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  1. Honestly, DE needs to make some kind of activation quest for this boss. With what you experience, this will prevent anyone who's new from accidentally walking into something that they shouldn't have access so early on. Sorry about your loot.
  2. Are you sure you’re seeing Equinox's appearances right? It was intentional that DE gave day (prime) default-dark colors and night (prime) default-light colors. Another thing to pay attention is the presence of the cloth that dangles on the forearms.
  3. Notice those antennas sticking out on the right, use the wire to get there and jump on it. Near the bottom of those yellow cylinders are also antennas, use them to get to the long yellow cylinder and wall jump up.
  4. All as in those that are deployed from the gear wheel. I don't know if there's a scaling thing to those spawned from Warframes abilities like Equinox's Duality and Wukong's Celestial Twin.
  5. The specters don't scale naturally when left a lone; when spawning specters, their levels scales equal to the enemies level at that moment, plus ten. If I spawned a specter at the very beginning of Mot they'll stay at level 40. If I want a higher level specter I have to last longer in the survival mission, spawn the specter again with higher-leveled enemies, and the new specter's level will become higher. Looking carefully at the video at around 1:00, you'll see that the Wisp Specter has a level of 384. At 1:02, the player goes into Operator form and redeploys the Wisp Specter; keep watching to 1:23 then slow down the video to 0.25 playback speed, somewhere at 1:25 you'll see that the new Wisp Specter has a level of 418.
  6. Absolutely no. Due to the nature of how specters health and armor scales with their level; and their level are set to enemies level, plus ten levels, at moment of spawn; they can become a massive tank decoy for the players. This also holds true with the weapons damage, the higher the specters level the more damage it can do. Add in an Ancient Specter healer and you get this:
  7. Video 1. Pay attention to damage he's dealing - it's 50 million; that's was a damage cap. Video 2. When they removed the cap and amped up the damage you can get, players could reach billions of damage and this happens. Video 3. This final end-game boss has such ludicrous amounts of hp that it took this group 30 minutes to beat with nearly the same billions of damage as that of the player in the previous video. Fine, it's the final end-game boss, it's suppose to be hard and is meant for the hardcore players. But then you realize that this becomes our answer to deliver hard content for the powerful players - massive hp and bullS#&$ mechanics; not just in the fights but restrictions outside of it. Players only have 1 entry per day, should you succeed in beating the boss you could not run it again for a month. According to this reddit post, someone mentioned that entry was once a week. According to this patch note http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/40437#blackmage, it started for GMS (Global Maplestory) on December 11, 2018. On the wiki https://maplestory.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Mage/Monster, under Trivia the first GMS clear was dated on August 18, 2019 - 8 months for a party to defeat this boss. Under the same reddit post Basically, we would get too powerful that DE would need to implement even more mechanics (invulnerability phases, increased hp, etc.) on future end-game content. But it won't remain as end-game because it'll be more common for parties to run the content by increasing players power. Then they'll have to implement another content higher than the previous and our numbers will become ludicrous like what you see in the videos invalidating old end-game bosses. Sure implement a mechanic where players get to choose the difficulty so that those old bosses become relevant again with better rewards on high difficulty while new players can kinda of experience it. However, with how long the grind can be for new players and most of the exciting things happening on higher difficulty. DE may be pushed to allow them to gain resources in a much faster rate, further invaliding the low content to the point where there's no reason for it to exist. Heck they might as well start new players off with a bunch of resources right off the bat. Look at Destiny 2, players initially have to work their way up to level 20 then to light level 300, now it starts new players at 750 light level. Maplestory continues to start players at level 1, but the speed at which to reach level 180 is about an hour (maybe less, idk i quit that game almost 4 years ago). The point is, with how long it takes to grind to end-game content it may end up discourage new/middle players to continue playing. We have a thread about that floating around - Direction of the grinding. Cut the grind short or make the grind faster for them, doesn't matter they'll eventually hit the end-game and then end-game can't be viewed as end-game because of how easy it was to access it. DE then needs to make content higher than what is already there, but the grind for the power can't be too far ahead otherwise the grind gap shows up again. DE, again, needs to get those behind to catch up and the cycles repeats itself.
  8. Run the lowest bounty on the Plains, they usually have at least one stage that revolves around staying in one area and those kinds will have plenty of dropships showing up.
  9. They can attempt to appeal, but no guarantees. Here's a link on DE's stand on trading platinum. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200092259-Trading-FAQ-Safe-Trading-Tips Usually a one-time large platinum trade isn't enough to warrant a ban/suspicion as just giving platinum is not uncommon, it only gets suspicious when it happens too many times with the same players.
  10. It really isn't discriminating. Getting the discount is entirely luck base, but that's the nature of luck - you'll get people who aren't fortunate. Good thing is that there's hardly anything in the in-game store that makes players feel they "have to purchase platinum with a discount because what they need is too expensive". Most of the things in the in-game store are cosmetic and/or obtainable from playing the game. If there's a law/policy, with where you live, that deems that as a violation/illegal then maybe. It's not uncommon that certain areas have strict rules on video games before they can be distributed within that area such as loot boxes, extreme violence, and offensive symbols (Nazi Swastika) just to name a few. If there isn't and is only viewed as "black market" from the players, but not an actual rule from the government/company, the action is okay. From my experience both in-game and reading the forums/reddit this form of use with the discount is fine as long as: it's not happening outside of the game the parties in question are two separate people
  11. No, it's pure random. It's a marketing technique that not only encourage players who wouldn't normally buy platinum to do so, but also to encourage them to buy platinum without the discount. The discount works in two parts: Give them an "ease of access" to using premium currency and further enrich their gameplay. If they don't like the game even after using the discount, they won't feel cheated out of their money as much if they paid full price. If they do end up liking the game after using the discount, it'll get the players to buy the platinum at full price because they "want to fully support the developers". As long as trading is happening with two different people, there's nothing wrong with "brothers in the clan trade with each other". If DE finds concrete evidence that the trading is really one person on two accounts (both owned by that one person) then that person gets in trouble. Assuming there's no other information you left out and I'm interpreting this right, that's perfectly fine.
  12. Ah, so the same mechanics of additional bounties that aren't tied to a npc but just appears whenever. Plains I remember having spontaneous bounties showing up, but I don't remember that for Vallis.
  13. Let me see if I got this correct: Create a "station point" where your orbiter will be place, Railjack will follow you like a pet on a leash. You can go into your Railjack and explore the area you're stationed in. This where I get confused What do you mean "plains of the orb"? Are you referring to Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis? You're gonna have to be more clear on "happen upon something". What triggers the bounty? And are the bounty like what we get from our current open worlds?
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