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  1. then say you think its unfair not that it affects *your gameplay* these are two entirely different statements. Someone else you dont know having 10,000 Steel Essence wont affect your game in the slightest.
  2. Yeah but whatver they do doesnt affect the game experience of the guy that made this thread does it?
  3. did you continuously kill enemies, its NOT only the time that makes them spawn but also kills
  4. mh? breach surge (helminth) version has 16seconds base duration just like the original from wisp, what are you talking about
  5. not everyone weapon in the whole game is supposed to kill Steel Path the supposedly ,,high end level'' enemies. Live with it
  6. may just use ,,/unstuck'' and get back and dont operator near that wall again?
  7. then why complain if others farm in sabotage, you can still go survival if you enjoy it.
  8. if ur chroma needs 2 minutes you use the wrong weapon combinations/mods . A Cedo without any external buffs can rip a Sister in 1 minute so i can imagine you are probably using a akjagara prime modded for viral heat to kill a sister
  9. You have to constantly kill enemies so if you nuked the entire exterminate enemy population in 2 minutes and dont kill for 3 minutes it WONT appear
  10. Maybe try CC him instead of trying to face tank every enemy in the game with Inaros and no brain?
  11. Remove Invigoration please, they are bad for the game. RNG should not dictate the capability of warframes across all content.
  12. Game returns you 250k credits(500k with booster) for each round. It subtracts the starting fee(you loose the 50k credits regardless of the outcome) which means the gain of Index can be described by the following formula (assuming booster) (X*500k)-50k (X being the number of successful rounds).
  13. I played around 20 100 waves or more arbi defs, this is a problem on your end,not the game. I know countless people who do arbi Defense that have no similar problems.
  14. He isnt worse people are just not able to use him or make up ,,big'' bugs out of thin air
  15. Heavily wondering which genius people thought it is a good idea to publish that strat
  16. Warframes are in 99% of the cases not the problem, people that use them (or their builds) are. A Loki wont DPS in ESO, that doesnt make him bad. Wrong Expectations are causing a lot of misconceptions, damage is not everything.
  17. Son has been busy developing new bio-technologies for Helminth. Visit SON in the Necralisk on DEIMOS to obtain the New Segment required to upgrade your Helminth to perform a new operation: Invigorations! Our main objective with this system expansion is really simple: give players a way to engage with Warframes they may not have used in a while! Here’s how it will work: Every week, your Helminth will have an Affinity toward 3 Random Warframes. You can interact with Helminth with these Warframes to gain select Weekly Buffs (one Offensive and one Utility/Defense)! For example: Zephyr: 200% Power Strength and Immune To Status Atlas: 200% Primary Critical Chance and +1000 Armor Excalibur: 250% Melee Damage and 75% power Efficiency These will be drawn randomly per player. Tenno can check their Helminth during the Weekly reset to see what Invigorations are available for the week. Once you infuse the Invigoration, it lasts the week before the power of the Helminth wears off. To give players some control over what will be very powerful buffs, the Helminth takes note of your interactions - for every 10 Invigorations you do, you’ll be able to Select what Warframe receives the next buff! As of now, the Segment will cost 30,000 Entrati Standing and will be available once you hit the rank of Family. Get your Family tokens ready, Tenno! PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD dont touch frames like this, RNG Power buffs are quite tedious especially if they are applied in *every* environment.
  18. U need to stay below the loot cap otherwise it doesnt work, its not about time its about how much loot is on the ground.
  19. Maybe try playing smart , dodge, hide , leave distance , etc. instead of blindly relying on invisibility
  20. U are jealous of people getting a lot of steel Essence after they played for hours, that is ridiculous. The Efficiency of such runs can be mathematically described: 4 drops per 5m for 2 hours means 24 drops (2 SE eaach) multiplied by 2 (booster) and by 4 (double cat buff) ends up at 384 Steel Essence in 2 hours meaning u got 3.2 Steel Essence per minute. NOTE that this is an absolutely optimal run that you get like once in 10 runs and usually the gain is much lower (NOT EVEN calculating in mistakes that can and often happen during 2 hours of active and focused gameplay). So lets compare this. There are Steel Path Alerts which give you 3 Steel Essence guaranteed for a mission , but also a acolyth can spawn after 5 minutes which means you get 7 Steel Essence (assuming booster to make the comparison fair) for 5 minutes GUARANTEED. You can also choose to do a SP capture/sabotage/rescue/assasination in 1 minute and get 3 Steel Essence per day with literally 10-15 minutes Time u get around 20 Steel Essence per day on average this for one week is 140 Steel Essence for 105 Minutes worth of time investment , now you might say this is way lower ? But again I presented the perfect run as example there are times the Acolyth drags you into the Steel Essence by mistake and u get like 80 Steel Essence, or it disappears due to the loot cap completely and u get absolutely nothing. This Farm is also no exploit at all, its simply waiting and risking to get a chance of a higher drop ? Nobody gets hurt if this stays, people who chose to do this can enjoy it and people who dont have a lot of time can do alerts to gain similar gains by investing little time per day ( 1 minute capture-> 3 Steel Essence). Also DE didnt ,,build'' this around these players , these players simply looked for a smart and awarding strat to farm Steel Essence in longer runs again there is no problem with that. Please understand this is no exploit or abuse at all.
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