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  1. when weapon sheathed the string is placed abruptly out of place
  2. This usually results from network issues. More specificly it shows up when your PC has problem connecting API server. This actually is very common for ppl playing in some poor network environment. Just wait and try again later
  3. 1.Both not working after operator perform more than 1 void blast if Naraman activated, this is super annoying in kuva siphon mission since you always gotto use void blast to make kuva guardian vulunrable which will make ur melee not crit if you are using Naraman school 2.Gladiator set not working after death.
  4. ATT. I thouht the mechanic of his shield should be similar as that of Shield Lancer. Yet it seems no matter how much punch through stats your shooting weapen has, you can never shoot through his dam shield. This is so wierd
  5. I just cant be happier every time see how salty the community is when riven dispo changes happen
  6. used to spend hours in captura to see slow motion of melee stance actions. (sometimes from a pervy perspective for a femframe...)
  7. If it's meant to not heal the oplink. That's totally understandable. But why defense object?really nonsense
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