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  1. I got a lot of cetus BP's are those chaning into arcanes too? Or do i need to buy them again?
  2. Driven by greet ... Before no one would have bought prime access. And now everyone will just as they did with the bloodshed sigil.... Verry disappointed!
  3. Confirmed for today: https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1060369904505942020
  4. Please DE, can you please give us a heads up if its today?
  5. Every major update, every time delayed. Please DONT give us anymore release windows and stop hyping ... disappointment every time
  6. Something is concerning me after the mainline update. The mod: Adaptation will this mod stay the way it is now? Could someone of the DE team respond to this? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.
  7. Every time there is a ''big'' update we get this message xD
  8. So they call this QOL these days ... When are we going to get some new weapons? The days when we got those every 2 weeks are long gone ....
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