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  1. Temos uma comunidade de jogadores de diversos jogos de PC, entre eles bastante ativo o Warframe, com 2 players rank 30. Não é um clan, qualquer um é bem-vindo para entrar e jogar junto. Jogamos outros jogos também. Os Furtivos! https://discord.gg/vP8jTrWpgt
  2. It is becoming very common... there is no ships spawned in Railjack missions to complete the objectives. As soon as I select "Return to Dojo" to abort the mission, they spawn. But the mission fails. 2 examples: https://ibb.co/BKbKR6y https://ibb.co/FJx7Ksx Please fix railjack bugs before releasing even more content that involves railjack missions!
  3. Besides Nullifier from Corpus, is there something that makes you lose your buffs for other factions? For both Grineer and Infested I have a video here of my Gara losing her Splinter Storm buff after breaking the Mass Vitrify with Shattered Lash (hold option) instead of increasing the buff.
  4. 72/105 fighters in the mission, no more fighters spawning, had to abort. Before that with a friend he entered the objective, I got kicked out of the pilot, a countdown happens and I'm still on the railjack and can't enter the objective, my friend can't continue because I can't enter. Had to abort the mission.
  5. Estou interessado. Nick no Warframe: Lifsteinn Usuário do Discord: Lifsteinn#2164
  6. Sad, that is a great suggestion about the menu.
  7. Could you please change the way we get Affinity from a Faction that is not a Sigil that you have to equip in every Warframe you playing? If this could be attached to the operator at least (not ideal anyway). Or some other option you select from the Arsenal. Besides is something that botter the Fashionframe style! :)
  8. Could someone please confirm that Octavia System still drops from Plato (Lua) mission? Rotation A means you only need to find 1 hidden Cache, right? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Octavia I've done this 20+ times in the past 2 days, the drop rate should be 22.56%, I know I can be VERY unlucky, just want to make sure this is not a bug.
  9. I'll try to give one specific idea about this, but could be very different and still works in the same general idea. A new option in the "COMMUNICATION" menu (right next to Friends, Clan and Inbox) called "GROUP FINDER". There you can find some filters like "Kuva Liches", "Eidolon", "Relic", etc. With a list of people that applied for that activity, then you can whisper or invite them. Also apply yourself to some of those activities, with a comment field like "Opening Axi G6 Relic", "Looking for Tri-Eidolon", "Farming X Warframe parts". This way you can continue playing any missions and still be able to find a group, because people can reach you for that specific activity and you don't need to be waiting for replies in a specific chat tab. Maybe some "Region" or "Language" filter would also be nice.
  10. Pretty sure this have been here a lot, but here is another suggestion to a Look For Group Tool that could be a in-game feature. When you play with people you meet new friends, when you play with friends you play more and you have more fun. So a tool that help people to play together would be great in this game! I'm already part of a clan, and also an alliance for that matter. But constantly people do not pay attention to the chat or even discord channels. Besides the "clan universe" is quite small compared to all people out there that would love to do the same content as a group.
  11. Do we already know where to get new Gara and weapon parts? :)
  12. I did Arva Vector mission (Neptune Proxima), it is a Defense mission, until wave 15, I extracted after the end of wave 15, went to Orcus Relay (Pluto Proxima) to change the equipaments and noticed that I lost all progress leveling my equipment my Necramech was rank 30+ for example, and now went back to rank 23. Same with all equipment used.
  13. There is a "Change Loadout" button on mission selection screen in Railjack, below the Nightwave Intermission banner. It is not working, you click and does nothing.
  14. How about a Parazon Prime?? :)
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