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  1. Is the damage value of 4 too low?
  2. ENparadox

    GARUDA again

    That's a good idea, I hope her 4 could be instant ,and cancel the focus ring , Initial field of view angle is 95 degrees
  3. yep, I am worried that I can't express it clearly.
  4. The link should be ok, I don't know if I express it clearly, I just hope that her 4 can cause a lot of damage, even if the range of wisp 4 is very small.
  5. ^_^ .....This is not the point, ignore it.
  6. please let wisp 4 could make more damage than mase 4,it's fair,because mase 4 could kill evething inside the focus ring up to 50 meters away, wisp can not do that thing,wisp 4 just like hold a lazer gun.
  7. So, these discussions are meaningless, aren’t they? The sun is still there,nobody sees this feedback.
  8. No change, just like nothing happened.
  9. Those who fall into the fog will become confused and weak, and then die in the flash and illusion.
  10. what about reduce the maximum HP and damage of enemy units gradually ? after a 10,000HP enemy unit stays in the fog for 10 seconds, the maximum HP becomes only 3000 , and the damage will be lower correspondingly . this can improve the team's survivability.
  11. That idea is great, I like your opinion about the wisp, maybe the wisp and teammates can be invisible(not general invisibility, this needs to be discussed) when they inside the fog .
  12. we thought it will be a ghost ,not a gardener,and DE give us a sun laser maker
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