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  1. NekroArts

    Cross save

    Read through these thoroughly as they are directly from DE themselves.
  2. NekroArts

    How to Un-Squishy any Framev

    Vazarin: Protective Dash, enjoy!
  3. NekroArts

    24 Hour MR timer!@!?

    Just want to give what I have that gives me my ideal lighting. Most of the light settings under "Graphics Quality" are turned off except for three: high dynamic range, adaptive exposure, and dynamic lighting.
  4. NekroArts

    24 Hour MR timer!@!?

    Adjust your display settings, there are some visual setting which cause too much brightness such as bloom and adaptive exposure.
  5. NekroArts

    DE...Stop and listen.

    It doesn't have to make sense to you, it has to make sense to them. It's their company that is at risk of a loss, not us. For as good as I view DE to be, in reality they're aren't as well off as I would like them to be. At this specific time in this video (15:44) pretty much depicts how it doesn't matter if something doesn't make sense to you, but it's a reality that DE have to face.
  6. NekroArts

    DE...Stop and listen.

    We are already inform on how the certification process works, the benefits of doing it this way, and a general idea on how they're doing financially. There are stats/information from legitimate sources that helps paint a general picture of DE's current position. When you asked "why not just make Warframe crossplay, Fortnite does it" did you ever consider possible justification that they don't? And not because you're just looking for an answer but you seek to understand where they're coming from.
  7. NekroArts

    DE...Stop and listen.

    Are you telling that you don't even stop to evaluate how important it can be? The thing about a game's business model is that it is never as simple as you expect or want it to be, failing to analyze these elements that have influence will result in misunderstanding and "suggesting" unreasonable changes, especially when we don't have all the information. Whatever their current position is financially, they know they're not in position to make such change.
  8. NekroArts

    DE...Stop and listen.

    That depends, how much resource is at our/their disposal to make it happen?
  9. NekroArts

    DE...Stop and listen.

    Now I really have to ask: how much research did you actually do for this topic?
  10. Was the location of the Liberation objective at Er-Phryah's Vigil (far west of the Cetus gate, near the ocean)? If so, that particular spot has a weird spawning to it where enemies can spawn in the cave; to be precise, drop pods have them spawn inside the cave rather than the ground above it and they don't even come out to the surface. Other than that I haven't experience any problems of spawning in other locations.
  11. NekroArts

    Anyone else not get their daily login reward today?

    30 more minutes before reset.
  12. NekroArts

    Riven changes costed me 2k plat

    You'll love this. Activision and Destiny
  13. NekroArts

    I can't Buy anything in my clan's Lab

    This could be your problem.
  14. I don't mean to be condescending, but unfortunately what I'm about to say sounds like it: did you really put effort into figuring out some of your problems you stated? When you browse through their wares they have price values with a little symbol next to them that represent "syndicates". When you go to Konzu and checked the bounties, not only does he show you what rewards you can get but also the amount of standing you get from completing them. This is an example of exploring the world around you. Don't just look at the wares but also the other options they present, revisit them back later after getting "resource" associated with them. The fish vendor has a "fishing service" option and selecting it opens more options of what you can do. It keeps mentioning fish so come back with fish and try out those services. Do what others did when PoE first came out, explore the plains and try to memorize as much you can; while you're exploring you'll eventually come across some of these resources. The only time I experienced "didn't tell me how to find" resources were the fishes, specifically the ones with unique baits to them because there was no in-game information on where to throw them when PoE first launched. Did you not pay attention to any of dialogue in that quest? It literally provides context to them. And what do you mean you didn't know what Cetus is? Assuming you didn't skip the cutscene when first landing in Cetus, the cutscene literally has a fade-in title of telling you what the place is called. That's how some of our quest ends up, but it's not a problem because they have a beginning and end. Saya's Vigil is it's own story, it is not like Natah, Second Dream, War Within, and Chains of Harrow where they are parts of the main story. "He put something on my arm and said bye" . Again, did you not pay attention to the dialogue? That's how all our missions are like, if not possibly; the only time where you can potentially expect to play solo is in quests. This one I give a pass because there's no in-game information that tells you that if you finish some of of the objectives but didn't finish the entire bounty itself, quitting prematurely, the next time you do that same bounty you won't be rewarded on the number objectives that you did in you last attempt, but you'll resume getting rewards from where you left off. Confused? That's understandable, here's an example: you're doing bounty number #4 and have finished 2 out of 4 objectives and got your rewards, you leave early. You take that same #4 bounty and did the first 2 objective, you are not given rewards for those objectives because the game keeps record of your previous attempt. You will get rewards from objective 3 and 4 since you didn't complete them in that last attempt. You have to complete the entire bounty before you can get rewards from doing objectives 1 and 2 of that same-new bounty. I turned off/set to the lowest to most of my graphic settings except for volumetric lighting, high dynamic range, ambient occulsion, and dynamic lighting. If these don't get you good frames rates or turning it all off, then that's a sign of needing upgrade.