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  1. bump so it doesn't get closed. I need to try empyrean still.
  2. absolutely everything and anything.
  3. Archwing thrust back on Steam Controller still is very wonky.
  4. hey @Kapcak, thank you SO much for the Shawzin gift! I didn't actually wanted to but spend like an hour trying the default songs. So first things first - all Shawzin commands are busted because they forgot to assign the SIAPI commands to them, so for the Shawzin to play any notes, you need to use Legacy bindings. I'll replace them in a future update to my config, probably in some days, to make the Shawzin functional with the Steam Controller. The Shawzin uses the Menu Action Layer bindings, BTW. They probably meant to add a new Action Layer but they never did. Added a new bug.
  5. would love to try it but it's not free.
  6. Sure! The workaround is simply try to tilt the stick veeeeery little if you want to move just a bit. Rebinding isn't a good idea since Sprinting is directly tied to, well, sprinting in Warframe form. In Archwing, that's now Afterburner, if you remove one, you remove the other. Thanks for the reply, it's incredibly appreciated!
  7. Archwing is currently really hard to control.
  8. Archwing became almost impossible to control (unless you go forward 100% of the time) due to the way Sprint is done, this happening on the default configuration.
  9. currently it's almost impossible to control the Archwing with a Steam Controller since pressing down Afterburners forward due to the automatic "sprint" on outer ring. Probably no one tested it on the team. Afterburner needs to be disabled if you hold down on the left analog stick. Someone knows where to give this feedback properly?
  10. Around 20 USD, been playing since launch, but stopped playing a couple years in the middle. Would have spent more but there isn't regional pricing for this game. Currently I'm only spending around 2 USD every six months (when they release a new Steam Pinnacle pack).
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