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  1. Maybe the defs can give us answer then?
  2. This is a joke right? Please let me know xD
  3. Increase the grind, give us more points ... why DE why ... And now Limbo is god in this event so lets nerf them in the progress. Are you guys going to change him back when the event is done then? 7 years .. and DE rather nerf then fix there game for once...
  4. Bought the mod, tought YES nice for my Kuva Bramma. Went to Arsenal ... Can not equip on Bramma thanks DE for not telling this before hand!
  5. Same here and i get sick of it ... Going to stop playing the event till the fix it. But they better pay us the missing credits back ... And extend the event, hell that even helps with the content drought after this event xD
  6. So i reached rank 3 with the Railjack side of the event before this hotfix was out. Just logged in to be greeted by a 2k bonus instead of 20k bonus ... Lets make this event even more grindy, lets extend it by 6 or 12 months to get all the reward at least.
  7. Why so grindy ... Thats all i gotta say ... 15k for a weapon 😕
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