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  1. 2 minutes ago, MagPrime said:

    Yeah, thoughts and prayers is the normal response to death these days.

    "My cat died" 

    Thoughts and prayers!

    "My car wont start"

    Thoughts and prayers!

    "I have cancer"

    Thoughts and prayers!

    "Hey Jeff, can you get me a roll of toilet paper?

    Thoughts and prayers....

    "Jeff? You there? Hello?"


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  2. 1 minute ago, MagPrime said:

    Sad day.

    Should we hold a memorial?

    Or is it a funeral?

    A remembrance?

    Thoughts and Prayers?

    A candlelight vigil?

    No, people die everyday. It's normal.

  3. Just now, MagPrime said:

    But where are her kids?

    Did she eat them?

    Did the Infested eat them?

    Are Warframes fertile and possessing functioning reproductive organs?

    How is the sex working?

    Oh chickens, did we eat her kids??

    Her kids never made it past 2.

  4. 24 minutes ago, MagPrime said:

    And that's a bad thing because...?

    I'm not denying the current set up is ideal for the amount of content provided, please don't infer that.  I'm saying I would love to see it expand to more than one day like many other conventions already do. 

    It's gotta be weird when ppl ask who you are in game.

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