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  1. Hmm - that's actually interesting to note, and now that I think about it - quite true. The moons are always more populated with Orokin architecture than the worlds they orbit. Combined with this, too: Makes me wonder if there'll be a nod to sort of the "moment" (or whatever you'd call it) when the Sentients first showed up - the sort of terror when everyone realize that they were really mad and absurdly powerful. Charon being the site of the "first strike", where the initially mega-super-sentient(s) anihilated some Orokin city-world. It's also possible it might have to do w
  2. It's possible - I don't know the exact numbers, so it's quite possible there's some sort of mutual tidal pull both are extruding on each other that would make it hard to build anything there otherwise. As for the Lua idea - that's interesting. I wonder if they have plans to tie it in with something - it does sort of look like some sort of energy is flowing from it. Could be some Orokin-related/Void-related shenanigans going on!
  3. I know, right? Say what you will about game mechanics, but the visuals of this update are jaw-dropping. The Gas Giants are even "fuzzy", with their undefined edges of atmosphere. It's so good! Even spent the last 30 minutes exploring those auto-factories they have for MOA crews. There's all those little steps you can see unfold around you, like loading them into those ramsleds. And all those Fortuna working in the mines, almost humorously indifferent to the carnage as they dig away at the ice. "They don't pay me enough to care..."
  4. With the new Railjack content (which I have been thoroughly enjoying, kudos, D.E.), I've been noticing the old space visages are getting a much-needed visual tune-up. The once stoic, painted ping-pong balls that were the gas giants are now beautifully swirling balls of churning gasses - as things should. Venus's clouds and even it's Corpus reflector are visible on the yellow-orange horizon... it's really fantastic, especially since I'm a huge fan of planetscapes. The rockier planets are getting a makeover too - Pluto's been updated to resemble it's more recently discovered pale-pink and gre
  5. This is FANTASTIC news - I am utterly ecstatic regarding the unified systems and overall Railjack redesign. Mods will make things way easier to comprehend, and make my ability to engineer builds and plan things out a lot less of a headache, so I can focus on the equippable weapons systems. :D And the best part? We finally have a use for that fourth terminal. After all these years...!
  6. Ohhh, I like this idea. (Finally, a use for that final blank terminal in the orbiter's helm!) With... various mental conditions I have, keeping track of everything is a bit of a pain. I currently use a notepad on my phone, which works well enough - but having a little in-game notes system would be pretty cool, too. Maybe even tag certain blueprints to it so we can have an easily access checklist (via a hotkey when in-mission?) that reminds us what to pick up, maybe even including notes as to where to grab those particular bits and bobs.
  7. I understand - and begrudgingly respect - your perspective on this. I understand well that this is a dark topic, and thus could easily lead to information being manipulated or obscured. But I don't think I'd take D.E. as the kind of group to do that, considering thier scale. But you're correct in that it's entirely a grim possibility. I do my best to be optimistic - even stupidly so. (Though I am sure this post will indeed result in nothing. :p)
  8. I'd disagree there - while before I would have fully agreed, though. With this becoming a recently heavy and critical topic, some studios have indeed come forth to explain exactly how they avoid such situations and mental health crises. (The studio behind the roguelike Hades, for a good example). Suffice to say, I meant more "if you're taking steps to prevent it, I'd like to hear about it!" - as you're right, if there was a problem not being addressed, there'd obviously be nothing said. I stated it as "something" because I'm not entirely sure what D.E.'s structure is like, as stated above,
  9. I'm... not sure, actually. I don't think they have yet to say. But I'd assume we'll get a bit of news when the operation is nearly over when we'll see Lavos and his parts again - or where to find him afterwards.
  10. Because... people like them? (Reminder: most people go on these forums to complain. Views might be skewed!) Nothing wrong with you not liking them, either! I'm sure there's problems people have with them that are assuredly valid and solid. But so far, I'm (personally) having a blast with these stompy robots, and am eager to see where they go in the future! And others assuredly are, too.
  11. Hey, uh, this is a heavy topic. And heavy topics tend to explode into horrible fires on the forums! So, uh, be warned. I guess. And I know what I'm starting, yes. Recently - well, not recently, but recently enough, there's been a lot of talk about Crunch Culture in game studios. Let's not name names right now, but certain... big, hyped up, and very popular titles (including some that were sort of in Warframe's direct area of genre) were revealed to have suffered horribly, full on nightmare story stuff, from having their teams overworked, tired, and worn through to their breaking points an
  12. It does feel really satisfying in how "stompy" and "mechanical" they feel. It legit does feel like an entirely different body compared to our nimble Frames - these are clunky, old robots. The movement conveys some truly awesome power, especially when using the jets to dash or hover. It's also fun to handle getting around differently - I can no longer climb up walls or bullet jump huge distances with this rigid shell. I have to take the stairs or look for objects to jump up and climb onto. Whomever designed all that "force feedback" for the Mechs: amazing work! It's really good stuff that
  13. This is good, informative stuff, thanks everyone! Sometimes you might get lucky and squad up with a fella' who has this stuff down to a science. If they drop waypoints at seemingly random locations, it's best to follow them! That usually is them marking where the next pod is going to come crashing down.
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