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  1. Will these new themes have customisable colours? i might need to change some of them :blob: Edit : Also, will there be syndicate-themed themes?
  2. Ldezzer

    Mirage Prime Access Begins December 12!

    Personally, i dislike Mirage prime's design, but to be sure about it i need to look at it in-game. Also, out of all the variety available, akbolto prime? i personally ok with kogake prime, but why akbolto? not afuris, akzani, akmagnus or even aklato prime? There are many dual secondary weapons that'll suit mirage better, c'mon.
  3. Ldezzer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #102 Sound Showcase!

    Could you please add more Octavia instruments? how about adding orokin instruments with piano/organ sounds? Also, it would be nice to add some planet boss's voice lines when you're doing missions at their planets (hearing lotus for 100th time makes me want to turn off the voices entirely)
  4. Ldezzer

    Rising Tide Contest is Live!

    Fish prime :