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  1. Banshee+redeemer and do charge attacks.
  2. Can i just ask if the people who designed this frame ever even *looked* at the damn game? Let's get some things out of the way first, his mach rush is not capable of useful CC, knocking enemies around and sending them flying is not helpful it's detrimental. His second ability is only helpful because it prevents knockdowns and staggers and otherwise it is detrimental to playing him, DETRIMENTAL, it doesn't tank due to it's genuinely insane battery drain and selective resistances, no all it does is drain your battery, because that thing doesn't go down fast enough in redline as is. His third ability, the only one that's marginally helpful in practice (and that's only with a max range build) provides some CC and battery charge, unless you accidentally use the fire version, which provides worse CC, still doesn't do any damage and drains your battery, and if you do the mistake of mixing the two you again wind up in the same bad CC spot as the first ability, a frame who's own synergies are detrimental. His redline, the biggest problem imo, Horrid charge, marginal buffs that you only get for around 20 seconds at max duration out of the 45 it's up, how helpful, and that's of course considering you constantly spam his abilities to keep it charged. Over all the only good thing from gauss is making him a worse frost with his third ability, a frost that can't defend, do damage or buff (via augment admittedly) If that isn't enough let's look at other "speed" frames that all *DO* something besides running fast. Volt, a frame that can guard objectives, nuke maps *AND* provide useful CC. Nezha a nigh unkillable frame capable of good CC, buffing, and insane damage with one of his augments, all the while being *FASTER* than gauss Titania amazing dps, decent CC, meh buffs, and capable of being faster than gauss and archwing (excluding blink) Saryn, The queen of sanctuary onslaught as some call her, an amazing aoe dps frame, that's decently resilient and again, has better CC than gauss. All in all what is the bloody point of playing gauss when all he does is slightly faster than a k-drive sprint? He doesn't do damage, He doesn't tank, He doesn't CC, He doesn't support, his abilities are *LITERALLY* counter productive to each other. Now that the complainy part is done, here's the point of this, i want this frame to be good, there are plenty of number tweaks that can be done to make it good, for example: Make his first ability constantly accelerate and deal damage based on speed. Make his second ability *charge* the battery instead of drain it. Increase the range on his third ability, make it do some amount of damage so it can at least serve as low level clear or decent CC Make his damn redline scale inversely based on duration, or remove the duration entirely and simply make it always drain battery and when you run under the "red line" it turns off. Some basic examples plenty more on this very thread. Fact of the matter is that gauss *NEEDS* to do something else besides speed otherwise he will be thrown in the bin by most players because he just isn't helpful, the most logical one would be damage and CC to give his abilities more impact, and make them feel good to use outside of their sound or looks.
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