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  1. Trenggiling

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Afraid I haven't gotten the drop either yet.
  2. Trenggiling

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #39!

    I normally keep these pics locked away for special occasions... But this upcoming update deserves my-
  3. Trenggiling

    Fan Concepts Index

    It would be cool if you could add this. The Warframe Named Vermin. And feedback would be nice too ^.^
  4. I'm just here to say... ><BUMP!!!><
  5. Try muffling, ducking and mixing the background effects of both. Yes it might be a little crowded sounding, but this is the infested we are talking about. BTW good job.
  6. Trenggiling

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #9!

    DE please look at this TY. The Good Idea Collection. your game is awesome BTW.
  7. Trenggiling

    The Gradivus Dilemma Has Ended, Tenno

    170 victories where is my loot?