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  1. Except it does have a similarity. It's a comparison between guaranteed income at X per unit time (or mission in this case) versus sporadic income of either zero at fraction A of the time or Y at fraction B of the time, where B = 1-A and Y = X/B. The final income is only identical given an infinite number of trials. It's an analogy and not a direct example because the two situations are not exactly 100% the same but are close enough to compare. That's what an analogy is. You'll notice that at no point I said anything about legal obligations. You're the one who brought that in. The comparison was between income rate and that alone. Frankly, you're just nitpicking. Again, explain why getting 10 keys 35% of the time is better for the playerbase than getting 3.5 keys 100% of the time. The former has frustration. The latter does not. Justify that.
  2. The outcome is the same - 1x guaranteed vs. 1.25x but not guaranteed. It's also quite a good analogy - because people who gamble for a living generally end up bankrupt because they don't have anything to rely on. That there is the crux. Something reliable. Gambling for holokeys is not reliable. If something isn't reliable, it's frustrating. So again: why exactly is it a good thing to get 10 items 35% of the time as opposed to getting 3 items 100% of the time? Over a large number of trials, those two outcomes converge. It's the same, statistically. But the difference is that a lesser drop rate at 100% has much less frustration because each run guarantees progress.
  3. Statistics don't lie, but you're reading them wrong. Getting something for sure is a 100% drop chance. That is literally what it means - that 100% of the time, you get it. 35% drop chance means that 65% of the time, you get nothing. Each try is independent, so you have the exact same chance of getting nothing the next time around. Someone posted in another thread a very good analogy - how would you like it if instead of getting paid normally each month, you have a 25% chance of getting 5x your salary and a 75% chance of getting nothing? That's the problem here.
  4. Yep. Go into puddle mode, point at an enemy and press the fire button. Normal enemies get sucked into the puddle, but hemocytes just get pulled on top of you.
  5. Loki as well. I don't know whether Octavia or Ivara have this problem as well, but it's incredibly annoying. I'm invisible, not underwater. My weapons are not silenced, any noise I make attracts the exact same amount of attention as it would if I were visible. Why does this even happen?
  6. I did that the last time Plague Star came around and once again this time. They don't even focus on each other. The eidolon just wanders around aimlessly and the hemocyte is more interested in the vomvalysts than the equally large stompy thing right next to it. And yes, while the eidolon can in theory kill the hemocyte, its attacks never seem to line up with when the infested blob monster's flaps open up. The only result is that the eidolon just gets bored and wanders back into the lake, then the hemocyte just keep stomping around. That said, you *could* bring the hemocyte to a Grineer base and let it kill everything there. Also, don't bring the eidolon to the hemocyte, bring the hemocyte to the eidolon. Hydroid can pull the hemocyte.
  7. This... does absolutely nothing to help. The damage was never the problem, it's the horrifically clunky moveset. You talk about "full gamut of moves", but I don't want to use a single one because they're too impractical. And you've basically guaranteed that every single other weapon in its class will be equally worthless from the start. It's just like the holokey mess all over again. You're completely ignoring the actual problem.
  8. It's still broken. Still. Half a decade later, and it still doesn't work.
  9. And there's the requirement that the entire squad be in the objective. That's just plain annoying. In Grineer missions, a good squad will have one person in each away marker and the other two on the ship. That actually rewards teamwork with increased completion speed. Absolutely nothing about Corpus makes me want to do their missions. The gigantic pile of annoyances which comprise them make it seems like DE explicitly went through and designed them so that nobody would ever choose to go there. Because that's certainly my solution to them. The fact that you no longer have any plain spaceship battles with no extra crap to do (except for the lowest level Earth mission) is just icing on the cake. I miss old Railjack, where energy actually mattered, your warframe wasn't just some useless stat stick in the pilot seat and where we had actual pure space combat missions in a space combat gamemode.
  10. Ship energy: yeah, this really is stupid. It's completely incomprehensible why the energy capacity and refill rate of a 100 metre spaceship's combat abilities are determined solely by the man-thing in the pilot's seat. My "solution" is to just use Lavos all the time. You don't even need to plop down a deployer, it's just a flat 10 second cooldown for everything. I don't use a single one of his abilities in gameplay, I'm not even sure what they do. The only reason I bring him along is for missile spam. It's rather amusing when the titular "warframe" is reduced to nothing more than a stat stick.
  11. That, at least, you can fix. Just have the host open the nightwave menu, everyone will shut up and the waypoint will appear instantly. It seems as if the only way to fight annoyance is to bring a bigger annoyance. Pay evil unto evil, I suppose.
  12. I've seen this a couple of times as well and the first time I saw it predates the Sisters of Parvos update. No mechanical hounds of any kind in the area. Here's one from yesterday, doing the plague star event:
  13. Upon doing a Plague Star mission to test out giant stompy mech vs. gianter stompier squishblob, I noticed that my Morgha had a noticeably higher projectile spread and slower projectile speed (along with the corresponding increase in projectile arcing). And no, it's nothing to do with rivens, I don't even have one for it. Is anyone else's behaving oddly?
  14. So... it's not actually fixed, is it. To restate what thirty pages of completely ignored posts in the holokey thread were saying, it was never the drop quantity. It's the drop chance that's a problem. Namely that there is a chance in the first place. Just change it so that it's a guaranteed amount that happens independent of any other mission rewards. 1 holokey for lith, 2 for meso, 3 for neo and 4 for axi. That's the same income as now, but without the pointless dice rolling and dilution of drop tables. Maybe a little higher, but just turn the prices up to 45 per weapon to compensate. Done. That's it. That's all you needed to do in order to address the issue. This is also notably less than helpful. Nothing here about letting sparks find tunes or data log fragments in open worlds. I've not even attempted to go digging through that haystack for the tiny little needle left there. Nothing about the range limitations of the ability and nothing about being subject to the whims of the game's defective pathfinding. Seeing as how this would mean taking out one of my abilities and replacing it with something that has exactly zero usage in combat, it had better be good. This isn't. It's not worth a slot. It's not even worth me spending a single nanospore towards unlocking it.
  15. Sorry, I completely missed the @ there. No, I don't have an HDR monitor, nor do I have access to one. It wouldn't do me any good anyway, since I believe the game needs you to run Win10 in order to have hardware HDR output. EDIT: and just to stay on topic, here's this week's reminder of "WTF is wrong with your rendering engine"
  16. Yep. My Railjack melee weapon is an Ether Sword, because there are a disturbingly large number of Wisps in public games who "helpfully" put speed motes on the exit hatch which breaks my normal choice of melee. It's why I was really hoping that one of the tenet melee weapons was a longsword - because I'd be able to get enough extra mod points to stick everything on. But no - it turns out that "two handed blade" means "two handed weeaboo stick" - which rips the controls out of my hands when attacking. You get the same benefit with unstanced rapiers and fans. Unstanced nunchucks, claws and staves also let you move freely while attacking, but they have horrifically slow and cumbersome attack animations.
  17. I used to use Ash for that (homing shurikens = just spam #1 until they die, don't need to aim) but at this point I've done so many sorties and gotten so many rivens that my capacity is now full and I just throw things like that away. Seriously, if it's too much trouble to do then just toss the damn things out. You're going to end up with more rivens than you can use sooner or later.
  18. I like it. It is the one stance which doesn't try to #*!% with my movement. If I move back and start swinging, I keep moving back at the exact same pace throughout the entire swing. If I strafe left, I keep moving left at the exact same pace during the entire combo. If I suddenly change direction to back and forward and move around, I do not lose pace either with my movement or my attack. In short, it is the only stance in the entire game which lets me retain full control over my movement while attacking, and therefore the only stance that actually works. Don't ruin it.
  19. It's because DE have a pathological gambling addiction. It takes a superhuman effort for them to do anything without burying it in dice rolls.
  20. Or on the defence objective. That one's kinda critical seeing as how I have to actually defend it and you can't defend it if you're off somewhere else. And yet every single time I get a speed buff, my polearm breaks. Without fail. Every single time for the past two years, ever since they changed their input parsing. #1 would work, #2 depends - if they're using eternal war, better hope that there's a cliff somewhere that I can throw myself off because there's no way I can get rid of it otherwise. This is not the first thread about someone wanting a way to opt-out of "buffs". It's not an isolated issue.
  21. It's not convenience, it's the fact that it flat out breaks my melee weapon and has been doing so for pretty much 2 years now. I've no idea why DE want this to happen, but they obviously do intend for it to be the case because I've been reporting it constantly and just gave up after absolutely nothing was done about it. Is this them trying to shoehorn PvP into the main game in some kind of passive-aggressive way? Because wisps, volts and valkyrs are the most dangerous enemy on the entire map to me. See here:
  22. I'm more annoyed at the fact that they have a completely inexplicable 1/1000 damage multiplier. That one gimpy accountant thing is tankier than the entire ship's crew put together and there is absolutely no reason why this should be the case. Find one in a kuva flood and it may as well be invincible because it'll actually despawn before you manage to kill the damn thing.
  23. The same goes for ayatan stars as well. Why are they even manual pickups in the first place?
  24. Why would I not change the appearance of my gear? Why would I do it? Especially given that the vast majority of stuff I'm just going to 30 and then forget. Some things get tweaked, but not by much. I honestly don't care what it looks like. The way the game's been going, it actively punishes me for looking at it (see: removal of autoexposure toggle), so there is no motivation for me to care about tiny little details when the big picture gives me a headache.
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