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  1. not bad at all! but this needs to be clearly visible with all the combinations on the Mod screen at hand.
  2. it wont be a good idea for this game, though.
  3. these are really great fixes. Meanwhile, take a look for future patches?:
  4. This is one of the worst patches I've ever seen. All DE is doing is encouraging unhealty habits and boosting their steam chart times.
  5. Thanks for the color UI upgrade. Those were very much needed and will make fashionframe a pleasure. Meanwhile:
  6. what? every single f2p mmo and similar has dedicated servers. If hundreds of indie game companies can afford it, plus other thousands of mobile games, DE can absolutely afford it. What's more, they should.
  7. I would VERY MUCH like both dedicated servers and not extremely buggy content (because DE has no QA) for a long time.
  8. Are you people legit saying that a ninja-like stylization doesn't belong in a game whose slogan is "Ninjas Play Free"? And I'd like to remember that we have Octavia in the game. Octavia. That's the exact moment where all art design just went "well, #*!% it" and they will just allow anything from that point onwards, because consistency is no longer a thing. I agree with OP. Someone needs to bring back the old, more serious style of Warframe, and try to rework or just remove Octavia and some outliers.
  9. Still Forma and Gild missions it's very bad news. We said several times we don't want those anymore, I don't want to level up my stuff AGAIN. Also, I need MORE Forma, not to waste it for temp credits. What we need is MORE missions to choose, not less. By giving us less choices, you're forcing us to deal with things we don't want to do, instead of giving us the choice of what to do. Just make a new system where we can choose from 1 out of 3 missions, and the other ones gets deleted. That way, the person that wants to Forma stuff, can do it, and we can do other things, like actually play the game, to earn our credit.
  10. So overall we've been having at least 1 small fix every month or so, in general it's good news! Melee 3.0 is coming this year so that's going to break several things. Hopefully the team can implement this correctly.
  11. Password showing on "hide" mode was fixed! This time from Steam side 🙂 Apparently the teams are talking to each other so it's very good news, after years of miscommunication. We need to start preparing for Melee 3.0 since that's going to break more stuff.
  12. When you exit what? Have you tried using the new default config and see if the issue persists?
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