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  1. How about have a new open world on the void? And the colony is called but its more of a space station it is inhabited by 2 major tenno factions that want to colonize the void. Cause those empty ships and void towers they want to take it as their own. And the main enemy is corrupted vor. He is like the main villin in that open world like nef anyo in the vallis and vay hek on the plains. And in the void it would be a good time to add the railjack to travel it. And the railjack will need to be maintained and it will also be boarded by corrupted! Now im done explaining the open world. Now time to explain the colony! There are no more fishing or wild life preservation but still mining. But instead of using a tool you use a extractor on the railjack, and instead of fishing you do artifact recovery, and instead of animal preservation we got tower capture. And it since there are 2 factions and they are the steel merid and the perrin sequence. The perrin want to keep and harvest it for grofit and the steel merid want to destroy it and each faction will have 1 of their own stores. An each faction will only accept their own currency and their will be new warframe! 2 new warframe! One is called hellfire, only avilible from the steel merid. Hellfire is a warfrane that will take health from team mates and exchange it with damage. Same goes with their sheild and armor for more offensive capability. But the 4 is different since he is called hellfire he will shot loots of homing missiles, like the Russian katusha i think that how you spell that Now the other frame from the perrin sequence locust. like the locust in real life it will be a dps fram. DE study the insect and you will getthe idea DE now the new colony is called the new frontier plz notice me DE (Editor's note----> I tried my best :L)
  2. Wait there are two more pictures? But its only been... Well now i gotta follow this...
  3. These are really good, and would be a fun way of cluttering up already cluttered fashion frame designs with even more fabulosity... /Signed
  4. Maybe... But when i was looking at skirts/waistbands/coat tails that one seemed to work the best for Cull's fading out of reality skirt-ish thing. There probably are better options out there, but I can't look at cosmetics or change the color when previewing warframes I don't own.
  5. Wow. Okay, that's quite the strong reaction. Alright, I'll put it up.
  6. So I was playing around with photo shop because it's funner than actually drawing. Not sure if I want to add it to the main post, because it doesn't look quite right for Cull. Though I doubt that I'll ever spend the time drawing him for real. So maybe I should add it to the main post just so people get a general idea? I don't know... I could use a second opinion...
  7. You have all my 'YES' good sir/madam. /Signed
  8. I could see this actually. A risky sachem in which you get yourself captured on purpose in order to get taken to a heavy restricted and secret area or lab or whatever. Once you get in you simply spring the trap and take down their operations from the inside with help from ordis or lotus. What would you call this sort of mission type? Deception Missions? Subterfuge Missions? Delusion Missions? Undercover Missions? Conspiracy Missions? Covert Dealings Missions? I don't know.
  9. You know what I think would cool for him? A passive which brings up cover for him whenever he is crouching. It could be called "Hunker Down" or something. I dont know, just a thought. Either way, this looks pretty cool, and you have a +1 from me good sir/madam.
  10. I would like to know too, now that you bring it up. What say you DE?
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