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  1. Happens when i try to enter the test and it ports me back where it the pressure plate is as if I fell off the map. I don't have a recording of it but it's basically like this from a much older post: Here's his video.
  2. Huh, never notice the name changed to 'extra standing'. Regarding your OP, it's possible for a bug to exist but the only way to definitively prove that would be to accurately calculate: Syndicate standings rewarded from the mission itself Syndicate standing from affinity gained Add both of them up and make sure it equals to the end-of-mission stats. Other factors to consider is if: you/teammate killed less than usual an "affinity booster" was applied/expired and you didn't notice it
  3. I'm kinda lost because of this "extra standing" thing. Just so we are on the same page, I'll make quick run down about getting Syndicate standings: Daily Standing is earned via Affinity conversion from Syndicate Sigils Extra standings that bypass the daily standing cap are from Syndicate Medallions and Syndicate missions Regarding the last part (especially the mission), I have no idea what you mean by I know no such thing as "maxing out extra standings". So am I missing something or we calling one concept two different names?
  4. Yes and no; perfect example of this is Tyl Regor: design is fabulous voice is sexy place in Warframe lore, it's ok farming for Equinox - you're either lucky or not; and when you're not, you just want to get the parts that's eluding you and never come back to him again If the mechanic you tied to them upsets the player, but it has no future to be changed, player will just forget about them out of spite once they're done with them.
  5. Make the fight just as hard as PoE and you got yourself a deal.
  6. The mechanics of gaining affinity remains the same, only the amount increases; just think Affinity Spike as a Double Affinity Booster. Use Warframe abilities if they can kill faster than if you used melee, same thing vice versa.
  7. DE actually has record of spending/purchasing/and trading anything that involves plat. Ask them on support and they can give you the specifics.
  8. You forgot to mention that this is happening in workshop.
  9. It's not, it's just you not being good enough with parkour and using your surroundings effectively.
  10. Report them immediately if you still remember who it was; and if you can, get a screen shot of that message as concrete proof. Do this for any future scams.
  11. Sunday, May 19th at 20:00 ET (8pm).
  12. The problem about this is that you will have players that not only thinks in one dimension, but also only focus on that one dimension. I'm not saying that Warframe is fine without guiding their new players a little, but being focus on that one thing and not considering maybe you should come back to it later is part of the issue of why new players will get lost. At best there are three immediate things that they need to concern themselves about: understanding mods and modding, getting through the Star Chart (not including the open worlds), and using the Foundry. If they decide to touch on any other things beside those three, they need develop a habit of "accepting to revisit that content later" otherwise they will hit a pseudo-wall. I will blame DE on making Saya's Vigil being available to new players as it does not line up with the progression of the game both story- and "getting stronger"-wise, they need to make this available after the Second Dream where the Sentients gets a proper introduction.
  13. Take on the more challenging Wolf for increased Drop Rateson his goodies, or keep it leisurely with the lower level Wolf.
  14. Going solo on Void Fissure missions does not give Warframe/weapon buff after collecting 10 reactants. Edit 1: Happening in Axi when no relic is used. Edit 2: Happening in all fissures when no relic is used.
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