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  1. My dojo was a winner in 2018. For ps4 is it possible to participate to win prizes again? I have new additional decorations
  2. Clan Name: K I L L S T A R T Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PS4  Clan role: jademsladecogley Warlord/Architect  The clan has new features as: -Name updated -Every hall is updated with fully new decorations -The complete trip throughout the dojo is about 2 hours, but had to edit the whole thing in 3 minutes  Everything came from my imagination, not a single sculpture is copied.  ENJOY!
  3. Lol, it is funny because he copied 4 of my sculptures and when I asked him why he did it, he said that it was because he liked them. So, I guess you wrong lmao
  4. Espada copy my dojo . Please is problem . Hola espada copio de mi dojo ellos lo saben tengo capturas de conversation Titanus19 es el arquitecto el sabe q a copiado de mi dojo . Los lideres lo saben.
  5. Clan espada Titanus19 is a architect copy my esculture .
  6. A do not copy for anyone i have dojo captures that are decoratet by other clan . my dojo es NEWerakillerKING
  7. I decorate that dojo i was asket to decorate it i am architect . Aquarius-Future is a leader . I decorate it
  8. Clan Name: NEWerakilleraKING - Clan Tier Storm clan - Clan Platform: PS4 - Clan Role Founding Warlord - Clan Level: 10 Here is a video instead of images going thru the dojo, my inspiration comes from many things but, most on the characters, bosses, animals, beasts from the game itself, colors were taken from combinations of many characters and designs I used to play. Youtube link to the video and warframe dedicated channel: PD to the judges from DigitalXtreme: the Espada's Clan dojo has 4 sculptures inspired on mine, if needed I can prove it thru screenshots and texts in which they admitted using inspiration from mine. Just in case mine were obviated because of them submitting them first. **I do not intend to harm or defame their work and presentation of the dojo nor their submittion being desqualified, just an aclaration.**
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