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  1. Oh, seeing the years after reading the OP I thought you meant relative to his usefulness.
  2. Since 2013? I agree Vauban needs rework, but since 2013? He remained relevant for 2-3 years before his use started to decline to very specific situations and now ending up here.
  3. NekroArts

    DE should let us switch focus schools on the fly

    I would agree on the condition that upon switching all buffs/debuffs originating from previous school are removed/disabled (excluding Way-Bound Passives). Vazarin's Mending Soul will not recharge/refresh when switching. (example: you used 2 of your 8 charges, now only having 6 > you swap to Madurai and used it for a while > you swap back to Vazarin, you still have 6 charges remaining)
  4. NekroArts

    Achievments for end game players

    Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! I'm done!
  5. NekroArts

    Hardest Riven I have ever done. possible bugs

    Wanted to add more details into this. Go to Adaro, Sedna. As you rush to the extraction you may or may not get enemies rushing towards it; this only happens if the extraction in question is this:
  6. NekroArts

    LGBT players being silenced?

    You have to look at this objectively, your suspension was for objective reasons not subjective. LGBT is still a hot controversial topic its better to be safe being just an unknown than being something known and can cause big fires; and it's not because DE themselves dislike LGBT, it's because DE knows that the Warframe Community (the players) is not 100% pure. That's why the current chat system has "gay" and other related words blacklisted. They are blacklisted under the assumption for use for the wrong reasons which in turn could causes fires. I mean look at this thread, no one here is LGBT hater/suppressor, we're hear talking about why there's was no reason to petition LGBT-oriented clan and why your suspension happened yet the fire is just as big. If you still plan on the LGBT inclusion clan, then just pm the person who wants to join that the "Clan chat will/may have LGBT related topics under healthy-casual reasons, I did not mention this is recruit because of how the chat system currently works. Is this okay with you?"
  7. NekroArts

    LGBT players being silenced?

    That's your problem right there. Creating a group that only allows LGBT is the same as jobs that only hire LGBT. It causes segregation on the personal level that shouldn't be in the first place.
  8. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making something difficult and when making something difficult, especially for competitive reasons, there will be failures. What I'm concerned about is that this "difficulty" might result in many mission-fails which in turn results in many retries just to get Rivens. It's not the plat reward that makes me perceive it as gambling, it's the need to pay an entry fee with plat. You pay the entry fee > complete the mission > (this is where the gambling starts) you get one of the three Rivens > you unveiled it. If you didn't get the Riven for the weapon type you were after (using your example: you got the dagger Riven instead of the Bow Riven that you were after) you have to run the mission again. If you get the Riven type you wanted then you'll need to hope to RNGesus that he'll give you the Riven for that specific weapon, if not most likely you run it again. No doubt it'll promote plat purchases, but because Rivens are a lootbox on its own - that is power - it looks like predatory gambling. Yes. Anytime players use premium currency to "roll" for rewards you're automatically in gambling territory. It's either going to be like Overwatch's (where's it's purely cosmetic), Star Wars: Battlefront II (there's power-up inside that you "need"), or Warframe (Relic and Mod Packs are there but almost everyone knows it's not worth paying for it).
  9. NekroArts

    Buff request: Arcane Barrier from 4% to 40%!!!

    I'm not saying no because it's too much and OP, I'm saying no because making something do better to "solve" a universal problem is not the right way to do it. While at its core it'll help with the shields-issue, the problem about it is that you have to farm for it. In no way shape or form should we ever have to farm for the "solution" that "fixes" a universal problem, which should be available to us from the beginning.
  10. NekroArts

    The Grind Of focus (slight spoilers)

    It's intended. When this was first introduced DE wanted this to be a long-term goal. They later made it "easier" with Sanctuary Onslaught.
  11. NekroArts

    Why do we have build timers

    Prevent you from completing many things in short amount time which could cause burnout/content drought for the player. While you wait for that to finishing building, DE wants you to do other things whether its exploring other content or gathering resource for the next thing. Excalibur Umbra is tied to a cinematic quest that is part of the main story-line unlike vanilla Excalibur. Adding a long build time breaks the flow of the quest leaving players at a "cliffhanger", which could decay and be left at bad spot compared to when players first started the quest.
  12. Platinum should never be a reward for in-game daily/weekly content, especially if the source is coming out of players, due to how often the payout happens. Riven are huge in the market so having them as a reward, but only after you pay a platinum-entry fee and forced extraction, would literally make it look like DE is "selling" power. It's not bad to get players to participate in competitive content, but giving the wrong reason to do so will cause unforeseen issues. Without a doubt there will be few (relative to player count) that will actually chase the top 3 spots, but the rest that accepts they can't reach that spot will be just farming for Rivens. With how Riven works as a whole plus this implementation, how does this not look like hard-concrete gambling? Back to "selling" power. Assuming it takes multiple attempts to complete, players will get 3 Riven mods for the price of x plat. Few or many entries, they're both heading towards the same conclusion: spending too much time with premium currency to get power. The amount of Rivens in the game will be overwhelming which will lead to players complaining even more for more Riven slots, yet we're told they can't increase it so easily due to server space. Even if DE agrees to increase server space, players will madly farm Rivens. Doesn't matter if entry payment is low, the amount of entries happening just for Rivens will make it look like "selling" power. When Kubrows were introduce there was a mechanic where you can reroll the fur pattern/colors and someone pulled it about 200 times! For a cosmetic! With how "great" Riven mods are, how does this look like an innocent entry fee with harmless reward and not something like a massive slot machine? It's not that Riven as a reward is a bad thing, it's that they become the bait to constantly pay that entry fee.
  13. NekroArts

    So why people say that vauban is bad?

    His 1st and 2nd ability I agree on that needs total change, but his 3rd and 4th I say keep but add unique mechanics to them. It's hard for me to say if Strangle Dome (SD) is better than Bastille due to both being useful with noticeable flaws to both of them. With Strangle Dome it literally pulls enemies into it and ragdolls them. while Bastille you must wait for them to enter However, SD swings the enemies around making it annoying to land shots at them, while Bastille holds them in place SD certainly has damage, but in terms of letting your teammates kill - not so much, again the swinging. Vortex draws enemies to the center allowing teammates to focus fire into one spot, but it's damage is nonexistent SD can only be cast once covering a large area, while Bastille can be cast, not only multiple times, but almost anywhere he pleases by throwing; same with Vortex SD, however, cost less energy for the size of the area it covers while Vauban does cost more for using both 3 and 4 to get the same result as SD While Khora can certainly hold her own better than Vauban, in terms of helping their teammates - it depends on the situation. If you're in an Interception mission where everyone is separated (remembering that Jupiter Riven Alert Interception mission) providing CC for your teammates while still staying at your point is very handy. But if you're in a defense mission where you know enemies will come towards that one and only objective, Khora is better to use as SD both damages and CC them effectively. And because most of the time your squad mates will stay close SD is more cost-efficient.
  14. NekroArts

    Slight Change To Mesa’s Peacemaker.

    What's wrong with your primary and secondary guns?
  15. NekroArts

    Mesa's Waltz Buff ideas

    Make it cost energy (10-15, maybe higher) per bullet jump then I'll say okay for this change. Since Mesa can already roll with the augment equip, giving her the ability to also bullet jump would literally make her another version of World on Fire Ember.
  16. NekroArts

    Allow us to use Archguns in ESO.

    Go to Salacia, Neptune. Its a mobile defense archwing mission where the tileset is small and condense, resulting in enemies spawning closer than that of grineer’s open-space Erpo, Earth. And the spawns are fast.
  17. NekroArts

    Relic system rework

    Do better, a simple 'apply it here with the same effect' isn't going to cut it. Remove the unnecessary junk otherwise that change in percentage means nothing. Present me with possible percentage changes that both convinces me that it's fair to those farming it yet isn't too easy that players get it too fast. Here's a reference: Source
  18. NekroArts

    Relic system rework

    *Reads this and suddenly remembers a video, searches it on YouTube and rewatch it, laughs manically with a hint of despair as PTSD rolls in." Suffer with me. (Read the description box, it's worth it.)
  19. NekroArts

    I have no idea how to damage the Profit-Taker

    It's on purpose, DE want's us to figure it out with the subtle hints they decide to give.
  20. NekroArts

    A Warframe Guide Book

    Here you go:
  21. NekroArts

    Gap in arsenal...

    Something you get after you complete the Second Dream quest. Check below if you don't care about spoilers.
  22. NekroArts

    Cross save

    Read through these thoroughly as they are directly from DE themselves.
  23. NekroArts

    How to Un-Squishy any Framev

    Vazarin: Protective Dash, enjoy!