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  1. Oh, sorry, my fault(not a native speaker, have some flaws).
  2. Ldezzer

    Random enemies are invulnerable to gunfire

    Yeah, i have no idea what causes it, but this happens very often for me - some random enemies are just get invulnerable to bullets. atleast they're vulnerable to melee attacks and abilities
  3. Why we shouldn't? We pay the real money to convert it into in-game currency - why should we have no control over what we pay for with real money? All i want is DE to change the conversion rate to reasonable value to encourage people to purchase it, since why on the earth you will purchase 1k endo for 100 plat if you can purchase any ayatan statue from a player for 6 plat and turn it into 1,5k endo?
  4. As i said in previous comment, decent conversion rate is a platinum sink that permanently takes platinum out of trade, benefitting DE and reducing inflation of in-game currency. Heres example : to max a primed mod, i can purchase 40k endo in a one bundle for 200 plat instantly, or purchase 12 anasa sculptures for 148-182 plat, but i have to find players willing to trade 5 statues at once, or purchase them one by one, spending time trading, taking in minor trade tax in credits and using up my trade limit per day.
  5. Well, to get prime junk, you have to do fissures. You can get 5 prime junk to sell for 10 platinum at any time period from 10 to 25 minutes. Also, for DE platinum converted into credits/endo at a fair rate would be a good platinum sink, rather than reskin of nikana that worth 225 platinum
  6. The endo conversion rate is totally fair : you can purchase ayatan anasa for 12-16 plat and turn it into 3,5k endo instantly, so lowing the price for 4k endo below 20 plat will collapse the market. The best time i usually can manage to do 1 high risk round is 10 minutes on average, and only with perfect premade group on a perfect smaller map i can manage to do 1 round in 5 minutes. You invest 50 k credits in beginning and return 250k in the end - you get profit of 200k credits per run. 10 plat to save time doing 5 index runs seems a fair tradeoff for me
  7. why 1 million credits? because thats how much you earn for 5 rounds of high risk index without a booster. 10 plat for 100k is a bit too high price since i earn this much credits in any one index round without a booster and you earn 4k endo in 8-12 rathuum runs if you're efficient enough
  8. So, i decided to have look at the plat to endo/credits conversion rate, and this is ridiculous These conversion rates are unrealistic - i can purchase ayatan anasa statue filled with stars for 15 plat and turn it into 3450 endo immediately. i would like to change these conversion rates to somewhat realistic values - 10 plat for 1 million credits and 20 plat for 4k endo. These conversion rates are fairly good and actually stimulate people to spend plat on them, since i would happily purchase endo/credits myself for this price to max my primed mods
  9. I've done arguing with you all - if you think that meta is the only solution for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, then its your own opinion. I was forced to do that for lato and braton vandals, but i do not want to continue it anymore - this mode just isn't worth the effort with all flaws that encourage cheesing.
  10. Yeah, but what effort it costed - we barely manage to get it, efficiency was ticking down at extreme rate, and we had only 5% left at the last seconds, instakilling everything possible to not lose the reward at the last seconds. That wasn't fun to race against the clock running around seeking enemies
  11. Yeah, i really had high hopes for sanctuary onslaught, but its elite mode is nearly impossible to do without specific meta frames/weapons. I guess i'll rather do regular counterpart to not totally burn out
  12. i am NOT against the meta - im against meta being the ONLY way to get rewards from this gamemod I am totally ok with volt, saryn and their AoE nukes, i did elite sanctuary onslaught in a premade DPS volt EV trin Buff rhino and Equinox squad, and i wanted to play in pub with mirage prime atleast once to mix things up, and i've got punished for not using a frame that can instakill stuff through the wall across the whole map in a seconds. Meta makes people burn out, especially in game with no linear progression like warframe : i want to improve in every single way, and always play with different frames/weapons maxing their potential. Why should i punished?
  13. This - we were constantly nuking everyone zone to zone, then last 2 zones were way too large : enemy were scattered around, and we had no ability to kill them faster. The whole difficulty of elite sanctuary onslaught is bound to not enough enemies being spawned. We actually were successfull and killing enemies constantly, and only the last 2 zones screwed up everything with laughable spawns scattered around giant maps
  14. Mirage HAS DPS nuke ability - prism. It was mass-murdering enemies while i was running around killing clusters with Lenz. I've been sitting for hundreds of hours at Bere - if you think ESO needs no change, then sure you can justify Bere, since its also needs "specific composition" outside which you can't do anything
  15. Tell me, why i should stick to the meta in a gamemode that was supposed to be here for fun? This is not Bere - i want it to be difficult, but not so much that i can only complete it with cheesing