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  1. When we'll see some new Zaw/kitguns parts? Can we ever get some orokin pieces for zaws/kitguns while exploring with our railjack? Its ben a while since we for anything New in zaws.... When is the next fortuna spider comming? Raids? Will there be a inaros tweak because of How grendel do the same thing as inaros but better? When we'll see an actuall system of archeivements that is rewarding to those players that invest time in that sort of stuff? Will we ever see something like an engaging archeivement system?
  2. Instead of Fireball when charged be just "more damage" it could be a constant Stream, Think fire spell in Skyrim, or a Ignis type Stream of flames...
  3. about those sliders of difficulty+more drop that you guys talked about in a devstream, i think Scot mentioned it, what happened to that idea? it'll be in the game or something?
  4. game is easy because there is a lack of REALLY good scaling and high end missions, yes there are ESO, Abritrations and such but with the equipment we got its more of a medium tier of difficulty.... content that is sustainable on its own...since DE has a record on not comming back to revise old content.. Dont like bullet jump? just dont use it.if that would make you feel better.. removing it wont fix the game's problems...
  5. lets be real, we're not seeying any new melee content until next year... every stream its the same vague "there is something" and that's it.... I just hope when this "meme" of melee 2.9999999 finally comes out its really good...
  6. something like that but better, like a major passive for all weapons that got a "faction" tag and so on, and on top of that one minor passive for each class of weapon. as an exemple: greneer get 10% chance to proc of explosion on all weapons, that would be the major passive, and then the minor passive would apply on all weapon classes. Those being like the Riven ones, Rifles/Shotguns/Secundaries and Melee (zaws and kitguns dont need it because they already got arcanes) better yet, faction specific arcanes! that would be even better... every weapon gets a arcane slot and the faction got specific arcanes that drop on high end missions...
  7. I was playing Borderlands the other day and reading about the weapons that will come in Borderlands 3. Then i saw something interesting that could be added in warframe and in some form already is on syndicates. All weapons on Borderlands has its manufacturer so each "type" of weapon has a unique mechanic that is unique to the 1- Class of weapon and 2- its manufacturer. Now the thing is, how can we make warframe's weapons great again? The answer is Passives for each Weapon Class and Faction! Looking at the Syndicates we already got something in those lines, the weapon passives for each syndicate is a nice thing to have,why stop there? Lets Expand on That! Each faction should Have a Specific Passive on their weapons, and those passives should be divided into Classes. Lets say that greneer have a 5% of regaining a small ammount of ammo on each reload (that cant be changed with mods or nothing, its just there) that passive will be on all greneer weapons. and in top of that each class got a small variation of X passive. Like Assaut rifles got the % of ammo recover at reload but do a 10 point area corrosive damage on reload, or a 5 seconds chance to proc X element after a headshot kill, something on those lines. Shotguns get the ammo recover and a small crit buff or icrease in status chance for 5 seconds. The Possibilities are ENDLESS!
  8. The "Echoes of umbra" as were shown on devstream have a great potential, thing is that from a lore and personal perspective i think that copying someones memories and implanting into another bodies is just disrespectful for umbra(Dax soldier) and remove his uniqueness. the way that it is right now looks like a WuClone nerfed that only last 24 hours while to use you are being forced into operator mode. i personally dont see myself going after this stuff the way that is presented right now, i could just use umbra instead or wukong and not even bother. Now my sugestion is: 1 - make into a thing that unlocks various fragments of the memories of other frames. (so that it can be made with lots of time one frame at a time with a rich lore) 2 - maybe you can use that orokin codex from the sacrifice like a "book of memories" just for a menu to access that. 3- it dont need to be voice acted or anything like that, just a rich text for each frame would be good enough for the people that like lore. 4- if possible, it needs to be a permanent investment on your favorite warframe, so the cost need to be high enough for you to play more the disruption AND other less played missions too. 5- maybe adding secondarie objectives for unlocking the frames memories fragments, lets say you're looking into Limbo's fragments, so you'll need to do X or Y mission to complete X objective in order to trigger the frame memorie or to recover a item that was valuable to that person prior to become a frame. (and then adding that item into our orbiter decoration? maybe?) well thats my idea in how to make this echoes thing better, but you do you DE... wish you all a great weekend ❤️
  9. please increase frost movement speed, he is a ice frame, he could melt his feet and move faster.
  10. so nice to see old content being reworked and updated, please do more of this on the older content, there is much potential there for new and amazing stuff 😄
  11. same, zenurik energy dash also broken. cant enter void mode my operator dont even get invisible anymore.
  12. This is the end of the Cult of the "12 Wukong" mains. Nice 😄
  13. where is the "merit based" eidolon ephemera?.... what a disappointment.... again.... and the rest of the rewards are just a joke (except kuva)....
  14. just take your time, release next week, i'd rather have a nice update than one with tons of bugs and crashes, take your time on it, check for more bugs and so on then it'll be less hotfixes....
  15. i have a few "questions", more like topics if possible to discuss please. vauban, ember, wukong rework status/ideas? Arbitrations changes part 2 when? (this game mode will die again if you guys not listen the community, please.) melee part 2 status? review on some older frames small details like frost being slow as hell, and some other small tweaks that are needed, ivara being forced to be slow while wisp was invisibility as an passive... will the next nightwave boss be another bullet annoying bullet sponje? Invested Room on the orbiter? Those 4 "tubes" in the ground in the operator room that we cannot build near it? new war possible release? Rework and tweaks in focus? Melee for operators? the problem with zaws and kitguns overshadowing almost every other weapon (please dont nerf, but buff other stuff!) lack of challenge on all of the "elite modes" and nerfs that are "new player friendly" on that modes just because and how to fix this issue? as always, i love warframe but i think that it can be better and has a lot of potential that is not there yet.. and TY DE for this amazing game.
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