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  1. I vaguely remember DE talking about per-person RNG many years back, and how they supposedly fixed. Well, they didn't. It is rather obvious for me, when I'm getting 75% discount roughly every week for a long time now (1.5 years sound about right), when others do not see it in years. Not very fair, but no one really cares about the random login rewards, so it was more of a long-running joke. But now I see a lot of people reporting very unlikely lich spawn patterns - people getting one weapon 10 times out of 14 runs, people getting 4 lich ephemeras in a handful of missions etc, So knowing that the login reward RNG is broken, I started thinking if the same system is reused for generating liches. If that is the case, it has to be fixed...
  2. And again, randoms just extracted in a middle of lich kill, while I was in the stupid long animation sequence (this time in a capture mission). Can we get a pause on extraction in this case? Or just a small delay if someone is fighting a lich? This is infuriating...
  3. Stabbed my lich for the third time which started the long animation / wait sequence. During that time mission finished and the end screen blocked out my ability to Vanquish the lich (option to do so still was visible in the background). Extra frustrating, given that I guessed the mods on the first try and he got to live...
  4. I've noticed that cache optimisation has been acting crazy last couple of months (maybe before too and I just have not noticed). The size of the installation directory appears to double in size, and constant disk writing implies that it essentially copies everything, doing god knows what with all the processing power it uses. The first time I noticed this was when the installation size of warframe more than doubled, I ran out of disk space and the whole process hung up at 85ish percent. At very least it should check that it has the available disk space and when it is running out of space. However in the days of SSDs and limited writes the whole behaviour in itself is not acceptable imho. It is currently faster and less damaging to my hardware if I just delete the warframe and redownload it, instead of trying to optimise the cache (especially if I do it every other update or less frequently), which is just ridiculous.
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