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  1. The whole lich system is a ridiculous mess - and it was even worse on release. You are correct in that you are given exactly zero information as to what is happening, why it happened or what you can possibly do about it. There is a complete absence of any kind of documentation, there's no quest explaining what a lich is or how you fight them, no kind of checks to make sure that you're actually capable of fighting one and nothing tying them into the story. It is most definitely not your fault for getting stuck with it. With regards to the sentients, they have robotic health type prote
  2. You're blaming the victims here. We hated the fact that the loid part took forever, DE looked at that and said "screw you guys, now we're going to make it even slower". How is that our fault?
  3. I just want stances to behave like quick melee did. Namely that under absolutely no circumstances should they ever be allowed to over-ride the movement inputs that I'm giving to my character. It would also be nice if they reversed the nerf which broke the animations for polearms and dual swords at high attack speed.
  4. Huh, I must have skipped that when reading the patch notes. Oh well, I'm not going waste 5 formas on my crappy Bonewidow. I didn't even give it a potato.
  5. Why should this even be a choice that needs to be made in the first place? What's wrong with making these abilities behave like any other #1 ability and have a set damage (whether base or percentage like Oberon) which has nothing to do with mods that aren't installed on it?
  6. Actually, you don't. My voidrig was rank 30 with 4 formas before the change, it immediately reached rank 38 after the patch and still had some vacant mod slots (both due to lack of capacity and also because there was nothing useful to put there). I put the last forma in, ranked it up to max and didn't get any more XP.
  7. Oh, so that's why my mech suddenly felt like it actually had some kind of semi-usable long-distance mobility. It was almost enough to keep up with someone using a bullet jump mod. I suppose that you're just re-affirming the view that nobody should ever be allowed to use anything other than an Archwing for travel. Because god forbid that we might actually want to stay in our mechs. Oh no.
  8. The problem with that is that it's forcing crits and crits alone as a way to kill them. The OP is already fighting the enemy in the correct way (aim for the head).
  9. Here's another example of where this forced autoexposure goes wrong. https://i.postimg.cc/65Hfz3Vb/Warframe0005.jpg Shoot a komorex in explosion mode at something relatively close, bonus points if it's also molecular primed. Notice how you can't see a damn thing any more. If you're going for real life, then you might perhaps want to think about how we're somehow able to run up a wall while holding a bow at full draw with perfect accuracy at some target a few hundred metres away. Warframes don't have that problem, you might say? If they're engineered to lack the various p
  10. Yep. Babylon 5 as well (where there aren't any shields at all unless you look at the Thirdspace aliens), but I grew up on TNG and that's what sticks most closely in my mind.
  11. On the other hand, it makes shields more valuable. As far as I know, you don't get "status procs" on your ship if the shields are still up. Unfortunately, this only highlights how pathetic the base and modded shield levels of a railjack are. Having grown up on Star Trek, losing the shields on your spaceship is a Very Bad Thing and that your ship is about to explode. It was quite shocking to discover how tiny the shields are and how unreasonably tanky the hull can get with armour scaling.
  12. Good. I think everyone here knows how utterly disastrous Railjack was on release. Having a year to actually make it functional is a good thing, but you'd have done better to just scrap release dates entirely so that there's nobody pressuring you to throw out incomplete and buggy messes to hit an arbitrary deadline.
  13. I have already turned off glare - more than half of them I've disabled in a vain attempt to make the game behave. Here are mine: https://postimg.cc/cKcwBStK
  14. This. I've noticed that it seems to have been toned down in some of the recent patches (which of course wasn't mentioned anywhere), but even if something is slightly less annoying and painful than it used to be, it's still annoying, painful and very much un-necessary.
  15. Not a small portion, all of it if not more. The leecher is still getting the full bounty reward plus all the mined crap, whereas the people actually playing it get the bounty reward and a small amount of the mined crap while having to do a lot more. Do it the other way around. If you collect any kind of resource anywhere in one of the open areas, the entire squad gets it (like Railjack) plus some small, but noticeable chance of having that particular income doubled (eg. 25% extra).
  16. Actually, you can. There's a display option called colour "correction". Its description says "improves the accuracy of the scene" which is probably biggest, most blatant lie in the entire game. Turn it off. I did that the moment it was first put into the game and never looked back once. Interestingly enough, the game actually looks better when you disable a lot of these graphical options. Makes me wonder what the point of putting this code into the game in the first place even was.
  17. If something unpleasant happens to you and then someone changes things so that nobody else needs to go through that unpleasant situation again, will you go around thinking that you've been treated like trash? EDIT: and just to make my point clear, if they do reduce the forma required to hit rank 40, the ideal situation is a refund of all the spent excess forma but I'd still be perfectly content if no refunds of any kind were given.
  18. Incidentally, this is exactly what the game was like on release, back in 2013. I miss original Warframe.
  19. Thaumium is extremely rare - this was noted from the very beginning and only recently on PC was this changed. When you eventually get 29.5 on consoles, you should in theory get more - go here, press ctrl-F and search for "thaum":
  20. Literally wrong? Literally? 3 minutes fishing on Earth got me 1x large mortus, 4x medium mortus and 2x small mortus. That's 900 standing. Each and every one of those fish can be handed in as and when I please, on its own or with any quantity of other fish. Deimos: 1 daughter token = 100 standing. To get a single daughter token takes 4 sporulate sacs and 3 benign infested tumour, 3 dendrite blastoma and 3 sporulate sac, or 2 dendrite blastoma and 2 pustulent cognitive module (for example, these are the combinations which are active right now). One fish gives one fish-specific part (ev
  21. That one, mercifully, is available directly from Loid's shop. DE have been routinely monkey pawing things for a very long time now. At this point, it's basically my default reaction to any changes they make: "right, what are they going to ruin this time". As regards to the OP - hold to confirm on the esophages? Really? That's one of the most annoying things about Railjack. It was bad enough standing by the esophage and hammering the use key because the damn thing won't actually let me in and the infested are busy trying to claw my face off. Now you go an explicitly add anot
  22. And by doing that, you have just validated DE's terrible grindwall policy. Every time you plat out for something, you're saying "I approve of this and wish to reward you with money".
  23. You could already store standing up in advance. You get much more standing handing in individual minerals, fish or tags on Earth or Venus than you do by handing in multiple minerals for a single token and then handing in the single token. The only part of Deimos' system which isn't a flat downgrade is the reward from the T5 bounty, which gives more standing than the other two worlds. Everything else, EVERYTHING, sucks massive donkey balls.
  24. Not that it would make much difference. There are bugs in this game which are years old despite being reported multiple times.
  25. If the only reason why someone plays a particular game mode is for its rewards and never touches it again after that, then there's something very wrong with the game mode and it should be either completely overhauled or completely removed.
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