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  1. where do i start xaku nice looking frame cool design but his abilites are really not good his passive is a a copy of nyx his 1st skill adds void damage which not the best damage type also u cant use it agaist the eidolons but you can use the nercamechs vs them and they do stupied high damage. his 2nd skill really should be recastable and have the cast speed improve. 3rd skill should be hold to select and tap to use also improve cast speed. 4th skill the vast untime why does it have a energy drain and a duration. all of xaku skills are all very high on energy cost.
  2. Me thinks console not getting heart of deimos on the 25th
  3. It just the amount people that are angry about the nerfs when we have not got the system yet also there no numbers to any of the skills so we dont know how big of a nerf they gave the skills so why dont u shut up until de release the system
  4. oh so each projecttile has a chance a 25 percent to tigger a status effect if the gun has 25 percent status ok i get it
  5. hi chaosdark here just wondering if this is a bug or not but in the past mutishot effected the status of hitscan primary and secondary weapons by buffing the status chance for some reason it not effecting the status chance of this weapons anymore.
  6. If broken warframe not called legion im going to be disappointed as it fit so well
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