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  1. I think the main problem is that they didn't release Any of the numbers. We have no clue how badly those abilities will be nerfed, we just know they're not going to be the same. Which means a lot of farming that people did may be useless, and it's kind of in bad faith to say to your players "Hey! Go spend days to farm all those tedious warframes again..... even though the work you put into may not even be worth it by the time the update is released." They also kinda said they weren't going to adjust abilities because of the system, then they did it anyway.... so yeah.
  2. It's good that you're making these changes beforehand. But we really will need the numbers for How these abilities are going to be changed/capped. Otherwise you're having players spend time prepping and farming for hours on something that might not even be worth it because we don't know enough about it. Mastery Rank (sidenote): Kinda sad to see that it was lowered so low.... MR 8 takes no time at all to get to. I was looking forward to something that really felt like it was a reward meant for the players who have put time into the game
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to give feedback or not... so here we go Xoris: I'm fine with not letting those abilities benefit from infinite combo duration. But is there any way a different mechanic could be made for the Xoris if it's used by any of those frames? Right now, the Xoris is going to be nearly unuseable by those frames. Because lots of them rely on those abilities for damage. And in cases like Khora, where their ability damage is reliant on the combo counter, then the Xoris will now instead take away their damage potential, and will be worse for them compared
  4. Lol you act as if I was defendind a mechanic was clearly OP, and saying that the nerf wasn't justified. I Know it was justified. And the fact that it would be getting a nerf isn't the point of contention. What IS contended, is that they're not only going to nerf it so it's on equal terms with any other melee. But they're going beyond that and making it detrimental. They're making it the ONLY melee that won't be useable for an entire category of warframes.
  5. Not missing the point? When you quote someone, don't even address what they Actually said, and entierly disreguard what they have to say. Then continue on to complain about other people who are complaining about something entierly different from the person you quoted 🙃 But sure, you didn't miss the point.
  6. Again, missing the point. The person even said as much that yes, it's overpowered. That doesn't mean they should make the weapon nearly unuseable by those frames. They could literally make it so it works like a regular melee for them, or use Any other mechanic to make sure they aren't benefiting from the Xoris' inifite combo mechanic. But as of now, their 'fix' is literally harmful to those frames if they want to use it.
  7. You seem to have missed the entire point of their response. They're not even talking about the forma put in. They're talking about how an entire group of warframes won't even be able to use the Xoris without their own abilities being significantly nerfed
  8. Why does it have to reset the combo count Completely? I like using the Xoris... just as a weapon. My favorite/most played warframe is also Khora. Yes, I like the interaction they had, but I don't see why you have to actively make the Xoris an Anti-Synergy for warframes that use the combo counter. The change to make it reset the combo will make it so it's completely undesirable to even use the weapon with any of those frames. And I just want to be able to use the Xoris like a regular Glaive, while still running with Khora. Just... is there a way to make it switch to a regula
  9. It's never been affected by it. And it seems like that's probably intended. Garuda on the other hand.... recently Blood Rush and Weeping wounds have stopped working for her. And that seems like an actual bug, unlike what is most likely the case with Baruuks waves
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