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  1. Last I checked, Garuda's 1 also has a really weird LoS too. You have to have more than half of your body visible to the target in order for it to actually let you cast it. Probably because the LoS is measuring from the middle of the warframe. But it just makes for such awkward scenerios where you can clearly see your target, but nothing happens when you cast the ability. A little hill will block you from charging targets just because your feet are a tad covered
  2. Maybe if they gave the AOE a 0.2m Punchthrough it would fix a TON of the issues with small clutter getting in the way? But yeah... as it stands right now, the ability has to be cast so much more to ensure that enemies right in front of your face actually die.
  3. YES, please. And the glaive+gun combo has innate procs to it that are essential to letting the weaker glaives even have a chance at being useable.
  4. Will these changes fix the gun+glaive bug where throwing the glaive will only sometimes let you detonate it? It's completely random right now if the glaive will let you detonate it. In glaive+gun mode, there is a spinning ring with spikes that appears around the aiming reticle. And only when that appears will it let you detonate the glaive, otherwise, it will just throw the glaive and "detonating" the glaive will return to you without exploding.
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