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  1. Ah my bad, and I agree, there's absolutely no reason to throw the game out of the window just yet. And you should quote those certain posts you're referring to, to avoid confusion :P
  2. I'm not sure if you've noticed but this isn't a rant, rather an inquiry. The only thing doing harm to Warframe would be DE confirming that they've become partners with G1, which is exactly what I'm asking about here, not claiming that it's already happened. That is of course assuming that your post was aimed at the OP. Just saying.
  3. That's quite understandable, but then there's a reason why people call it "MoneyFirst" lol. There's a difference between running a business and milking your playerbase, wouldn't you agree?
  4. I hope you're right, we can't know for sure though until we get an official response on this though. Ah true, that's a good point, the game was practically dead when they bought it even though they haven't done a lot of good with it after that point. I wonder if Fallen Earth was the same way. Can only hope there's no actual "partnership", and it's only a storefront as ManTouch suggested.
  5. Such optimism, I hope you're right and Warframe will be an exception in their selection of games, but it's not quite like amazon or steam really. As far as I'm aware they pretty much "own" the cash shop in APB:R and Fallen Earth, can't speak for the other titles, their own representatives announce the new items on the forums and they're "blamed" for the high pricing even by the devs themselves when the vocal minority on the forums express their concerns {mildly put}, which leads me to believe that APB devs have near to no say in the cash shops, but that's just an assumption. We can only ho
  6. I'm sure DE will address this ASAP, don't lose hope just yet.
  7. I can confirm that. Not to mention selling "permanent" weapons {PS: all the "free" inferior weapons in APB are normally leased for ingame money} for about $40-60, which is quite mental considering they balance the weapons to death a month later. Along with $20-30 worth mostly half-arsed low-res outfits which are purely cosmetic in a game that takes pride in customisation. That's all well from a business stand point but f2p players are being completely left out in this case. Basically they've stopped adding new content to the game aside from ridiculous little "fun" additions that break the
  8. In the OP, edited just now. I'm right there with you...
  9. I've just noticed this and I apologise if there was already a thread on this. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind: What does this mean really? What can we -as players- expect for the future of the game? Are they going to handle the cash shop pricing, development and marketting decisions from now on or is it still DE's responsibility? And more importantly -even though it's not my place to ask but- was this really necessary... K2 Network/GamersFirst are well known for their abysmal management skills, bad decisions and overpriced cash shop with the games they've got and milked
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