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  1. I hate watching streams, so the fact that I wasted a PC screen on that trash is ridiculous. This is all just a scam to get viewers up to advertise Warframe. QUIT WATCHING EVERYONE, you are just playing into their schemes and letting the corpus win. Has Fortuna taught you nothing about corporate greed.
  2. I have only gotten 1 khora piece over probably hundreds of ES runs, so was hoping this would actually drop her with some frequency like the twitch prime drops. I gave up on her a while ago as ES sucks and the rewards are just trash. They obviously put those 2 on there and will not drop them just to get twitch numbers up for Warframe. This is worse than a bad used car dealer.
  3. This is not working. I have 2 account one linked to twitch prime and one to just twitch and left both running on a partner page with "drops enabled" showing and nothing dropped in my inbox. I have even unlinked and re-linked accounts, used different browsers, and nothing over multiple hours. This is a hoax just to get Warframe viewing numbers up as an advertisement for Fortuna. Had the drops worked this would have been a good marketing plan, but right now it is just a shady scheme to bump up numbers on channels that no one would watch otherwise. Very bad on you DE for even attempting to scam fake numbers this way. If you actually drop something for me every hour I will take back what I say, but based on everyone's response I would say that this is a hoax.
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