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  1. Sooo, in lack of other things to do (while I been waiting around for my pals to come online) I been chasing the new companions like crazy. So far I got the: Vizir and Paraoh Predasite, and the Sly and Panzer Vulpaphyla. For those interested, here is the complete description of their mods, literally citated (all of them are maxed out): Vizir: 1) Iatric Mycelium: "Release a trial of spores every 8s that heal the companion and its allies for 300 health over 5s." 2) Acidic Spittle: "Every 5s spit acidic tar at an enemy within 30m, blinding them for 12s and dealing 120 Corrosive Damage."
  2. Great. Good to know I am not missing out on something obvious. Hope they release it soon - peace!
  3. I have linked my twitch and warframe accounts, I have linked my amazon and twitch accounts... Has it not come out yet and can I get back to playing while just waiting or do I actually need to claim it somewhere? I can't find answers anywhere.
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