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  1. Same here, not only workplace refuse to send us home, our president is so fking stupid he even says the situation "fits like a glove" to our country, wtf rly, ppl dying and getting sick and our president is a fking moron. Stay in home ppl if u can, dont risk your health. o/
  2. Para la dragon nikana. http://warframe-builder.com/s/e148cea61322301c Es un build "basico", necesitaras algunas formas para poder instalar todos los mods.
  3. Sancti Tigris is better now that the prime version, try to get the corinth prime is the best shotung now according to a lot of ppl, i still dont have that one, been busy farming ss credits.
  4. Have tried to change your settings to default? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Settings#Interface
  5. Por favor, usa el foro correcto, este foro es en ingles solamente. Pidiendo que muevan el post al foro adecuado. Asking for the post to move to the right forum.
  6. Nada, no pasa nada. Ahora la parte importante, este foro es ingles solamente, la proxima vez por favor usa el foro en español. Pidiendo que muevan el post. Gonna ask for th post to be moved to right forum.
  7. La proxima vez, crea tu post en el foro adecuado, ya que este foro es solo en ingles, la que experimentas es un bug, puedes usar lakspur estando dentro de los satelites que dan el escudo a las naves, otra opcion es usando melee. Gonna ask to move the post to the right forum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOCd_wb7HxI
  8. Same here, dunno what is, but for some reason i got like 600 points less that the team mates.
  9. From time to time i get this bug, also use mag, not sure if i use my 4 when the condrix open the mouth(?), i just have to go to the left side and find the hit box between the "arms" to get rid of the health.
  10. Go to little duck and check her wares xD. I was lucky and only took me like 2 hours to get the systems and rank with vox.
  11. I do too, everysingle mmorpg if i have the choice i pick females with nice backside :3
  12. What test are you failing? i hear that mr9 got more harder that before.
  13. Still working, kind worried, i work on a call center, so a lot of ppl, trying to mantain my parents "safe", stressed....
  14. Is a know bug after the last patch iirc, try using melee, for what i can recall, the hit box is really tiny.
  15. It happends to me a lot, if im inside the crewship i can get my screen back pressing 5.
  16. This^ Also, always practice first.
  17. Por favor ponlo/pide que lo muevan al foro en español, este foro es solo ingles, gracias. Please ask to move the post to the spanish forums, this one is english only, thanks.
  18. My "mains" are Mag, Mirage, so im used to move a lot so i dont get hit too much, u can use quick thinking, primed flow, umbra mods for more health, i always go for 1-3 with mirage, clones + armor is always good.
  19. Yea, i understand the fact that trade chat is filled with a lot of stuff, so i always used the filter option, to look for what im trying to buy or sell. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=trade+chat+filter+warframe#kpvalbx=_khBxXpLzI4HatAWLuZnoCA35
  20. Some ppl have luck and get the atmos after few runs, other ppl dont have that luck and keep trying for hours, i was lucky and got what i need it in like 2hours, but some times i read the horror stories from others, they have never seem an atmos in months.
  21. Sadly no, you need atmos to rank up so you can buy those from little duck, kinda stupid.
  22. thats great, now time to enjoy the game tenno, o/
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