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  1. been playing horizon zero dawn and genshin impact.... im addicted to both now xD.... been like a month since my last warframe sesion.
  2. No veo ningun bug, si no has hecho ninguna primaria usando las kitguns, no te van a aparecer en dicha seccion, hoy en dia hay tanto secundarias como primarias, asi que no es un bug.
  3. Tienen que estar debilitados, asegurate que esten casi muertos antes de capturarlos. "The Weakened Subspecies must be captured via Conservation in the Cambion Drift. The wild Vulpaphyla must be put in a "weakened" state, which occurs when attacked by roaming Infested, indicated by an orange shimmering overlay and the name "Weakened" appearing before the Vulpaphyla's name (e.g. Weakened Sly Vulpaphyla). Players may either find wild Vulpaphlya already in combat, or tranq them and then lure enemy Infested toward the sleeping creature. Beware, however, as upon seeing the player, they w
  4. Could you guys look onto Mirage 4, is the same scenario as xaku 4, is unfair to change just xaku and leave Mirage with out that QoL.
  5. If you guys are changing xaku 4, why not mirage 4 too? is the same scenario.
  6. now with helminth i use many configurations, one of them is using eclipse instead of her 4, some other times i just use her with equinox rage and sometimes with marked, funny times with mag.
  7. i know for sure that ash and nyx abilities work, have not putting attention if mag 3 works, i go with my mag and use her 2 as bait so others take care of the mech.
  8. Yea vault runs is the way, best if you only wanna farm necra mods, the scintilla is just a plus.
  9. what are you guys talking about? we already got nezha prime, is called inaros prime xDDDDDD i kid.... well no :P
  10. Are you guys using oodle with kraken or zlib for compression? or your own compressor software?
  11. Solo puedes cambiar una habilidad a los frames, puedes tener diferentes combinaciones usando dependiendo del load out que elijas, A,B,C etc... Cada frame tiene solo una habilidad para donar, no puedes donar todas, te sugiero revisar la wiki para saber cuales son estas, o buscar aqui en el foro el post con dicha informacion. Recapitulando, no puedes tener mas de una habilidad donada en tu frame, tus frames solo pueden donar una habilidad especifica que DE ya asigno, puedes sin embargo de tu frame receptor cambiarle cualquier habilidad con la donada y puedes tener varias combina
  12. Si, muy normal, como toda cosa que es aleatoria puede que lo tengas al primer intento como puede que no.
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