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  1. Maybe you won't but some others might, and remember that all missions in game can be done fast and easy without the buffs with the right setup, maybe not make a buff that adds strength to chroma, but imagine one that gives him range, he can become a team buffer and encourage people to play him in different missions, if this is done right, i can't see it being an issue, look at arbitrations, you can play them without the buffed frame, same with this
  2. Almost all the frames already are good, this will just be a way to add more build diversity for a week, warframes not being good was never the problem, i don't get your message
  3. Change the gun arcanes to be positive mods like stances and auras, modding guns is already a huge forma grind, adding the galvanized mods with their high drain will break this even more, the reason melees are better is also because they have more modding capacity, this would really help close the gapn also everyone hates farming and fusing arcanes. Also the condition overload cap is bad, just lower the value, some ennemies need the multipliers to be killed within a reasonnable time, not counting the fact that the kuva nukor becomes plain trash since its advantage was its ability to spread high amounts of differents status, and it discourages diversity in elements when building, all will become viral. overall i think the cap is the worst idea from the workshop, the rest is good and has a lot of potential with refinement
  4. I still have the same bug on pc at june 18 2021
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