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  1. So i bought an riven from cephalon simaris and i need to complete this task "Sustain a 3x Melee Combo Multiplier for 30s with an active pet present", so i put riven mod on companion weapon, but i cant have an companion and a pet in a same time in a mission, so this task is impossible to complete.
  2. I didn't heard about it for a while, but has anyone of you any information about titania deluxe? did i miss something in devstreams or prime times about it? or it just doesn't have any more information whatsoever? also it would be great if they would rework her further when the skin arrives.
  3. If they will make her primarily caster, they will lose that 0.5% players that play her. Including me, i really don't like support and it's good that she can do something solo.
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