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  1. And don't even think about gifting. Multiple accounts owned by one individual cannot interact with each other in any way.
  2. NekroArts

    How do I tell if I am banned?

    Unless they have a "account banned" label when logging into the official Warframe page Account Management, you'll have to contact support to get your answer.
  3. NekroArts

    No anniversary Weapons in 2019? At the bottom, there's a paragraph that mentions about new and old Dex items with dates (March 27 - April 13).
  4. NekroArts

    Devstream 123 GIF

    I thought it was just an inspiration from this
  5. NekroArts

    Take spy out of sorties or.....

    You forgot the third option: just skip it and let it be.
  6. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Because the meaning of AFK in Warframe is more than just away from keyboard.
  7. First try with randoms: Nova (me), Mesa, Ivara, Saryn. Bonus: I was using Vazarin; the invincibility and insta-revives really helped.
  8. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Alright, now I'm lost. What I can summarize from reading the OP is that: DE doesn't know what needs to be done for the Excalibur Umbra method to work. Same goes to players that don't know it, thus accusing Umbra player being useless. OP explains how the method works and the ones that use Umbra this way is not being useless. He also explains it's efficient, but a red flag pops up (for the reader) when this is stated: Regardless of this, OP states that it's efficient and players should not be penalized for this. That they should fixed the record so that "false reports" aren't being sent. In the first paragraph, there's an image of the discussion that is based on the reports of being "useless" while also addressing the afk part of using this method. So what are we talking about? There are players that are unaware of how the mechanic works, so DE should make it so that when the AI kills it is shown in the records, This only works when the operator remains in one spot thus leading this method to afking, Or, it's not fair for the player to be warned about afk farming since it didn't happen in the past? Seriously, where are we? Properly responding to you, (PS4)drprunk-yo: No, they weren't warned and, no, players didn't moan at the lack of effort about it. Yet DE, decide that it shouldn't continue that way and made changes to it that makes it less effective than what is was before.
  9. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    My argument is little to no work from the player should not earned them results in them having a high performance. Rhino casts the buff, but is he the one that's actually getting massive amounts of kills thus completing the index? No, it's the Excalibur Umbra. Who's using the Umbra? This other player. Now, what is this other player doing that results in him getting such high performance with that Warframe? He's in transference afking while Excalibur Umbra's passive (A.I.) is doing all the work.
  10. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    This is the amount that you accomplish relative to how much work you put into it. A Rhino that just buff (and does nothing else) will have a lower performance, compared to one that buffs and kills (or tries to kill). With Excalibur Umbra in the Index, where you afk with the operator, you have little interaction with the game and the AI does all the work for you.
  11. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Don't tie efficiency with AFK; no matter what, DE never likes it when players are using methods that leads to AFK farming. If you're doing anything too much (edit: amount of work relative to what's accomplished) with little to no actual key input, you're afking. Many times in the past DE has given us tools for us to use and many times have players found ways to be "efficient", some to the point of afk - this is one of them. DE likes the idea for us to use AI Excalibur Umbra while in Operator form to have both fight the enemies, but never was it intended that the AI would do all of the work while the actual player is not putting the real work themselves.
  12. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

  13. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Any that can viewed as a screen shot, the only one I know is Imgur.
  14. NekroArts

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    No one can't get to what you want to show if the link is directly from someone's C drive, you got to post it online
  15. NekroArts

    Is it Worth using Excalibur Umbra?

    To get or invest in (forma and reactor)?