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  1. My questions will be primarily on mods: 1.) Can we ever expect a buff/rework to really old and underwhelming mods like Rifle Aptitude/Sure Shot (15% status chance to Rifles/Pistols at max? Seriously?) and 2.) Any chance of ever receiving a Primed Terminal Velocity/Lethal Momentum (the flight speed mods)? Would love to use my Nagantaka and Hystrix more since I love'em to death, but their shooting mechanics contrasts to the erratic movements of the enemy AI. 3.) Will there ever be a more reliable way of getting Primed Mods/Baro exclusive mods? Was thinking that players could try earning some of these mods in modes like Arbitration/Elite Sanctuary Onslaught to make players more attracted to those game modes. You can even add some background lore to it like: -Simaris gives Baro info in the most likely places of finding some rare loot. In exchange, Baro trades some special mods to Simaris so that he can incentivise Tenno to use the Elite Onslaught mode and thus gather more data. -As for the Arbiters of Hexis, they can just pay/trade Baro for the mods, or offer protection and secure an area for him to trade (the relays of course), or smthn like that
  2. These changes are absolutely glorious. I'll be accepting these specific changes as my birthday gifts:
  3. The silhouette is probably a new NPC that might introduce us to a way of defeating the Orbs. Or maybe even an older Tenno/Dax soldier that's gonna be our new mentor in some way.
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