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  1. Quick bump to keep this thread from being archived like the last one.
  2. So far all the attention to this topic has been encouraging. I hope DE takes notice soon.
  3. But.... it does say when we already have the items... As for duplicate parts, we get them to sell for ducats for Baro Ki'Teer for (totally new and not just spray painted) loot. And what does that have to do with vaulted relic/parts indicators anyway?
  4. Strange... I could see it just fine. Try now? Are they still not showing up?
  5. Fixed the pictures. They had stopped working for some reason...
  6. Every time I go relic grinding with my brother I'm reminded about how annoying this is ;___;
  7. Oh yeah that would be cool too. Hadn't even thought about that.
  8. Hi, thanks for reading. I don't know if I'm in the minority here, but I put a lot of value on whether or not a relic or part is vaulted. So have this habit of stockpiling relics that I can't get anymore and holding off on running them until I know exactly what I want to get from them. This actually leads to a great deal of stress and hassle on my part as I constantly tab out of the game to go check if fang prime is vaulted or not. I have actually (on multiple occasions) missed my chance to select a relic because I was too paralyzed by indecision. I don't have this kind of trouble in other games such as the immensely popular MOBA game League of Legends. Because their vaulted, or "legacy" content is clearly marked by a recognizable icon. Which is why I propose that Warframe should do the same. Something akin to this: What do you think? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a repost because the first one got archived, and I'm still driven crazy by this issue. Come on DE your reworking the UI anyway. I just can't enjoy relic cracking with things as they are. Anyway, thank you for your time. (again)
  9. Trenggiling

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Afraid I haven't gotten the drop either yet.
  10. Trenggiling

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #39!

    I normally keep these pics locked away for special occasions... But this upcoming update deserves my-
  11. Trenggiling

    Fan Concepts Index

    It would be cool if you could add this. The Warframe Named Vermin. And feedback would be nice too ^.^