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  1. I hate fortuna, personally. And now - operation there - is sadness for me. Why always world revolves around the last new location? Moreover - ONLY around the last new location.
  2. All Fortuna content is pointless as for me: v-e-e-r-y booooooring slow grind with no usefull content at all. I forced myself to farm garuda but can't force to get Baruuk - the first warframe I probably never get. As well as his weapons. I don't want to waste so much time just for mastery exp. Fortuna for me - the worst "new" content in my almost 2 years in this game. That's sad, all of this.
  3. Why not? Without big changes this "refresh" will be just useless waste of working hours (as it was with mirage and zephyr). We should insist and hope for something significant that can make this warframes effective and bring them as close as possible to meta.
  4. Because of your mindless rush with updates, DE, farming (especially primes) gradually became hell - connection loss, inability to join party, client crush, launcher crush, migrations. Not to mention I almost constantly met 1-2 bugs even in the first mission everyday. THANK YOU
  5. Ready! Steady! USELESS! But that was fun.
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