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  1. here's a better idea, make forma 12 hours and let us use all the blueprints as long as we got the resource the next would be auto put to build. am I asking too much? on plague star event we can get 1 forma each 10 mins basically, and we are still forced to wait 24 hours for such an important item in the game. and since we're talking forma, why not add more places to get forma and get rid of it on relics? put as a common railjack or boss whatever drop.
  2. a Void Lord Warframe, infested/insect like in appearence with robes, think the insect people from Planetfall but with a less big of a head of course, could be even a spider, but it needs to be nasty and totally strange to fit the theme after all the void is an strange place where the ancient ones sleep.... his lore could be centered arround he being lost into the void so his operator made a deal with the man in the wall, contrary do harrow that used to fight the man in the wall, this frame would had gained some of his powers or got them modified by the void itself.
  3. yes!, we need a better and more hardcore version of Limbo 😄 VOID-Shadow Dark LIMBO!!
  4. Sorry if this sounds salty but. you guys are going to answer real questions from the community or just the ones cherrypicked easy ones again? like always and avoid the real problems with the game that the community is constantly giving you ideas on how to fix?
  5. Any chance for us to get this as a reward after killing (yes there is no other option for me!) the lotus? in a future.... war..... spoil?
  6. Dear DE. What happened to the whole idea of effort=reward that was talked about ephemeras and content going on into the future? why there is so many layers upon layers of plain RNG being added? what changed? being honest here, RNG is the lazyest content that you could give us, there is plenty of amazing ideas in the forums on how make challenge in the game, use it, please. from the darkest bottom of my dead heart, please change the directiou you are taking the game.
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