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    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    They only drop on 2 planets, Mercury and Uranus. As of right now we don't have a lot of reasons to go there outside of Polymer Bundles. They do pile up, until you stop farming Equinox or find Mercury XP farming boring. I use Zenurik in large part because the energy pads ate away most of my Polymer stash, and I don't want to run Stephano over and over again.
  2. AXCrusnik

    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    Well that's where our opinions differ. The way I see it if you're trying to be as efficient as possible there isn't a potentially more impactful school compared to Vazarin and Zenurik. You either take the energy and use it so your team can do what the other schools do with that energy, or you take Vazarin.
  3. AXCrusnik

    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    Zenurik means you don't sacrifice a potentially more impactful frame for just energy support. IMO I think it's more like Vazarin and Zenurik are balanced. Where you would take Vaz for healing if you don't need more energy. The rest are niche use.
  4. AXCrusnik

    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    Because Zenurik doesn't require you to farm polymer bundles? IMO Zenurik gives you the energy to do what the other 4 schools do (or close enough) but with Warframe instead of operator abilities, while also giving your team energy. But more importantly using operator abilities is kinda a pain without energizing dash.
  5. AXCrusnik

    Add operator arcane which generates energy

    Honestly the fact that you essentially phrase it "do you want energy regen... or one of those other schools" kinda illuminates just how strong the regen is. We should be choosing between 5 balanced schools, not 1 good overall school vs 4 niche schools.
  6. AXCrusnik

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    If DE's warning was about being AFK specifically and not efficiency... they didn't make that very clear. In fact their warning specifically mentions making the mission more difficult than it has to be due to how he is using Umbra.
  7. AXCrusnik

    Inaros' animations make him look drunk

    I assume you mean his idle animations... He's supposed to look like an oldschool slow moving zombie, in that since he's been dead/mummified for some time, his body is decaying and it's difficult for him to move around (as opposed to new-school L4D/WWZ zombies that move like atheletes). Which he does IMO. I like them.
  8. AXCrusnik

    Returning after years

    No your gear isn't the best now. But Nyx did get reworked/tweaked very recently, so you'll probably notice a few differences in play. There are some new quests to play through now, and they've also added 2 "open world" like maps. The Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna. These open worlds have some new mechanics, like Fishing and Mining. You can use these resources to build new gear like Zaws and Kitguns (customizable melee and secondary weapons)
  9. AXCrusnik

    Killing enemies above level 25.

    Miter isn't exactly a strong weapon, and with it's rate of fire it's not going to feel like it's putting out a lot of status compared to say, a Grakata with the same status chance... unless you get it to 100% status. And honestly Rifle Aptitude is one of the worst mods in the game. You'll get better results with almost any other mod in that slot. Also Valkyr has very very little shields. You should be losing them quickly. The main purpose of her shields is as a resource to activate her third ability. If you need more survivability with her use Vitality and Steel Fiber.
  10. What? The Space skybox?
  11. AXCrusnik

    24 hours Mastery wait

    You gain mastery rank even when maxed out. You don't have to worry about wasting any. So obviously my suggestion is just keep playing if you want to. Stop if you want to. Don't stress about wasting mastery, because mastery is a finite thing and DE is smart enough to realize that if you did waste mastery by ranking up gear when maxed out, you'd effectively be reducing the maximum amount of XP and highest MR level your account can attain.
  12. AXCrusnik

    Is moba battle Royale confirmed?

    Yes it and Half-Life 3 confirmed as pre-order bonuses
  13. AXCrusnik

    is that all?

    Fun obviously. If the initial gameplay loop doesn't interest you then I doubt you'll like it later on. I started playing because I like the idea of a horde shooter with melee and wallrunning elements. If you think that's boring then why play? Obviously when you do everything there is to do in a PvE game it gets boring... but there's a lot of things to build, and play around with in this game. It took me 2500+ hours of real play time, not idling, to start getting burnt out on this game. I spent hours and hours in my first month playing this game just running defenses for mods to improve my builds (because weapons and frames are nothing without mods), and (at the time) the spare mods needed to upgrade mods (before endo was a thing). And this game is always growing so as long as the core gameplay loop is still fun for you, you'll get new toys to play with and new places to go, new stories to experience and mechanics to explore.
  14. AXCrusnik

    Can someone explain inaros abilites

    Sorry but yeah they are pretty useless, enemies do S#&$ damage to themselves and the duration is disappointing to say the least.. If they actually had a decent duration they could at the very least act as sandy meat shields and take aggro from a couple enemies or something... Also the Augment summons them with the minimum possible duration, 15s seconds. So yeah like I said earlier, they're probably going to try to take cover for most of those 15 seconds, and by the time they acquire a target to shoot at they'll be disappearing. Even if you think they're fun, it's not worth the time since they'll disappear before they do anything due to poor AI. Unless you spend a stupid amount of time devouring due to their duration mechanics.
  15. AXCrusnik

    Want to buy Omega Lotus kubrow

    Trade requests should be posted in the appropriate subforum:
  16. AXCrusnik

    Small issue with me and Gara

    Support might be able to return it to you.. That said you don't want to sell any quest obtained frame since repeating the quest (if that's even a option for it at the time) does not give another reward. So even if you did redo the Gara quest you wouldn't get her blueprint, which you need to build her. In other words, if support can't help you need plat.
  17. AXCrusnik

    How does someone become a guide of the lotus?

    IDK when the last recruitment was, but last time I saw one DE was doing recruitment phases for applying for GOTL based on each consoles needs. You basically have to write a resume on why you think would be a good GOTL, they review them and pick candidates. I don't think they've done a new one since the one I saw TBH.
  18. AXCrusnik


    None of us said they don't have servers lmao. We said Warframe does not use servers for player sessions, but for logins, rewards, matchmaking etc... NOT GAME SESSIONS. Whoever has a 1 next to their name is hosting the game and therefore their connection quality is your connection quality. Warframe uses listen SERVERS (oh my god i said it uses servers again, are you gonna say otherwise AGAIN?). I feel like English isn't your primary language and you're having difficulties understanding us.
  19. AXCrusnik


    according to wikipedia... listen servers are exactly how warframe runs. P2P connection by players and a server to handle matchmaking, rewards, etc. Do YOU have any idea?
  20. Why would you compare a 1 to a 4 in the first place? Of course Mesa's ultimate is better than Ash's first ability... it's an ultimate. If you want Shuriken to be more useful late game, use it's augment. Also Wukong and Excal both have exalted weapon ultimates so liking one over the other is just a matter of opinion...
  21. AXCrusnik

    Can someone explain inaros abilites

    can we make slurpy shadow not useless though? The shadows themselves are pretty weak so having them actually live long enough to do... IDK... something would be nice. And no, devouring one enemy for close to a minute, or even longer is not how you make it more valuable. That's how you spend a minute doing nothing, and get almost nothing in return. Sand shadows duration should be moddable by duration IMO. so for example 200% duration might make it so 15 seconds of devour = 30 seconds of sand shadow. I dreamt of creating sand shadow armies in the days leading up to Inaros, even if enemies do terrible damage against themselves.. but the mechanics behind summoning them make it so most players completely ignore that half of the ability.
  22. OP made like 5 threads with 1 liner feedback on passives. A smart mod consolidated them into one thread for him.
  23. AXCrusnik

    Can someone explain inaros abilites

    Devour is kind of useless. Yeah it gives good HP regen but Inaros already has that in spades without using Devour. IMO itis only truly useful as a "stasis" ability. You take yourself out of the fight completely. You cannot fight back at all but you can't be damaged at all either, meaning you can regen without any risk of death no matter how much firepower is hitting you. The sand shadow is stupid in pretty much every aspect. It's duration is based on the devour time, with 0 enhancement (like 1.5x devour time, or affected by power str) outside of a minimum duration of 15s. Meaning if you want ONE sand shadow for 20s you have to devour for twenty. seconds. At the absolute #*!%ing least it should be devour time+15s. On top of that bullS#&$ it's driven by AI which is terrible at having value. Chances are you devour for 20 seconds and then the shadow will spend 15 seconds to walk over to a short wall and hide behind it for 5.