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  1. yes, the last word is that Trump will permanently shut down Warframe if he keeps hearing about "some kind of catch or traps" in global chat.
  2. ah, postponed 2 months just like government support in my country.
  3. countdown to the stream https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20200522T14&p0=541&msg=Working+From+Home%3A+Devstreams+(May+22)&font=slab&csz=1 (assuming "ET" means quebec? Wish they would use UTC...)
  4. I would really appreciate if you would put the version number first, then the mainline code name. Way less confusing.
  5. Developers said they're going to rework Focus eventually, so it will basically be twice as easier to gain Affinity for them (like Intrinsics). Until them, I'm not farming Focus. Might happen this year, but it's more likely first half of next year.
  6. at least a riven transmutator so I don't have to sell my trash ones for endo...
  7. The very latest update needs a small fix for the config, small issue on Railjack with the Omni. I'll try to upload the config ASAP.
  8. Plains of Eidolon should have introduced 8-player coop. Yet here we are...
  9. try using a Release Press on that button, but I suspect it might be another issue.
  10. try resetting all your configs. If you play with Steam, you can workaround it. Tag me if you need help.
  11. If self-damage isn't coming back, please implement Animation Cancels like in fighting games. For example: * To cancel self-stagger animation: hold Block, then ◀ ▶ * To cancel self-knockdown animation, hold Block + Attack, then ◀ ▶ 🔼 These are just examples, but it would really help with gameplay. If any of you guys feel strongly like it's a good idea, please open a new topic elsewhere and tag me. Thanks
  12. Archmelee is stil really bad. Sometimes the fake blink starts a collision and the warframe gets launched super far away. Archwings still take way too much damage.
  13. Thanks a lot for this! It would really help to round up the missing creds from the first week, which was pretty rough.
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