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  1. Temporary fix is to go into a relay then leave; you will have to do it every time.
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to do the Steel Path (Tier 6) Solaris United Bounty. Sorry didn't read whole thing. Can you put a screen shot of your Steel Path Venus map?
  3. But if you don't spend it now, you end up loosing out on future standing between now and the update. Assuming you hit cap at the next reset and decide to not spend it, then you would lose a total of 630,000 standing.
  4. https://twitter.com/PabloPoon/status/1289703597597495297 Let me guess, not enough?
  5. Oh look it's the gloomer of Warframe that only hears the bad stuff. Steve: "This is not to be taken lightly and is not for beginners." Reb: "This not a beginner system." Not as bad if you're building multiple at the same time. No, you don't. You can literally have just one open Warframe slot, take one out of the foundry, and leave the rest in there until you "donate" it or able to "donate". At the right of the UI when sitting in the Helminth chair there's a button called "Remove Infusion".
  6. Armor and shields mitigate our damage, so the other player is bypassing most of it (if not all of it) in some way thus allowing them to kill more with less damage.
  7. There's a player that I befriended that sells stuff at a much lower price than what you'd expect, excluding prime junk.
  8. It applies to anything in the game should it reach the point where no matter all the tips you get you still can't complete the task.
  9. Can I get rough detail with health regeneration when scaling?
  10. Do you see these stats at the mod station, when cycling riven stats, when you're modding the weapon, or all? Weapons with different variants (prime, wraith, vandal, etc) have different dispositions afaik. The stats you see at the mod station is for the first version of that weapon; when viewing it in Riven Cycling and weapon modding, the stats change according to the other weapons' dispositions.
  11. Doing a heavy ground slam and looking at the spot where you slam for a few second in an enclosed space can result in the area to become dark; it's even worse in gloomy tilesets. It can be prevented by looking away from the target-spot, but if it triggers any heavy ground slams before the light returns to normal will result in the area to become dark again.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's intended to not be there since you're in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  13. It no longer has that same hyper awareness. (Not my video) The video is timestamped at part 3 of mastery rank 9, at 1:34 he kills two enemies and tries to run behind a the pillar to his left, but he accidentally let a portion of himself out and made the enemy alerted. Here's my video timestamped at the start of part 3. I followed the same path he did, killed at the spot he killed, but stood out in the open and the Grineer didn't see me. The awareness that people are claiming to still exist is gone.
  14. But that doesn't mean the test are made around them; almost every single stealth/spy test/mission in the game are made under the assumption you didn't have your abilities or guns. Being able to use a Warframe's abilities and guns made the missions easier, but not a must.
  15. For us that's fine, for enemies leave it be. While Augmented Enemy Shields is very niche, it shows that shields are Corpus bullet sponge. Too often times do I see players spend too much time trying to kill a couple enemies when there's a Shield Osprey and/or Guardian Eximus nearby.
  16. And now it's been reverted. A lot of the guides during that time had one thing in common - staying out of the 3rd arena; now you can literally stand at the edge of the 3rd arena and they won't "see" you. Heck at 1:04 in Firetempest's video, the enemy on the upper platform is suppose to "see" the dead body below it.
  17. Akamikeb’s Crash Course in Warframe, still great videos to watch even though they’re outdated. His commentary is entertaining.
  18. This quote from Letter13 literally had to be pinned at the top of the thread above.
  19. Are you going solo by any chance? With a squad stacking buffs and debuffs makes it fast.
  20. You don't stop moving. This is one of the things that was established long ago when going against infested - don't ever let them swarm you. Use whatever method you can - run, move, CC. Their abilities are designed around swarming the players. They don't "spawn right behind", they spawn in a different room. The few times where it can spawn behind are fissures, exterminate, and disruption (Brood Surge that causes infested pods to spawn everywhere) and even then there's a delay of them doing something after seeing you. That "untelegraphed damage spikedamage spike" comes from understanding where you are now. In a scenario with endless missions or other higher level missions, the nature of those is enemies getting more durable and hitting harder; players needs to understand that once they get pass a certain point, yeah, getting one-shotted is on the table. If challenge didn't include an increase in enemies damage, then all we would have would be bullet sponge. Even if we limit that damage relative to warframes health, armor, and other damage reduction, we would still end up with bullet sponge. But it's not so unfair that it's an issue needing to address, even after knowing that that's how it works. Ropalolyst is leading its shot with them, turning opposite of where it's leading will help avoiding it. If you end up knowing you'll get hit, roll; the damage reduction from rolling did help in that fight.
  21. It's not about "having future vision", it's about "after knowing and understanding the mechanics". First time experiencing something, yeah, you're gonna get your butt kicked, but after some exposure and understanding players by then should have full understanding of it. I disagree with Hypernaut1 about the old Scrambus with their old effect of invisible aura, but things like Ancients hooks can be foreseen after understanding.
  22. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  23. As someone who plays D2, including Conclave optional, alternative challenges isn't going to make things better because that will give of the vibe of having to do all the challenges someone doesn't like, PvE and PvP. Players here, just as there, can have an irrational mindset of "having" to do everything even though they don't need to. I don't like PvP, but I "have" to play PvP content because I need to level up my character as there are 5 engrams behind that content. Here's my take on that optional and alternative Conclave challenges: Each week there will be two sets of Nightwave challenges, PvE and PvP, but it's impossible to finish both of them. When a players completes a PvE challenge they must eliminate a PvP challenge of equal value, same thing vice versa. This makes the PvP challenges truly optional and alternative while eliminating the irrational mindset of "having" to do everything.
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