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  1. how about make dojos usefull, not just glorified dock and weapon shop. give us the option to start in the dojo, to hhave forges and to make it into a relay mixed with orbiter basically, so you can see other clan mates going into missions and walking arount in the dojo instead of us just bashing our heads in our orbiters. at least give this as an option, since i know that in time railjack will most likellyy have this option.
  2. Simple Story, Quick content, efficient Rewards. that was the Original Idea of Nightwave, a simple "season pass" model that could deliver quick and fast content with a bit of Lore here and there mayybe potentiallyy unifying and solving some Lore inconsistances in the process. Good to see it comming back to its original Idea. dont try to make something you cant deliver on, keep on small but good content delivivery, big updates are a mess. or develop a internal schedule of how things are supposed to work and follow that with no question, no excuses. Make a content rotation like PoE d
  3. Give us a option to Strip all decorations of a Room and to Complete all Resources donations to a room.
  4. Pets 2.0 was supposed to release back in March, any updates on this? why we dont have a juggernaut skin for pets yet? robot spider pets when? when the next orb releases would be really cool just saying. can we have a option to disable pets from dying but doing so they cant attack? so we get a pet and the damn "universal vaccum" without the need to use a undead Cat because how weak pets are...
  5. DE=Relax , no nerfs this time. Also DE = "Khora There is now a minimal Line of Sight check on Whipclaw’s radial damage. " ALSO: "We have decided to revisit the Steel Essence acquisition because at present time, people feel forced to play extremely long macro-based runs to optimize their runs. We would rather try something else. " I've never used macro to farm, all the essence i got was for my solo effort, why this is being used as a excuse? you should BAN people that use macro, or at least give them a 2-3 days ban. This is BS. while i can understand that now i
  6. so the Test Cluster and the Feedback was for what? nothing? is Tencent pushing you guys to release content? Blink Twice in a stream if Tencent is holding you guys hostage... because man... this update needs some work...Listen to Feedback DE.
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