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  1. AMD made great advances in lower end machines. Their 2X00G APU series (which is CPU + GPU combined) should be able to handle Warframe just right. They cost around 100-200 USD (depending on model and country), and with a motherboard and RAM should set you back around 400-450 USD, which is the same cost of a single Ngreedia GPU. Hopefully you can upgrade sometime soon, and AMD stuff should be more than enough for this 5+ year old game.
  2. I play ESO. It's heaps better than this game because the game is actually polished, they actually have a QA team AND the game doesn't hate you (like Warframe). Right now their newest Warframe content randomly drops you out, making you lose hours of progress due to their faulty netcode. Also, in ESO there is a very, very clear and very specific loot chase that's always well informed and they don't put RNG in top of RNG on top of RNG. You get a group, do the dungeon, get loot, get out. Repeat, easy. No other RNG than the loot drop which is perfectly fine. Here in Warframe to make a Smeeta Kavat you need to: 1. Farm an instance that needs to craft 1 specific items to enter and another item to scan an enemy, so that's 2 things you need to do before you start 2. First RNG: you have a very small chance for the specific enemy to appear. If it doesn't, you need to quit the instance and start again, making you lose a lot of time 3. Second RNG: if the enemy appears, you need to scan it, and you have a very, very small chance to get what you need. If it doesn't, you need to quit the instance and start again, making you lose EVEN MORE time. 4. Third RNG: after you spend countless hours farming this S#&$ item over and over again and making you rethink your life decisions, you finally have everything to craft the Smeeta Kavat. So you start crafting a kavat. So that should be it, right? WRONG. This f'ing game gives you a 50% chance to get what you actually want, so if you get the other f'ing cat, you have to do 1, 2, and 3 all over again, making you lose EVEN MORE TIME THAN BEFORE. And while these cases are rare, there are enough instances where they artificially timekeep stuff to make you spend Platinum. Ah, BTW, you can fully skip 1, 2, 3 if you pay. When Warframe works, it's a great game and I fully recommend playing the Story Quests just for the sake of it. But after that, when it doesn't work, it makes you wonder why they aren't spending ANY money on hiring a proper QA team and spend actual time to fix massive, immense bugs that make the game literally unplayable or just a complete waste of hours of my (or anyone's) life.
  3. everything it's cool until you find the rotten interior of the game. It's still a great game and very much worth your time for a while, but at specific times the item chase is so badly designed (RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG) and it becomes very obvious it's an artificial way to make you spend money, not different than what mobile game companies do. Then you have the very, very broken UI, the obvious spaghetti code, the abandoned "new" features, the lack of end-game... I maintain it's a great journey until you get there, anyways. But I wouldn't play this game permanently or recommend it.
  4. Added more issues, removed others, added workarounds and my own personal config with all the fixes I could do (though it comes with other changes too).
  5. The latest update just made some of the native actions Melee Mode Action Set nonfunctional for all configurations, making them obsolete. Melee attack action does nothing now. If you want to fix this right now, you need to revert to the new default configuration by [DE]Jim, and re-make your custom profile from scratch.
  6. Restart your PC, reset your bindings to default, if you play via Steam pick the default config too.
  7. I still haven't tested this but will do soon: A restart is probably needed due to the horrible way Warframe saves your config, in an encrypted file in your PC. If you guys have any reports, please post here. I'll keep updating this thread with all issues I can find, but I'm far from
  8. I'd take Anthem or Fallout any time of the day before Bugframe. The amount of issues and lack of dedication Bugframe has is unsurpassed by any other game right now. All they do is keep releasing content and content and content and they forget about everything else they did before, they also have zero idea on how to balance a game. If you want to jump on the EA/Bethesda hate sheepwagon feel free; but they're much, much more polished games that their biggest sin is lacking features that a 5+ year old game has.
  9. Welcome to Bugframe. There isn't a game with more spaghetti code than this.
  10. You have to do it on the Menu action set.
  11. You can map Legacy RB to solve this temporarily.
  12. Hi all, I've been using the SC and SIAPI since more than 2 years ago. I have made and released several configurations for dozens of games, so hopefully I'm writing a proper feedback thread. Over the years the SIAPI/BPM implementation of Warframe was a complete rollercoaster, with periods of being fully playable (Since UI update until Melee Phase I patch) and other periods where everything is broken (right now) and trying to play the game is a massive obstacle to overcome. I refuse play with KB glyphs since it's very confusing to me, so I need an actual usable controller implementation with controller glyphs. These are some of the issues that I've found that have a specific relation with the SIAPI system, in no specific order. All these issues have been tested with the Default Controller config and the Default Recommended Steam Controller config by [DE]Jim. Non-functional Melee: Basically, it doesn't work as intended. You press once, and then you can't press it again. Melee and everything related to it is 100% broken. There are multiple issues with this one bug and I don't see the point of writing them all since they might get fixed in one go and they're all related on how SIAPI works. Melee is partially fixed but all old configurations are now broken: Due to the Melee Mode Action Set changing native actions and some of them not working anymore, all old configurations are broken. Workaround: Import the default configuration and work from there. Sprint (via Outer Ring Binding) doesn't work anymore: Some patches ago (Q4 2018) the deadzone system was reworked and changed globally. This broke the automatic Outer Ring Binding system for Sprinting. Workaround: Reset the Outer Ring Binding zone to default. "Launcher" Action Set isn't needed anymore: Steam implemented a global config for all launchers. EDIT: It seems it's still needed. Melee Mode Action Set might not be needed anymore: I'm not completely sure about this, but I think the only way that should be used as designed, is when you only have a Melee weapon equipped. This means, no Primary and Secondary weapons, only Melee. But since I can't test this I'm not really sure, up to DE to decide, I thought I'd mention it. Placeholders when using Right Trackpad to move the camera in "Resource Gathering" mode: Just a visual issue, but makes things pretty confusing - https://i.imgur.com/0z6UAs1.png Can't Select any users on the Friends and Clan screens: The [A] button doesn't do anything. SIAPI issue. Workaround: Change it to the Legacy [A] Button. Emotes can't be selected: This has been broken since months ago. Workaround: Change it to the Legacy [RB] Button. LT can't be used on the multiple item selection menus: Very minor, but still bugged since months/years ago - https://i.imgur.com/Y8KxCfl.png Hide Password doesn't work on Login screen: Also minor, this toggle simply doesn't work because it's shown on the right. After focus is lost the user must manually left click with the mouse to re-focus: as in, window focus for the operative system, being Windows 10 on this case. If you guys have any other bugs (minor or not) please report them here so I can add them to this thread. --- I uploaded my personal configuration with all the possible fixes I could do. You can see it here (copy and paste it to your browser): steam://controllerconfig/230410/1685730913
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