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  1. Everyone here saying "you can turn her off" - no, you can't. You can mute her, but you can't prevent her from spamming you and blocking off part of your screen with an uninterruptable, unwanted video.
  2. That's because the current melee system is an abominable dumpster fire and there is no way in which it can be realistically addressed other than just rolling back the entire thing and then re-implementing instant weapon switch and possibly directed slam attacks (the only good parts of this entire system). They're still hoping that we won't notice that they've broken melee, even though the problems get shoved right back into our faces every single mission.
  3. Charge attacks in general were broken with the new system. Previously, if I had to do a melee only sortie, I'd have either equipped a scanner (so that I could still use the superior quick melee moveset) or taken my Redeemer along (if defending a fixed point against ranged enemies, such as mobile defence). Now, it seems like half the time the redeemer refuses to fire when I hold down the melee button. I just swing once and that's it. The solution, as with seemingly a lot of DE's "additions", is to find some way to ensure that I never encounter it - in this case, Mesa (though this doesn't work if I'm faced with nullicancer).
  4. No, he's not the only one. I attempted to run it when it showed up in the sortie. Vault #1, the alarm tripped for absolutely no reason (nothing saw me, and I never touched a laser). I just managed to get there in time. Vault #2, I'm guessing it was a laser but I have no idea which part of me got hit (I was behind a crate). I actually managed to get to the console by just child mode spamming through all the lasers and did manage to hack the console, but because the game still feels a burning need to play this pointless "let's wobble the icons" animation before it'll stop the timer and succeed, even though you've actually made the damn hack, the mission failed itself for me. Nope. Not doing that again. I haven't touched moonspy ever since they ruined Limbo by putting rift toggle on roll (do DE even play their game?), I won't touch this one either.
  5. DoomFruit

    Polearms Movesets

    There's a tradeoff to be made between style, functionality and player choice. Especially for a game, where the latter is the sole thing making it a game instead of a movie. I don't necessarily want to leap straight to an enemy. Quite often, I'd want to be just a little bit behind them, or to the side, or approaching but not quite there, or right up against them. It all depends entirely on the situation around me. This is why it's critical that the only source of my movement is WASD, crouch, jump, sprint and mouse movement (for facing changes). Those sort of intelligent systems are something I absolutely do not want. It'll only ever get in my way. The only reason they are even needed for Archwing is from several reasons which all mesh together: a) full, free 3D motion; b) inertia mechanics; c) almost everything is constantly moving at a fair speed; d) enemies are comparatively smaller; e) AW melee swings have comparatively less range than with land melee swings. None of these matter for ground combat.
  6. DoomFruit

    Polearms Movesets

    No intelligent melee assistance will be perfect. Only the player knows what the player wants at each individual moment during combat. The only real way to implement that is to completely decouple striking animations and player leg movement on the ground (jumping and rolling is a different story). This is why, just like the OP, I loved my polearms (staves were almost as good, but the second hit had something like half the range - a big downside). I could hit whatever I wanted while running at full speed in any direction I chose. Of course, movesets are only half the problem. Melee main players (note that I'm not saying "dedicated melee", they'd still carry guns in case ranged combat was absolutely necessary) hate it when their sword gets plucked out of their hand and replaced with a nausea-inducing random zoom. Gun players hate it when their weapons get taken away and they can no longer alt-fire, see their ammo counter, have syndicate procs or have their weapon automatically reload once it's empty. Quick melee main players (this is me) hate it when we're forced into impractical dancing instead of actual combat strikes. Miners, fishers and scanners absolutely despise it because every single time you need to sword a close by enemy (and this, strangely enough, happens a lot), they need to go an manually re-equip their tool. Every. Single. Time. Autoblocking is just the cherry on the cake. Gun users might find it annoying, but I've seen that melee mains really REALLY hate it. It completely butchers both combat and navigation flow. Nobody asked for it. The main "feature" of this melee system, the autoswitch, is its main problem. I never wanted that. That concept is rotten to the core. It was flawed from the very start. Previously, those who wanted their stances used them, those who didn't want them didn't have to use them, and those who were mining, fishing or scanning did not get interrupted. We had actual separate playstyles which the players could actively choose between. Now we get the worst of all worlds and no choice in the matter. Oh, and here yet once again is the same video I've been posting for years which illustrates exactly why flashy stance movesets are abominable.
  7. This. This right here has become a major problem. I've got several bits of gear that I like and want to forma, but haven't done yet because I might end up missing one of these stupid nightwave "challenges". Gilding likewise is also something I hate, because I've already obtained and ground the mastery out for all of these double grind items. I'm not building another thing, replacing the resources it cost and levelling it to 30 again. I've already got them. I don't need another.
  8. Jupiter enemies are also broken in general. I've had someone go full alert as I ran past them with invisible Loki. I didn't touch anyone, I didn't shoot or slash anyone, didn't cast any powers, sentinel didn't do anything. Just random full alert monster from nowhere. One of the many reasons why I have absolutely zero interest in going there.
  9. Don't worry, they'll keep reminding you of how obnoxious this new melee system is by setting "mine X gems" and "catch X fish" nightwave challenges so that the nice new faulty game mechanics can once again constantly and actively get in your way. They might forget about it, but don't worry - they won't let that happen to us. After all, nothing says "smooth combat flow" like having to manually take our your spear or drill again after every single time you swing your sword.
  10. You are missing the point yet again. Why should I even have these movement-pausing animations in the first place? Explain the problem with melee strikes that do not interfere with your motion (like quick melee). Justify taking them away in favour of attacks which actively get in my way and override my movement control input. This mobility you describe I already had. I never had a problem with getting between enemies to hit them. I'm referring to moving around freely while swinging. Things like positioning your current target between you and a freshly appeared enemy while in mid-swing. Or something like chasing a running target while still striking them. How do I get locked in place? That's pretty easy. Take out a polearm, any one of them, and move forward while attacking. Notice how your character gets glued into position I don't know what you did to your weapons before that made them incapable of inflicting status procs, but my Lesion was extremely effective at spreading slash, viral and electric. Likewise, my Corinth's explosion, radiation and viral are completely unchanged. I never once explicitly equipped my melee weapon, I don't know why you saw the need to sit through a weapon change animation in order to swing your sword. If you're talking about switching between gunfire and melee, I never had a problem with that before either. Try alt-firing your weapon when you've just used a melee strike. DE have actively made the game less fluid. AOE blasts (of which there are a lot in this game) hurt sentinels, and Helios again still cannot remove status procs on me. Wyrm has more utility in gameplay. So, if I cut off one of your arms, the loss of functionality you suffer is your fault for not adapting to the situation? Because that's what the situation is right now. Compared to the Tonbo (or even Lesion), the Heliocor has crap range and is impact-based. Its moveset is also worse, covering less area with its swings. And this was with quick melee. Now that we're forced to use stances, it's even worse. And again, this problem is not limited to scanners. Try mining or fishing. You'll get interrupted constantly by enemies that need to die. Normally I'd sword them, but this idiotic forced equip system means that you then have to go and manually get the spear or drill out again. This gets incredibly annoying. The game is actively getting in my way where it didn't used to do this before.
  11. Add another +1 to the pile. Lately, it seems as if DE don't want us using anything other than Valkyr, Nidus, Inaros and maybe Chroma (possibly Hildryn too, though I never got the hang of her enough to know whether she works as a passive tank). Offensive or manipulative abilities do virtually nothing to the enemies who we'd most need them against, frames which rely on invisibility to stay alive (Loki, Octavia, maybe Ash) will sometimes get noscoped regardless (profit taker and ropadopealyst see you anyway; jackal homing missiles still seek you, hookshots still track you even if you turn invisible and change direction) and the latest boss craps all over absolutely everything that requires frame powers to stay alive (invis, iron skin, etc.) because of both random invisible untelegraphed nullifier effects and also the cutscene power removal effect; not to mention the oneshot lasers with almost no telegraphing and a surprisingly large AOE.
  12. This, incidentally is the second "fix" they've applied to capture missions which does exactly the same thing (the first being that the alarms will die down and enemies stop spawning). Both of them are still active right now. DE are good at this, where "this" is defined as "add some strong disadvantage to an existing mechanic to prevent it from being used, then stop the usage entirely while still leaving the disadvantage in place". The earliest example I can think of would be the interaction between Quick Thinking and Rage. At the start, you could slot both mods and then become completely invulnerable because the energy gained from Rage was greater than that taken away by QT. This was prevented by adding an uninterruptable stagger when QT activates (so that you'd basically get stunlocked for all eternity if this happened)... and then they decreased the gain from Rage so that you couldn't become invulnerable any more. Naturally, they left the stagger in place. The net result is a bunch of gimped mechanics.
  13. While we don't wield them, both Grineer and Corpus throw grenades around.
  14. Still happens in version 25.1.1. How is this still going on after six months? All it would take is 5 minutes in the 3D model editing software to change the texture layer's rotation.
  15. I'd like it more if it didn't have massive zoom for what is a fairly close range weapon. Give it normal zoom and make the alt-fire button switch between modes and it'll be great.
  16. That's almost certainly correct, but I imagine not in the way you pictured it. The feedback they wanted was a massive round of back-slapping and cries of "this is great, change nothing". The feedback they got pointed out critical flaws in the new system which are inherent (read: cannot be simply patched out) and highlighted massive oversights in their development and testing (if they even do that) processes. Some of these problems, incidentally, were pointed out months ago at the initial preview before melee 2.whatever even launched. Their approach so far has been to bury their head in the sand and ignore everything. This complete absence of planning for or consideration about the consequences of game mechanic changes is also manifested in the sudden end of Nightwave and the resulting complete absence of nitain despite the multitude of both new and old items which need it as crafting material (for reference, I much prefer the nightwave token method of acquiring alertium to the old style as you can actually work towards it; the problem comes when this system is completely absent from the game). Here's one thread as an example, many more exist.
  17. The Sentients can handle infested material just fine. From what I remember as part of the backstory, the Infestation was created to fight them and just didn't work.
  18. I'll second that vote. Whoever it is that keeps ruining the UI like this really should not have their job any more.
  19. Wrong. Polearm (Tonbo in this case) with no stance is absolutely not the same as polearm quick attack.
  20. Provided that you can get them in PvE, then sure. Also, the main reason why quick melee was leagues better than equip melee is because of its moveset. I don't give a crap about damage multipliers or forced procs. I just want to be able to move around freely while attacking.
  21. Frames might not need stories, and the writing style might not agree with everyone, but quests did serve to fluff out the lore and provide backstory. That alone makes them worth playing for me. Also, with regards to raids, that looks like the mindless way of just completing them so that you can get your reward. The real fun came in working out and testing speedrun strategies. There were leaderboards for completion time, and they existed for a reason.
  22. Interesting wording there: "complain that they have to do all the combo animations". You're basically admitting that combo animations are a bad thing, so why should it be necessary to force them on everyone rather than making them not suck. Surely a good game is one that doesn't actively get in the way of the player, right? And while being stunlocked and ragdolled by your own weapon (levelling up the tipedo prime was horrible, and god help you if you use the Sarpa without a stance) is indeed the main problem, there are a host of other problems which cannot be solved by minor tweaks because they are caused by the very nature of the new system. A quick copy-paste from the last thread in which I had to explain this: Syndicate procs do not function properly. Previously, I could melee away and have my gun explode once it soaked up enough ambient XP. That won't happen any more because the gun has been forced away. I can't alt-fire directly after melee. Weapon automatic reload once empty won't happen if your sword forces your gun out of your hands. Emptying my magazine (something very easy to do with a Tigris or Exergis) and then immediately slicing something else nearby wasn't a problem under the old system because my gun would immediately start reloading once the swing animation was done. This no longer happens because, that's right, my character has decided that they should be holding a sword instead of the gun. Scanners, fishing spears and mining lasers get unequipped after swinging your sword. EDIT: those players who liked to use blocking a lot in their moveset can't do it any more. I never cared for it, but several did (you can see their complaints in the megathread, which DE have decided to try and bury since fundamental problems obviously go away if you ignore them) As for spin attacks, it's been many years since I used as many as I find myself using now. They are now the sole form of melee combat which does not interfere with my movement. And no, I don't even use maiming strike. Autoblocking ruining gunblades/glaives/precise aerial movement is another issue with the new system, but that's actually solvable. It might need a fair bit of extra coding glue which will of course introduce its own swarm of bugs and edge cases, but it can be solved.
  23. I was already fluidly switching between gunfire and melee before, without ever once having to press the weapon select key (unless I wanted to exchange my Corinth for my Arca Scisco). Did you even use melee in quick mode before? This new system has actually made it worse. To restate the problems with this, yet again: Stance movesets are terrible. Anything that takes control away from the player is terrible. If I'm holding W, I expect to move forward at a constant steady pace. If I'm holding W and Shift, I expect to move forward at a faster, yet still steady pace. If I let go of W and press D, I expect to immediately start moving to the right. If my character decides to leap forward or stop dead still, something has gone very wrong. This is what stances do. They kill fluidity. I was a melee main - but I was a quick melee main. Explicitly quick melee. Not melee mode. Syndicate procs do not function properly. Previously, I could melee away and have my gun explode once it soaked up enough ambient XP. That won't happen any more because the gun has been forced away. I can't alt-fire directly after melee. Weapon automatic reload once empty won't happen if your sword forces your gun out of your hands. Emptying my magazine (something very easy to do with a Tigris or Exergis) and then immediately slicing something else nearby wasn't a problem under the old system because my gun would immediately start reloading once the swing animation was done. This no longer happens because, that's right, my character has decided that they should be holding a sword instead of the gun. Scanners, fishing spears and mining lasers get unequipped after swinging your sword. Go on. Let's hear you honestly say that having to navigate the gear wheel (or even pressing the instant hotkey if you have it bound) to bring back your scanner out every single time you swing your sword is an improvement over not having go away in the first place. And obviously I'm going to give negative examples, because this was a negative change.
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