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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Another way to look at it is that they set themselves up to be constantly quitting and wasting more time than if they just went to recruit.
  2. Any mission that takes place inside the derelict towers tileset (except defense) can spawn an Orokin Vault.
  3. A recent home devstream (not sure the latest one or the one before) they mention reducing the murmur requirements and adding a “wild card” requiem mod.
  4. I'm unable to interact with the spy vault-console. This happens when I picked up a new bounty while in Orb Vallis and it sends me to the same spy vault as the one in my previous bounty. It seems like the previous spy vault is not resetting causing future same-location, spy vault to become un-interactable.
  5. With a cap (maybe different for each), this may help.
  6. Relative to when it was release, it was another early quest that started to get into our lore/story. Wouldn't call it hype, more like shock/cliffhanger.
  7. I can see it, try relauncing the game or come out of a mission.
  8. The closest thing would be to trade your converted Lich away; it cannot be traded back.
  9. If you go into Cephalon Simaris's room in the relay and turn right when you enter his door there's a hallway with MR tests you can practice on. Here are some tips: You know how the test starts with the Lotus telling you about the it and the camera kind of moves on its own, skip it like how you would skip the entering-a-mission cutscene. Doing so will reduce the distance the enemies would've walked if you have let the cutscene played out, this will put the first few enemies in front of you in a more favorable position to take them out. Mod your weapon for attack speed. Do
  10. I'm not sure even adding a glow would be enough since they can, not only spawn some distance away, but also on high surfaces.
  11. TL;DR repliers' edition - DE gave a heads-up about NW ending way ahead of time, it's now up to the player(s) to keep up.
  12. This is when I'm trying to progress through defeating my Lich; the crash can happen from when they attempt to spawn in my mission or during the fight. Prior to when the crash happens there's a moment where the game freezes and it either crashes or resume, the former mostly happens.
  13. Either I'm looking at the wrong sources or there was a miscommunication somewhere.
  14. When you mod your Parazon and have a/some attempts on you Lich, your Parazon-modding UI should look like this. You don't have to check your attempts from the Codex, just go straight to modding your Parazon.
  15. We speculated many things before with lacking-information and past experiences, mostly for the worst rather than grounded. There's a thread speculating where Lavos would be before this thread. We're always speculating when we don't know what happens after and sometimes act upon before knowing an answer, but this one has just enough that players should've weighted their value better. What was it, the first week of Scarlet Spear? The scoring system was so buggy/flawed that there were just as many players avoiding it until fix as those that continue to play it as it. No one predicted
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