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  1. Well this is exactly what i want to be changed. If i have multiple set ups with different infused abilities but one the one I infused on B to be my default (A) I need to remove and re infuse 2 abilities which is super expensive for such a simple thing
  2. What I'm saying is that like we can move our set up from A to C or B or any other way and all the mods and arcane and stuff move with it so should the infused ability.
  3. So after placing two different abilities on my Mesa, Ash's Shuriken on A and Hildryn's Pillage on B, I tried to drag and change the placement of this builds. Doing so broke my A build and placed a random aura into a random place and if I try to change any thing it doesn't let me because I got -2 capacity https://imgur.com/LckzcdW
  4. I noticed that sometimes after using Protea's 4th ability I can't jump while in warframe form any more not even bullet jump, I can still perfectly jump while in tenno though.
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