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  1. This only works when there are no enemies in range ... As soon as enemies enter the Gloom radius the effects are stopped.
  2. At this moment the drain is insane yea, cause its not working the way its intended. I hope that when they release the change Danielle mentioned before, the drain is good to manage, Gloom will be done otherwise.
  3. Yep just tried this out, and its a big nerf. The drain was oky to manage before with 150% effic and Arcane Energize. And now its drains so much ... Pls look at this!
  4. Finally Defense will be playable. Thanks! Enjoy the weekend i guess?
  5. Yea i really really wish that they still fix this bug today. I mean this is causing a instant NO too the new RJ modes. They are fun but not if you need to do one of the most boring game modes in the game and then end up with nothing ...
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