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  1. Blast - Projectiles impale you, and detonate. This results in amputation. Gas - Burns upon impact and melts flesh & bone. Viral - Disorientates you, and quickly disables your vital organ functions. Corrosive - Incinerates flesh upon impact - Burns with the heat of ten suns.
  2. It also adjusts the prices of rivens, Fresh rivens would be at their most expensive value, and eventual trades would keep devaluing them, as there's less opportunity for reselling.
  3. Could be Archwing, unless the Lotus has a weapon capable of destroying it.
  4. Might need more than a Tac alert to bring down a meteor.
  5. The cryotic cost (7100) is too high for it's standing cost. Needs to be lowered to ~1k to be reasonable. Why? Because when you're trying to build 10 of them, that's 71,000 Cryotic you need to farm.
  6. Look for the large tower in the background and the exit will always bear somewhere underneath that.
  7. Not working for me after verifying cache, and restarting multiple times.
  8. Eh.. This is more accurate. Can't find a vid [except this] that doesn't have Casca's boobs showing
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