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  1. Before the update I was becoming a melee weapon only main and I was really enjoying it. Now after the rework I try my best to entirely AVOID using my melee weapon sometimes having it unequipped because it serves no purpose now in my opinion. I have more forms of healing (So I don't need life strike) and if an enemy gets to close when I have a sniper scoped in I can just swap to my pistol and blast them. My first problem with this update is the complete removal of the F key from swapping to melee. If I want to swap to my melee I don't want to have to watch and wait for my tenno to stop swinging his sword until I can use my melee weapon. Having the quick melee key force you into an animation to use your melee makes the game fell very slow and slow down the tempo versus just holding the F key down while still being able to move. My second problem with the game is removing aim glide and block from our control. Melee aim glide was very useful for helping close the gap between you and your melee victim but now without that I automatically swap to my gun (When I intended to use my melee) and we are unable to block when we are moving in the air now. For a solution to these problems is give us the option to toggle these features. Give us the option to equip our melee with the F key and the option to block manually and bring back the aim glide feature of melee. The swapping from melee to your primary/secondary is a good idea if it was triggered by the player hitting there fire button instead of what used to be the block button. This would still let players quickly swap from melee to a primary or secondary along with letting the player still manually block (and aim glide) and not have to wait for a quick melee animation to end simply to use their melee weapon. If anyone in the community has suggestions to patch up my problems I have with the new melee system please feel free to share. TL;DR Bring back the option to swap to melee with the F key so we can manually equip our melee so our quick melee doesn't slow down our movement. Bring back manual blocking so we can choose when we want to block and slow down our movement and aim glide for melee to help close the gap to melee targets because the new blocking and quick melee system feels slow, clunky, untested and honestly unfinished in my opinion. just because you streamline and simplify a feature doesn't always make it an improved feature.
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