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  1. I still dont get it why Relics have a place as a reward at the end of a RJ mission. We should only get Wreckage ... If i want to farm relics i will go to other places ... Please DE
  2. So Scott just posted about upping the wreckage drop change ... Right now 2% for a decent part is simply to low ... Are you guys going to leave us hanging till 2020? Or can we see a bit of raise in drops this week?
  3. The new update that is now deploying gives a blinking icon about the node that have something on it. I think this thread is not needed anymore
  4. The drop change for a Reactor etc etc at the end of mission is a big joke. The drop table is cluttered with relics now and i never see a MK3 Reactor except from the zekti one drop .. Did almost 40 Railjacks missions. I understand the stats are RNG, but that doesn't mean that we should never get a drop ... Veil/Ruse War Field (Skirmish) 400 Dirac Uncommon (20.00%) 1000 Dirac Uncommon (10.00%) 3X Riven Sliver Rare (5.00%) Forma Blueprint Rare (2.50%) Lavan Engines Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Lavan Reactor Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Lavan Shield Array Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Vidar Engines Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Vidar Reactor Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Vidar Shield Array Mk Iii Rare (2.00%) Neo T2 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo A3 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo Z5 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo M2 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo I1 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo R3 Relic Rare (7.22%) Neo G2 Relic Rare (7.21%) Let us at least drop something worth using ...
  5. How will the rest of the year look. Is the New War still the Christmas update, or will Railjack Phase 2 the last one this year? Please give us a bit more info
  6. I would love that tbh. But i would love to see us fly our Railjack, this week! I cant wait! Thats what i call a cybership!
  7. You should see it in the preview screen when you view your lich in the codex.. Good luck!
  8. If they can keep up with there promises. We got enough content too get true Christmas break xD
  9. Maybe to get some content 😛 ? Im wondering if it this week, im feeling more like next week.. I finished my railjack yesterday, so im ready!
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