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  1. Archwing Blink: I really enjoy most of the archwing changes, and Im thrilled that other archwing can now use Blink. But... I think the distance that blink travels inside of the close quarters missions for Archwing makes is nearly unuseable. (Theres almost no place you can use blink without hitting a wall. And right now there have been many occasions of ending up outside the world border because of this...) Perhaps... the distance could be cut in half, but then the cooldown could also be cut in half? That way it is more controllable, but also lets us travel the same speed as Blink does right now.
  2. Skywing: if you attempt to use Blink before the cooldown is finished, it plays a forward thrusting animation that locks you from doing anything else while it plays. That includes locking you out of using blink till it is finished(making the cooldown more like 5s, when the 3s already feels like its too long...) The animation takes about 2s before you can do anything else. Please... please remove this. If we try to use blink before the cooldown, can we just get the flashing notification of the cooldown bar and not something that interrupts everything?
  3. Exilus Weapon Mods: So two things... 1. Can the Hawkeye +80% zoom pistol mod be added to the exilus mod pool? It's primary counterpart has already been added 2. Can +Range mods for Beam weapons be added to the exilus mod pool? (Ruinous Extension, Sinister Reach) +Range is purely a QoL mod and doesn't increase damage. It would be the Equivalent of the +Flight Speed mods which are already exilus mods. Since Flight Speed increases the falloff range of damage, and thus the +Range would let you attack from slightly further. Anyways... please consider it, thank you
  4. Even on slow weapons this happens constantly to me. I brought out my Split Darksword Greatsword, didnt even equip an attack speed mod. And it still happens. Sometimes it happens multiple times in a row, after pressing e once, and it'll just keep doing them. It's made playing with melee feel awful, especially since I can hardly get my combo over x4
  5. Last I checked.... it DOES change how fast a Projectile travels. (For evidence, look up literally any negative flight speed meme video on youtube. Since those wouldnt be possible if it didn't affect flight speed) For hitscan weapons, All it does it increase the falloff range. But on Projectile weapons(like the mentioned Acceltra), their projectile also does go faster. On weapons like the Fulmin, Catchmoon, Arca Plasmor. Their projectile travels farther because the blast itself is traveling Faster. So like the OP said above, Projectile Flight speed not applying to the Acceltra IS a bug, and should be patched. And it needs it lol the flight speed on that weapon is atrocious.
  6. Skywing: Can we get flying upside down added back? Right now while using the thrusters... the left and right movement buttons hardly do anything at all. So can we please have turning upside down with them being added back? Or a toggle for it... I Adored being able to fly upside down. It was thrilling to view the world through that lens. And very very relaxing to do during some Orb Vallis mining expeditions
  7. Hey so for Skywing. I noticed that if you are Sprinting in Skywing, then try to activate Blink while the cooldown is still active, you will then do some kind of animation that locks you into it and makes you wait until about 1s after the animation finishes till you can blink again.(the animation is about 1s, and the delay is 1s. So about 2s in total. Which.. on top of the 3s cooldown, makes it feel even worse) Can this either be changed so that you can Blink During this animation? Or please completely remove it. There is already a Cooldown of 3s, and if this activates, it makes you wait an additional 2s before you can use Blink and is very... very annoying. I would ask for the cooldown to also be reduced to like 1.5s... but thats just because it is a huge... huge difference in m/s from the old Blink to the new. Like... literally nearly 10x slower.
  8. Can we get an option to Toggle off Heavy attacks on hold "e" please? Ever since it was added, heavy attacks happen ALL the time even when not holding e. Now, it has been slightly better with this update and isn't happening as often. But it still happens way way too much... so please let us remove it as a keybind
  9. LOL okay sure. I've never once used a macro in this game, and I'm having Heavy Attacks happen nearly every 5 seconds when I try to use melee. And this isn't even because of attack speed. I've tried every weapon type in the game, and every attack speed(oh yes, great swords without any speed mods do it just as often). They happen regardless of what I use. I'm going to say it has something more to deal with connection to the servers than it does Macros. So I'd ask for an option to toggle it off if lag is really going to be this much of an issue with it.
  10. Wukongs Iron Staff isn't blocking 100% of damage. Is this intentional?
  11. The "Radial attack" is a new category they made for Weapons with Separate direct damage, and explosion damage. So the Radial damage is the damage of your Explosion. And your regular damage is the damage of your bullet/projectile. The weapon hasnt changed at all, they're just showing us the things that used to be "hidden" stats
  12. About Glaives: Bugs: Not sure if this was intended... but since the Old Blood dropped, the AI tracking of almost All Glaives seems to have been greatly improved. That is... All glaives except for the Cerata. Is there a reason for this? I really like the new tracking, with how it hits multiple enemies per throw, even if theyre out of the way a little. And I would adore for it to apply to the Cerata as well. Since right now, it hits One enemy and then flies off waaaay into the sky before returning to you. The "Heavy attack" Explosion: So... One part of Glaives I highly enjoyed, was being able to throw them, then use the recall function to quickly get my glaive back to set up my next throw... but with the Heavy attacks becoming the explosion, this function now completely uses up the combo counter just for wanting your Glaive to be used again. Solution? Have tapping "e" recall the glaive, and have tapping the Middle Mouse Button cause the explosion. This could work in both the Dual wield, and regular glaive melee modes. Also... why are the explosions so random? It seems like chance as to whether or not a Glaive will be able to explode, or if it will just recall(atm, in dual wield there is an indicator, where three prongs will swirl and expand around the retical, and if that happens then itll explode when recalled. But why does it do that only Sometimes, and othertimes it doesn't? Is it random? Is there some preset Im just missing? Is this just a bug, where it is supposed to Always explode upon recall??) Please consider these changes... I want to be able to have my fast paced Glaive weapon-play back. So about the unintended buff to Thrown Glaives with the combo multiplier still applying.... if Im being honest... the only Glaives that are worth throwing are the ones with High Slash values. This was semi true even before this Bug was reverted. And now it's even more true. There is a serious lack in damage of Thrown Glaives for the trade offs that a player is making with not having a melee weapon during the throw. And with the combo mult applying still, it really did finally make Glaives feel a Worth it. So I'd ask you to consider... please buff Thrown Glaives damage. Either by increasing their base damage, or by letting them scale off the Combo Mult again. Now... you can have them gain damage at 1/2 × the combo mult. So they still only get a x6 multiplier, or heck... even scaling at 1/3rd the combo mult would be good. But they do need the damage, they just dont have enough kick as-is since the melee changes. Now... the last thing.. is the kind of procs that Thrown Glaives give. Right now, the Glaives that can Proc slash are leagues better than the ones that can't, or have very very low chances of Procing it(especially against armored targets). So... Id ask that you please add more Forced Procs to Thrown Glaives, or at least more instances of letting it proc a status per hit. The unreliability of a Thrown Glaive is just... demoralizing, especially since their damage is so minimal right now. They're extremely outmatched with just spamming e, and Id love to see the Thrown Glaive actually be comparable to the melee combos.
  13. Is there any chance we could get an increased combo count per hit enemy on Skills like Whipclaw? Currently it still only goes up by 1 per enemy, and with the new combo counter, it makes for building the combo counter really SLOW. Before, we could get to a x2 damage multiplier after 15 hits. Which was easy enough. But now, we need 80 hits in order to get that same buff. In the same way, it was 45 hits for x2.5, and now its 120 for the same damage multiplier. It's much harder to build using abilites, and so it's become almost dependant on using your melee to Actually build the multiplier. So could we get like... anywhere between 2-5 combo per enemy hit? I think 2-3 per hit would be a decent change. (Especially since we are spending precious energy on an ability that uses the combo to have reliable damage) Assuming 3 combo per hit enemy, it would need 27 and 40 hits in order to get back up to their respective x2 and x2.5 damage multipliers. Which to me sounds decent enough and like a fairly good compromise between the two systems. Though 2 per hit is also a change Id be okay with. Just please... consider it.
  14. First off, Love the Gunblade changes(though Id like the free movement during heavy attack back, but thats minor), especially since Bloodrush finally works on them now. Secondly, the combo counter on the Redeemer Prime is only going up by 1 every time you attack. Making the combo go up SUPER slow. This seems to be a bug since the Sarpas combo counter goes up much much faster.
  15. Especially with the problems currently with high attack speed Spam E weapons. Where the current melee will have this nasty little attack breaker that stops your combo. Since it does checks before continuing into the next combo, if you havent hit e fast enough, itll make you start the combo over randomly, which is highly annoying.. but not stupidly game breaking. Id still want some kind of fix though, whether it be a tweak in the code for more time leniency, or for a hold e to attack kind of thing. But they seriously need to do something about the Heavy attacks on hold e. Atm Im getting heavy attacks firing extremely often, without even getting close to holding e. They need to make it a toggle, otherwise its a whole lot of wasted combo count without even intending to have used it
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