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  1. I did Arva Vector mission (Neptune Proxima), it is a Defense mission, until wave 15, I extracted after the end of wave 15, went to Orcus Relay (Pluto Proxima) to change the equipaments and noticed that I lost all progress leveling my equipment my Necramech was rank 30+ for example, and now went back to rank 23. Same with all equipment used.
  2. There is a "Change Loadout" button on mission selection screen in Railjack, below the Nightwave Intermission banner. It is not working, you click and does nothing.
  3. How about a Parazon Prime?? :)
  4. Cache Hunter, the nightwave objective to find all 3 caches in 3 sabotage missions. I HATE THIS. That is it, thank you for letting me put out of my chest. Have a nice day! :)
  5. Just happened to me. Still a bug.
  6. Returned playing after a while, and this bug still here.
  7. Sometimes I try to trade with people and the item is "Partnet Locked" even with all requirements met. I have to go to a different Dojo and complete the trade (proving the requirements were actually met).
  8. I know those are dropped by Oxium Osprey before they explode, but where do you get those? They are required in large amounts and always drop so few!
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