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  1. Adaro, Sedna - Exterminate, though you need a perma invis build. Rush toward extraction without killing anything and make sure the extraction is this otherwise the enemies won't rush to it. An early hint that you have this is when enemies starts running towards extraction when you didn't find it, but if there's breakable obstacle (fan), elevator, or friendship door it will prevent them from running until it's cleared.
  2. It's only happening with the vault involving an orb that you can move while wall-hanging across on side-ways platforms. Picture isn't mine, just to show which vault.
  3. Unless there were death threats being thrown around, the Carrier-Vacuum takes the cake.
  4. That's only about 35-40% true, a lot of the power you're currently after also exist on Venus and Mercury. Progression in this game isn't exactly linear, there will be times where you have to go back to previous missions to farm because trying to get them in later levels isn't worth it when you're struggling.
  5. But they follow similar rules with each that puts them under the same umbrella - 5 tiers of ranks, same cap on each rank, rewards and items locked behind each rank, sacrificial offerings to rank up. The important thing about them for new players is that they should not set them as a priority, majority of progress comes from the Star Chart. You said they're new, it's not ideal for them to focus on getting to those heist as those rewards are barely going to get them stronger. If they ever reach the Profit Taker Heist with the way they're play the game they're going to get trashed in that bo
  6. And they're still syndicates, in the profile screen under "Syndicates" tab they're listed there.
  7. Worrying about syndicate standing is the least of their concerns, majority of their progress and activity is outside of it. For them to just leave because they hit cap really tells me that they didn't know what the game had in store for them.
  8. You can, the timing just needs to be right.
  9. Something like how rivens are named? Looking at the arcanes, especially Warframe types, there's too many to give a name without it being long.
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