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  1. Thanks! Also would love to have fix for heavy loading on crew member panel for players with many converted liches. It can't crush on loading anymore but it still takes 1 minute at least to load.
  2. Special thanks for that one! UPD: Loading is still as long as it was though, but without crashes, isn't much helpful yet. I'd love to get rid of some converted liches if there was a way except trade(some of them aren't good enough to sell)
  3. Thank you. Can you also fix the freeze\pause which occuring when changing crewmember? For someone it lasta 1-2 seconds, for my pc it's about a minute. There freezes appeared after 29.10.5, before that crew menu worked perfectly
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Crewmates idle pose changes itself+sometimes accompanied by absence of biography VISUAL: original pose Pose after change+absence of biography(biography later reappered, pose remains changed REPRODUCTION: Bug happened today with 3 other crewmates either when I opened their contract page or put them in crew. EXPECTED RESULT: Pose shouldn't change, biography shouldn't dissapear OBSERVED RESULT: Pose changes to random pose. REPRODUCTION RATE: 50%
  5. Sad, I hoped that Octavia's 4 not having disco effect like in trailer was also a bug 😭 Ty for fix anyway
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