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  1. "Rework" might be a bit much, but as someone who mains and loves the veteran-frame, the guy certainly needs a "tune up". ... This is far from the first time I've seen this kind of thread pop up, too. Same cases, too: his passive is just meh and his 1 & 2 reflect a bygone age of Warframe. Would honestly love a passive that's just like a minature Gloom aura - something that chills nearby enemies within mid/melee range and makes them dramatically more susceptible to freezing solid via cold damage (or something along those lines, anyway). Updated visuals for his attacks, since his 4 would be incredible with a fresh coat of badass. And also just a Prime Variant tweak so his 2 doesn't look like it's covered in gilded kubrow turds. I dunno' - maybe add some sort of golden details to his Globe? Most importantly, though - a HUD element for the globe would be a godsend. The current readout only really works if you have just one globe down, and it's so wildly inaccurate I never end up reading it. Something that showcases each one's HP, invulnerability/DPS sponge window time, and maybe even showcases if any objective markers are inside one...
  2. I've still got hopes for it, honestly. I guess we'll see - they did say this quest is coming in a few drawn-out chapters, being dramatically larger than anything we've seen. The Infested are a hivemind, true, but there might be some "individuality" in there, like how a cell sort of carries out a purpose in it's larger host. Our "command" might just be the collective voice in our character's mind, telling them what to do. "Bring material here." or "We are wounded, bleeding, treat our wound!" - things like that. A possible friendly character might just be a single hand of the greater hivemind basically realizing that a symbiotic relationship (for now) is beneficial, using this single creature to speak and interact with us - perhaps then having a badass moment where a legion of monsters emerges, all shouting in the same voice, the same thoughts. "Do not weep for this vessel, like-flesh. They have cut a hair from us. Behold the might of what are our true teeth and claws. We are one, we do not die."
  3. While I dunno' about the characters, this could make for a unique sort of... "balanced Conclave" of sorts. One could have various types of generic trooper with that swanky custom UI and abilities - like Nullifiers Bubbles, or a Scorpion's Grapple. Not needing to worry about custom loadouts, this could allow for a more balanced fight. Perhaps it could pull an ARMA: instead of respawning, you just live as a new trooper. Stronger units become available as time goes on - Bursas and Noxes and the like. ... That SAID, this could eventually turn into something overly complex, and eventually draw resources from the main game. I don't know what the stance on any kind of PVP is right now - but if it ends up implemented or not, it is a fun idea to think about. ... Perhaps it could become its own game. Maybe something for the Ludoplex.
  4. I think it's a matter of perspective, really. We're pretty darn powerful - legions and armies and ship crews are basically bowled over en masse as we basically plow through literally everything to get to where we're going. Most defenses aren't really to stop us, they're to slow us down long enough for something to happen. Kill the prisoners - then maybe the Warframes will leave. Purge all data - it's not worth it, they will win otherwise. Send the clones into the meat grinder. Just turn off all life support. Strategies employed against us are desperate. But in a more "regular" situation (as in, not fighting what surmounts to an Unkillable Void Demon powered by Space Magic), like here, we get to see how formidable the troops we cut through like butter actually are. The Grineer are madly devoted and have pretty hefty ballistics. The Corpus have a near inexhaustible supply of robots. The Dax... well, they were always pretty badass, from what I've gained. The more evil factions clearly couldn't have seized so much power with an army of weaklings - we are just even stronger. That's what makes us so special... and feared. Can imagine things not starting off great when we meet our possible new friends. It's also important to consider: The Grineer, Corpus and system as we know it did not exist the last time the Sentients attacked. They are using sheer numbers and oppressive firepower as they play their cards: the ability to adapt to anything. They clearly have a strategy in play - they're capturing the Grineer in those energy pod things, and overriding the automatic systems governing the Corpus Proxies - but for now, they're still too foreign. And yet still, we see how effective their attacks are against each faction as well. Kahl basically was lucky to grab that Corinth Prime as that single Conculyst was impaling other troops, one by one. That Thumper, which normally are huge pains for us to hanle, basically is swatted right out of the sky. Alad's basically resorted to selling himself out to the Sentients in a desperate hope they might still remember him from the "merger" he got unwillingly trapped in - the only real strategy he has. It's an even battle. It's just that both sides are basically ravaging each other with equal force. Sentients are being shattered, but so are ships being torn apart, and armies massacred. The bad guys are strong. It's just that we're usually so much stronger. And this is why I'm so thrilled about this quest. We get to see how these guys aren't pushovers normally. We get to see how they fight, how they see things, who their commands are. We get to see the "bad guys" in their moment.
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