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  1. I'm wondering about this too now. Good call! By the way, did you open multiple tickets, give polite reminders, or just waited till they got to it?
  2. I will make sure to never again use hyperbolic statements lest "heartbroken" be perceived as a separation of cardiac tissue. Although I'd argue that the writing in Warframe is designed to have you emotionally invested, and things like Second Dream and The Sacrifice do it well.
  3. Then I won't drag you deeper into this 😉. Thank you again!
  4. Thank you so much for your understanding.
  5. Thank you for being empathetic to the situation. And I’ll act upon your suggestion right away. Any suggestions as to which official might be the most receptive to something like this?
  6. Thanks! I’ll be aware of that next time I post something hard to categorize.
  7. In what way? We get home after work and, if we have time, we play an hour. If we have extra time, 2 hours or so. This isn’t the only game on the market, but it’s the one we love. Is that really so unhealthy?
  8. It indeed is our primary source of escapism but no, I would not say it’s my life. If anything, a break from it. The same purpose that watching videos, reading news, playing a board game, or reading these forums serves. Warframe just happened to be our universe of choice. Isn’t that the point?
  9. You don’t have to participate in this if it bores you.
  10. It wasn’t meant to achieve anything. It was just something to share. While there is a feeling of injustice, I don’t see the “rage” in it. It definitely wasn’t meant to produce “get this post out of our forum” responses, but I guess it did. You are free to ignore the post. If a moderator deems this to be inappropriate or breaking forum rules I suppose that’s ok.
  11. Where would be the appropriate place to say: "We want to share how this ban affected us" ?
  12. As mentioned, it was contacted. I was more interested in sharing the "how" and "why" this can affect a player, or a couple.
  13. I'm not entirely sure what good it is to post this, except to have an outlet to vent some frustration. Some background: A reliable source of escapism is really necessary in many lines of work. I am a college instructor and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, working predominantly with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, and any form of aggressive and/or self-injurious behavior. My fiancee' is a data analyst at the University of Memphis, and a researcher in the areas of lung cancer, palliative care, and child obesity. While our professions can grant a huge deal of satisfaction (And they do), they also provide (like many other jobs) a lot of frustration and heart-breaking moments. Part of what brought us together as a couple was a combination of being originally from another country (Italy for me, China for her), and having overlapping passions and hobbies that served us as a way to put the world on pause for an hour or two when we need it. Warframe is (well, was) our main outlet. We both love sci-fi set in a future where the works of the previous civilization are partially lost. We both love the emotionally charged writing and the sense of exploration. I can't even begin to describe how much the story of Rell in "The Chains of Harrow" affected me, in no small part due to my field. Being able to visit this world on an almost daily basis was a luxury we were glad to have. Heck, three of my clients play Warframe. Anyway, on July 28th my fiancee' (Bebeoctopus here on the forums, forbidden from posting) loses connection to my squad. She tries to re-log, and she is welcomed with a EULA violation message that bans her till 2035. Seeing that we play, when lucky, 1-2 hours a day and barely do anything other than hunting Zanuka or completing some Nightwave missions, this seemed strange. We couldn't find any unusual software running in the background and we're connected to the same network (wired). Anyway, we submit a ticket and they acknowledge that the automatic system screwed up, we're asked to scan and do a memtest (which we did) and they lifted the ban. We don't play much for the following week because I'm dealing with 6 different health insurances for my clients and she's running tons of data to compensate for the people that were gone during the summer. Dog days starts and we decide to give it a go and play a bit. On August 2nd, the auto-ban hits again. We open the ticket and submit all the information they could need. Three days of nothing, then an auto-message telling us to stop opening tickets. A few days later, an auto-message telling us to send them logs. And then nothing. Since then we identified an issue with the modem and we replaced it, but still silence from support. She missed the event and is heartbroken by the prospect of not being able to finish out this Nigthwave season. Anyway, I know that we're not the first people to deal with this, I don't want to make a special case out of it. If we have to, we'll find a different source of escapism and move on with our lives, but the fact that all the time, money (and yeah, we buy lots of plat because we can't afford the time to farm), and emotional investment into Warframe could evaporate due to a flawed automated process just feels like a demeaning and anti-climactic way to end this journey. Yes, DE has the right to suspend any account regardless of whether or not there is a reason, but it's frustrating to ask the question "Why did this happen?" and accept "Because we can" as an answer. Sorry for the rant, and I fully understand that this kind of mistake happens with pretty much every service and that, in the large picture, these two people and their individual worlds don't matter, but I guess I just wanted us to be heard, if nothing else.
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