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  1. Quite sure this is just another unintended bug and it should be fixed soon
  2. expecting new program to bring more good content
  3. If you are talking about kuva, go try SP kuva survival. Khora solo 40-50k kuva per hour with drop and resource booster (18k kuva + 40ish core) The most efficient place for kuva farming so far
  4. On some warframes only the right leg armor looks odd (loki prime) While on others both leg armors are very buggy (seen on Chroma Prime)
  5. At first I thought this was fixed in update 28 Fixed a Chat linked Riven that has 256+ rerolls being displayed as having 0 rolls. Yet actually the rerolls limit just increases from 256 to 1024 for chat link and this is what it shows in chat link 1536-1024=512 Since the reroll of this riven has exceeded 1024 long ago so I reroll it to 1536 just to test whether the maximium is 512 or 1024. I think just few more digits would fix this thoroughly.
  6. This is a dilemma let's say if all frames had no ability who's the strongest?Inaros definitely,since his tankability is all his ability now. So if he get reworked and chances are he would be a upgraded wukong/nezha or whatever is GOOD frame with tankiness And ppl will complain why everyone is using Inaros?too OP,need nerf
  7. a little late than usual. personally I hope the next is Inaros
  8. pls reverse this change! me and some of my friends who are running game on trash spec PCs now can hardly see the star charts! and the lighting in orbiters look odd
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