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  1. just take your time, release next week, i'd rather have a nice update than one with tons of bugs and crashes, take your time on it, check for more bugs and so on then it'll be less hotfixes....
  2. i have a few "questions", more like topics if possible to discuss please. vauban, ember, wukong rework status/ideas? Arbitrations changes part 2 when? (this game mode will die again if you guys not listen the community, please.) melee part 2 status? review on some older frames small details like frost being slow as hell, and some other small tweaks that are needed, ivara being forced to be slow while wisp was invisibility as an passive... will the next nightwave boss be another bullet annoying bullet sponje? Invested Room on the orbiter? Those 4 "tubes" in the ground in the operator room that we cannot build near it? new war possible release? Rework and tweaks in focus? Melee for operators? the problem with zaws and kitguns overshadowing almost every other weapon (please dont nerf, but buff other stuff!) lack of challenge on all of the "elite modes" and nerfs that are "new player friendly" on that modes just because and how to fix this issue? as always, i love warframe but i think that it can be better and has a lot of potential that is not there yet.. and TY DE for this amazing game.
  3. The game is 6 years old and still nerfing the """"end-game modes""" because of new players... nice. C'mon DE. Give older players the RESPECT and MERIT they want!. Truth is warframe will be always a casual game and keep on cater to babies and players that dont want/care about any challenge.. and worst part is that those same casual players ask every day for nerfs on thins that they dont even use and "find OP" just because older players are having fun with it. that's the hard truth. No wonder why warframe keeps always bleeding older players out. this is just sad.
  4. I dont like the idea of the Drone drop being like index point therefore an insta-pick and in that case insta-debuff. It'll only kill the whole squad faster. so no TY. The problem with arbitrations is the time that take to earn a reward, just put the damn thing in the level 100's + and let it be like any other mission. that's what we want from the biginning! higher levels without the Boring waiting time to get there. people had ben asking this for years now. well no more random squads for me, back to solo or playing with people i know.... nice. Just hopping that the cosmetics are any good, because i cant care less of rivens, been sitting on 90/90 for almos 2 years now....
  5. same here, just farming and some of them just randomly despawn... its so annoying.
  6. another big drop on the massive lake of things that they done to older players.... i understand why they do this, but it does not make it less disappointing....
  7. there is 2 poits of view of this. New players will be happy about it because they dont need to farm more. In the other hand older players who are already pissed about riven changes, lack of high level modes and now the time and dedication for those that farmed the arcanes mean nothing. No wonder why warframe keeps bleeding players so badly... i really understand the changes and see the benefits of it and why it was done, but i'm also a 6 yo player and feel like i farmed all of that for nothing and my time was just wasted doing something useless now.....i'm happy but sad at the same time... time to leave warframe for another 6 months.
  8. YEESSS this is the best news in DLC History! 2 of the best games in the world together!! and the more important thing, THE AMAZING NECK QUEST!"!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!
  9. well, back to chroma or inaros....
  10. "Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time! " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but yet i see the point in doing it.... still 😕
  11. i'd like to suggest that about endurance runs, they are boring, I used to do 3hours+ with my friends and sometimes solo. the challenge always beggins in the 60+ mark so until that you are just bored killing everything with no effort My suggestion about this is this: Make those challenges a 30 min run with enemies starting at level 120+ (what arbitrations were supposed to be. an "elite mode" but its not.) this way you cut the boring part that is waiting until the enemy level gets higher and you let players in the mission for less time but with more challenge. more suggestions of missions for the "elite" add a defense (not the operative one please) until wave 30+ spy level 30+ with not a single alarm activated or enemy alerted. Eidolon without anyone becoming downed. a sortie with only melee equiped a sortie with a warframe with zero mods on. a boss mission 30+ with all 4 derelict keys on. a Sortie with all derelict keys on. there is much potential for really good and nice real challenges, and people need to learn that you only need 65% of all wolf missions to get at max rank, so losing some is not a problem. let those that want challenge have it. if everywhing is nerfed in benefit of new players or casuals, when they got nothing to do anymore they'll just leave, and the old players will be long gone also. i know that you guys try to appeal to every type of player, but that is just impossible, what's fun to me is not for other person and so on.. i'd like to suggest that some updates needs to be focused on keeping the older players on, with really challenging content and i know that nightwave has that potential. warframe keeps bleeding players because when you get to a certain point there is just no challenge and the new stuff is for those that are starting the game really. Warframe needs more challenge and i'd love to see more in the future.
  12. just make warframe.market and riven.market official and integrate them into the damn game... i think the owners of those sites will be happy enough in seeing their sites made official ingame....
  13. i have some questions. when we as old players are going to see some content that is for our best equipament? we invested lots of forma and time on weapons and frames but there is really nothing to do with all of that. (zaws and kitguns made almost everything else obsolete). kingpin system when? the sentients on the moon, the sentient carrier ships or something like that that was shown on stream almost 3 years ago now. Where are they? new kavat breeds? operator room and the helminth room changes and improvements? more things to do with focus? like an advanced focus tree for those that maxed out everything? new events and maybe some sentient invasions as a prelude to the new war maybe? ty for your time. and have a great week. ❤️
  14. lets hope they keep adding more rewards in the syndicate for us to buy in this mode, otherwise it'll be another sanctuary with no nothing new and wasted potential all over again....
  15. https://imgur.com/HPOUSb2 Red Text Cult at Strata Relay
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