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  1. I have to ask though.


    I've been playing Warframe ever since U.5 on this laptop:

    i3-2350 @ 2.3 GHz

    4GB Ram

    Intel Integrated video card.


    I do have a powerful PC though:

    i7-6700 @ 3.4 GHz ( it has turbo boost so it goes up to 3.7 )

    EVGA GTX Classified 980

    16GB RAM.


    Not to say I don't play Warframe on that PC, but graphical improvements doesn't seem like it'll be friendly to my laptop and I usually play Warframe on my downtime at school on the laptop.



  2. I need help, my screen went side ways, how do I redajust it? I couldn't make a thread or anything since it the new topic option is all off-screen and I only have a regular laptop, not the flip screen, I don't know what button I pressed, I was cleaning my keyboard ( which wasn't a good idea when the laptop was still on ).  the ss doesn't really help, but I'm looking at it sideways, 302yia8.png

  3. Don't care about PvP, it doesn't deserve feedback, should be thrown out of the game.


    New UI is terrible and redundant.



    Stamina should not be changed, removing it makes that coptering bs even more spammy than it is now. I'll talk stamina when coptering has been removed as a form of travel.

  4. You guys still don't understand balance which is why PvP was a mistake for this game. They're no 'tips and tricks' here. It's just whoever has the strongest x6 forma maxed out damage/elemental mods.


    If you wanted balance, then you should've turned off level advantage, that way everyone uses the default stats of their weapons and frames, then it would go from who has the best weapon/mod, to the best skill.


    That's just my 2 cents though PvP is still a joke in this game.

  5. This isn't a question, more of an issue regarding Melee 2.0 and countering: 


    Countering isn't an integral part of Melee 2.0, too many steps have to be taken to get a counter attack when it's easier to just kill an enemy with a bullet or melee attack or just get an instant counter with Valkyr's Paralysis or Ash's Teleport at the expense of their energy cost. Countering is just thrown into Melee 2.0. You even described Melee 2.0 as being reminiscent of having a combo system like Ninja Gaidens, but not as in-depth. But Ninja Gaiden had a better and much more integral counter system that was part of the key elements of the games overall combat system. It doesn't even have any sort of band-aid like Warframe has. It's a simple system that works in many games, but you make it complex in Warframe.


    Any new feature or system you put into Warframe ends up coming with a side of band-aid mods that also dilute the drop tables even more. Why couldn't the countering be a core feature in Melee 2.0? You make it a band-aid instead and not a simplified counter system like Ninja Gaiden or Dynasty Warriors 6 had.

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  6. Maybe I could get my mods if I didn't keep freezing every time I loaded the event, that map just keeps crashing and sending me back to the menu, even went as far as to restart my computer. The amount of time I have to wait for the map to load only to suddenly send me back to the main menu.


    How am I supposed to get those mods let alone the badge if this keeps happening? It's Phobos all over again when it was first released.

  7. Scherhardt, on 23 May 2014 - 12:51 PM, said:Scherhardt, on 23 May 2014 - 12:51 PM, said:Scherhardt, on 23 May 2014 - 12:51 PM, said:Scherhardt, on 23 May 2014 - 12:51 PM, said:

    It's about the coptering. Some players believe it ruins the parkour in the game w/c it is but some players like me don't really mind. It's not that gamebreaking atleast for me.


    The stream was great, watch it so you'll know w/c to believe.

    Tell that to those speedy Rhinos who copter from one room to the next using stomp leaving the others who don't have certain weapons that can fling you across large open rooms going through empty rooms collecting whatever enemies dropped.


    That right there is the game's "Identity" copter and press 4 to kill everything, copter to next room, press 4 to kill everything, copter to next room, press 4 to kill everything, and so on an so forth.


    Can't even escape that from survival when ur trying to level up a specific weapon like a side arm and a player coptering their way around the map just so they can kill the enemies first and with more or less a weapon type your not using or they just press 4.


    How does that not break the game? It's far from the 4 player Co-op experience the game is about, even less so for new players. And the Co-op is what should be the game's "identity" not coptering and turning everything into a race.





    And this new PvP mode completely goes against the Lore and how the Tenno are on the verge of Extinction/. Lore wise, this is hurting the Tenno cause and only benefits the Grineer/Corpus, so instead of taking out Grineer, Corpus and Infested, we are now taking eachother out. Let's throw out that part of the Tenno close to extinction and put in this new mode anyway.


    Ya that's great.

  8. Honestly, giving it hp won't matter, if your doing high defense missions, Snowglobe will disappear faster then it took to cast it since it will just take one shot from a high level enemy to kill it.


    The only real issue with Frost before was just how incredibly weak Avalanche was. Snow Globe should've been left as is since enemies first priority is the pod itself, Snow Globe won't survive long enough to let the pods shields recharge.

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  9. I'm not an artist, I can only give descriptions.


    Conviction & Reprisal
    Faction: Stalker ( pre betrayal )

    The Stalkers alternative weapon of choice he used exclusively when he was still loyal. They were Dual Longswords, very uncommon for Tenno to wield 2 longswords, the Stalker crafted his first blade Conviction, which he used to cut down those who would disobey order, this was his prefered weapon for assassination.

    He later crafted another blade he called Reprisal, which he used exclusively against those who tried to take the Void for themselves from the Orokin.

    He then decided to use both of his creations to become one of the most feared Tenno of his time along with Conviction & Reprisal which were feared respectively.

    Around the time of his own betrayal, he threw away these weapons and had moved on to a rumored 3rd weapon he had crafted which from what fellow Tenno described as being a Scythe like weapon that wasn't representative as having standard Tenno designs. After he fled, his two longswords were found and were then preserved and stored in a Vault within the Void.

    It is rumored that if Conviction & Reprisal were to be wielded by a high ranking Tenno against the Stalker, it will demoralise him and cause him to be on the defensive as he knows why he crafted them.

    How I would like to see these sheathed.

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  10. So this means that the innate electrical damage by the 1.0 Synaspe will be stronger in the 2.0 Synaspe without having to put on a Stormbringer mod to make it stronger? This could help in freeing up a slot for another mod though it wouldn't hurt to add Stormbringer unless weapons like the Synaspe and Ignis won't be able to stack with their elemental specific mods in Damage 2.0. An Ignis would be very strong if its innate fire damage stacked with Hellfire and Wildfire and the Synaspe innate electrical damage stacked with Stormbringer and a possible dual stat mod with electricity damage later on if one does get added.


    I hope the effects will still stack in Damage 2.0.

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