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  1. Prefer the old color UI, now the classic, classic saturated, gamma so hard to tell apart, have to scroll over each one to find it. Perhaps implement a format which players can choose their preferred color UI
  2. Going to Orb Vallis while using Public keeps having issues, the host will automatically migrate despite them not migrating. Players trying to join will also face the same issue. Visiting an Orbiter will make the doors unable to open for the Visitor (This issue has been there for many months with no hotfixes resolving it)
  3. The self-damage has been removed from staticor... if u read update 24.2.4
  4. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Steve Please help to check out the bugs of the Orbiter. Whenever I visit the Orbiter of a friend or invite them over, the visiting person are unable to access the rooms, unless by doing a bullet jump above the door, which will cause a glitch allowing you to phase through the door, this even works for the Infested Room even if we do not use Nidus or a Warframe with a fully grown Cyst. Furthermore, after entering the rooms, the Operator Room was found to be the one with the worst glitches. Firstly the operator chair will be missing, and we can see the operator just floating in midair. Secondly, when the person switches to operator mode, sometimes the operator will be found moving around but still in the sitting position as if they were still in the Operator Chair. At first I thought this was an occasional, but after visiting a few orbiters of friends, this issue is seen on all, and occurs to them when they visit my orbiter. Please take note of this issue, as it has persisted since many updates ago, but no fixes have been implemented, so I wish to notify you of this matter. Thank you.
  5. The orbiters have been super buggy for a very long time, whenever i visit a friend or they visit me, the doors will not open, which can on be passed through by bullet jump at a specific spot on the door to "Phase through" it. When entering their operator rooms the chair cannot be seen either, instead all I see is the operator floating in the air. Please help to release a hotfix that will address this matter. Also there are issues with the fish tanks, the side tank seems to have 2 out of 10 spots where the fish is in the swimming animation, but they are never moving from the spot. Same goes for the main tank, which has 3 spots facing the same issues.
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