go back to grinding that one pipe over and over, so much for hopes of actually having fun with the k-drive...
  13. Any chance of seeing a unified arsenal? As in seeing the disparate elements of out loadout (Operator focus school/amps/arcanes and Arch-gear) brought together into one unified system, maybe with a more partial preset system behind it? (Essentially turning loadouts into more of a certain set of gear that will override only pre-selected portions of your current loadout.)
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