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  1. Yeah. Not playing this. Might as well just wait for mk4 stuff. 4% drops with random stats on top of longer grinds and bashing my head against healing bubbles. I was ecstatic when this released. Then you reach the infinite veil slog grind...
  2. Waited for Hotfix to fix 2% drop rate. It's 4%. Waiting for next Hotfix.
  3. I love the way Oberon Prime and his Deluxe Skin look. What I can't stand is the weird fern plants. I'd love to have the grass back 😞
  4. Spent days in the veil with coordinated teams and my highest capacity is still 42. Nope.
  5. I have not played a single mission with archwing. W're usually breezing through veil with me taking care of the fighters as the pilot, the engineer keeping the ship up, and 1-2 boarder to take down crewships. But I also use the recruit channel to always have a team. We also use discord when possible. Being social makes this patch incredibly fun. The opposite it also true though.
  6. Is it lower in other nodes of the veil? Have I been wasting time in Gian Point? 😞
  7. Thanks for the fixes! Shared loot now please! I want to enjoy the teamwork, not abandon ship for a chance of loot!
  8. He doesn't need to be. Neither do I. This is just pages of conveniently and resentfully presented bits of information with causal relations ham-fistedly forced upon them.
  9. By specialized rolls you mean energy types? Fusing the weapons together? Not criticizing (I love this update), just checking if there is a new way I'm not aware of that allows specific stat percentages.
  10. I respect DE more after this update. They're starting to bring the power level of the players to the point where choices actually matter instead of playing OnePunchFrame. Things can actually kill you, you get to pick the weapon you want to bring to the fight, and the missions for Grendel were actually, thankfully, hard. They're cleaning up after months of letting things go, and I hope they proceed in this direction and making Warframe a real game again, with risks, tension (and I'm not talking about rolling my face on my keyboard for 4 hours till the level is high enough), and enemies that aren't just paper men severing themselves in half walking through my blades. I just wish they waited to have many more personalities before releasing the Liches. It's pretty much just 2 possible types. If we're emulating a certain other game with recurring nemeses, let's actually live up to it.
  11. To everybody in this thread that likes syrup on your pancakes. If you eating syrup is so enjoyable, then why don'y you just eat every food with syrup then? You obviously enjoy it, so putting it on all your food shouldn't be a problem, right?
  12. I haven't been so immersed in this game in years. Everything in this update has felt deeply thought out to me. Between the challenge of the Grendel missions, having the freedom of choosing between endless fun and viable melee weapons, having someone who can actually kick my tail, and really wanting to spare my current Lich but knowing he's got a +50% toxin Kohm, really brings back the memories, the struggles, and excitement of when I started playing the game years ago. I can't have enough of it.
  13. I'd rather have missions like this, in which harsh circumstances force me to play outside of my comfort zone until I find the way to succeed, than missions that I can breeze through but have to do 70+ times while praying to the RNG pantheon (like Khora, Equinox, Trinity, Arcanes, Detron, etc.) This was hard, and it definitely promotes teaming up, but I felt that success or failure, together with the related reward, were ultimately under our control. After years, there are finally things in the game I have to sweat for, other ones that I have to plan for, and others that I just can't kill. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't want to play OnePunchFrame forever.
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