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  1. Don't pin it on DE just because you can't mark anything on your bingo card today.
  2. In the "Reliance on UI and Sound" section, is there suppose to be two "How much would not having waypoints affect the game?"
  3. Before the Kuva Lich update, 2 were powerful but fell off due to either nerf or time (Tonkor and Brakk), 4 only exist after the update (Bramma, Chakkhurr, Twin Stubba, and Shildeg), and 2 have been doing well before the update (Kohm and Hek). The rest sat as mediocre. Grineer weapons were in the same spot as what you describe for the current Corpus weapons. Kuva weapons, with a base version, have increase stats and few have additional/improved mechanics. The Corpus Lich weapons are definitely going to experience the same thing.
  4. Be aware when the prime comes out it's disposition will be at 0.5; those stats will decrease when you view it on Volnus Prime.
  5. Sortie Lephantis. Unless you can deal the same damage as if no speed, you’re only extending your time in the mission. If you don’t want to be a stupid Nova, set your duration at 73-75% and only cast it on top of a head as soon as it starts opening.
  6. If you think that's weird, the first part of Oberon's Smite is unaffected but the projectiles that are made after are affected.
  7. I'm getting mix results in the simulacrum. Ash's Shuriken, Excalibur's Radial Javelin, Atlas Landslide, and Frost's Freeze are affected by the key. Mag's Pull, Atlas's Tectonics, Frost's Avalanche and Equinox's Maim are not affected.
  8. The first two are already kind of in there, albeit they're one response since they naturally go hand in hand. From the survey, OP allowed people to answer the number requirement ranging from 1 to 16+. From the Google Sheet, 13 people answered with 1 and the Raw sheet, under the comment column, 13 people mention the ability to solo. There is a bit of mix responses regarding solo. Like someone will comment on it being soloable, yet their number isn't 1. Counting an individual if they have at least one response to being soloable there's 8 people that commented on it being soloable (numbers w
  9. I'm sure the participants of this view would put the options at the lowest if not submit a blank one with the comment being "no raids". Now that I typed that out, OP should include in the results of those as the opposing group.
  10. He's good on missions like like capture, exterminate, sabotage (heat) - basically anything that's always on the move. Anything stationary for Grineer/Corpus is manageable if Loki has a constant source of energy for Radial Disarm. Infested maybe a little harder since Ancient Disruptors reduce the effects of Irradiating Disarm. Decoy, in general use, hardly has a chance to do anything due to it's low survivability. Safeguard Switch (or Banish) is piratically mandatory if you want to get more use out of it besides switching spots. Loki is more "move faster" than Ivara if you know the
  11. That's what happens when you outgrow content. Sortie as a whole is more towards low and middle players, those high-end rewards are just there to get you to play. In general I'm not against alternative avenues for direct-rewards, but I'm against low effort = high-value reward.
  12. I don't know what you're looking at, but I'm not seeing any Junction requirements to kill Ropalolyst.
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