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  1. The one that generally behaves like a Bursa or the one from Hades, Pluto? I'm pretty sure OP is referring to the former.
  2. You can force a spawn either by doing a bounty (something I notice with the drone escort) or alert a group of Grineer and have them deploy their Tusk Seeker Drone. They have 3 charges before they self destruct and leaving a couple of Grineer alive to deploy another will help if you need more.
  3. Remember when I said that ambiguity can be manipulated? 1 excavator completed is definitely not enough, 2 maybe, 3...definitely? This question pops up - what's DE criteria that puts the the one being reported as legitimate leech? Honestly, we don't know; we have to let it cook and record it as it happens until we can confidently say "yeah, it's leeching". And even then we don't know if it went through or not. Our definition of side objection doesn't align. To me, side objectives are something that happens in the back, getting a portion of what you could've have gotten if that was your main. Since part of the issue is from xp distribution then it would be better to change that instead of just opening the flood gates. Keep that S&^% out. Honestly, the amount derailing that just ends up happening on uncalled things like this, unlike the one below, has become so prevalent. If you feel like you're done with me just say "Let's agree to disagree".
  4. I can understand pickup shares with open worlds and railjack due to size, but the default star chart missions are condense even for survival, excavation, and so on. The problem with removing the affinity range is that you basically let the leech, for most missions compare to now, afk at the spawn. With what's current they at least have to stay within range. Why go into a mission that will naturally have others splitting up when your main objective is leveling? You get this "whatever your goal is there's a possibility it's better to go to this location instead". I have a suspicion that either DE purposely did this to spread us to different nodes or the mission-concept was designed first without the constraint of considering affinity range. The host migration was their as an example of the ambiguity when making a report with what you have. Looking back at at some of evidence I collected for reports some look like it didn't have enough even though from playing the mission the experience told me enough.
  5. In regards to the affinity range, good chances are what you consider to be an inconvenience isn't to others. The problem with reporting things like this is that support (of any game) has to assume that there's an inconvenience the one being reported was dealing with. That ambiguity can be manipulated; what fits in this category: Players not being able to get kills of their own because someone(s) is mass killing that leaves no opportunity for them. Host migration that causes other players to lose rewards because they know how to do it. The picture below gives off that the disconnection was intentional. If they didn't say anything and I still make a report it won't be as strong. (Don't know if this has been address) In the open worlds, the player that goes off doing their own thing besides the active bounty. They get both bounty reward and their own business, while the player that did the bounty only gets the bounty reward. It's better to stop it in the game via mechanics then to waiver it off to support in which they have to consider it wasn't leech out of harm.
  6. Better if I redirect them to something that the forums already talked about then to go through it again.
  7. I don't think they even want it to be played normally.
  8. Looking at the mods available only 2 actually looks viable to use in combat: Juice and Trail Blazer; the others are too tricks and movement oriented.
  9. You must install the riven mod onto your weapon and bring that weapon with you to the mission, you don't have to kill with that weapon.
  10. By finishing the Starchart they'll get a transmission-invitation from Teshin to get into SP. SP unlocks at the same time as Arbitration. Players can find out about Arbitration when they wonder around the relays talking to the NPCs specifically the Arbitration Honors, who will give them a list of nodes they have to unlock.
  11. You have to contact support for this and make changes to your password and email. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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