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  1. Yes, the inspiration is from there, but nemesis system there didn't get that good reviews from most people either, precisely because killing nemeses was so easy and because at the end of the day, they had hardly any impact on the whole game. I liked Shadow of Mordor too, but the hunting was more of a chore than anything else towards the end. So, you stopped hating the content when you decided that you don't have to do it? ^^ I mean, the idea behind having a nemesis is great, and I am also keeping a lich alive to make the star chart a bit more lively, but it doesn't change the fact that interacting with one simply is not fun. I'd really like to get myself some of those ephemeras, but I just can't bring myself to kill another lich...
  2. Oh, it's very much the idea. It's added in as a long grind to extend the play time. I'm not saying that it's the worst thing about the liches, just pointing out that it's not motivating enough, even with the addition of trading (and high% weapons is just whale bait and demotivating for everyone else). I specifically didn't add suggestions for this point, because addressing some of the following points (and making the whole endeavour more fun) would sort of address this point. Well yes, that's Warframe in a nutshell - DE doesn't bother with the world-building. Outside of major quests it's a disconnected mess. Some attempts to addressing that would definitely be appreciated and how liches (or anything else) can fit into that is obviously not a clear cut issue. Instead I'my trying to suggest one of the ways to change them to at very least fit the original promise of "nemeses", as they very definitely are not at this point. It really irks me when devs refer to them as such in the streams after their release.
  3. Just found this in my notes, written it up ages ago, but never posted. Figured that I might as well drop it here, even if it's a bit late to the party. Firstly, I have to say that I'm yet to find a person that actually enjoys the lich system beyond the funny lich names and ridiculous bugs (my favourite is lich possessing the defence cryo-pod, it gaining the hp bar and starting to move around). I've seen a lot of complaints, but I don't think that people are focusing on the right reasons why the lich system is not fun. Here are some of my thoughts why he Liches are not fun and some thoughts on how to address them. 1. Lich grind is demotivating Canonically there are 4 types of gamers: explorers, achievers, socializers and killers, with their own motivations. While I would love, if warframe would make a decent effort to fix their inconsistent lore and build an actually compelling world (for the explorers) and add some reasons to build communities (for the socializers), right now it focuses almost solely on the achievers. In other words, getting all-the-things is almost only motivating factor. It's not ideal, but it works, only you have to keep in mind when designing content. With liches, you are hunting for 13 weapons. On average that's some 38 lich kills, or 25 duplicates. Lets assume that it takes 2 hours to get rid of the lich and there is no trading. You roll for the loot when you lock-in your lich. This means that you will be working towards the desired goal for 26 hours and you can look forward towards 50 hours of being told that you are not getting anything at the end of the mission. 50 hours of pain, and this is assuming that you are happy with any % weapon. If you want the ephemeras - make that 126 hours, if you want good % weapons... good luck. If you are willing to trade, the system doesn't become half as bad, but given that the lich grind by itself is not very fun - it's not enough to motivate people. 2. The Ritual Suicide This issue has been brought up a lot - supposedly people don't like to get killed and DE's stance seems to be "it's fine if stuff kills you". In my opinion, the devil is in the details - the problem is not that the players get killed by liches but HOW the players get killed by liches. Fist issue is simple miscommunication. I understand that the idea is "you find the opening > you stab it with the parazon > it does not work > lich murders your face". But that's not how it is telegraphed in game. There is no visual indicator of the stab failing (other than your face being murdered). The simplest way to address it would have the lich "level-up" during the stab, taunt you about failing and only then murder you. The second issue is the fact that we are not facing a superior foe and losing - we have to choose to die. Yes, technically you can get lucky, but with those odds it's not a fight - it's plain suicide. A lot of people are not OK with that. If lich randomly came after you, chased you through the level and killed you, with us being powerless to stop it, it would be one thing. But we have to deliberately choose to go to the lich and die. That's just a plain wrong message to send. Add in the fact that you die 3-4 times per lich, it's no wonder people are feeling bad about it. In the ideal world (where wf AI is not crap), you would want a powerful Lich chasing the player throughout the level, but you could change it to work even with the current AI: Have the lich teleport to the player after a random interval of time, if it can't attack, Have the lich slowly growing in power and reduce the times between teleports as the time goes by (getting a ominous glow is a classic), Have failed stab immediately get lich to full power instead of just killing you, making the escape extremely hard. At the end of the day, it wouldn't change much "on paper", but I can guarantee that players wouldn't feel half as bad about getting killed by their liches. 3. Resource stealing is not "fun" One of the good design approaches - if something does not serve the core goal of the design, it should not be included. In case of games, the goal is having fun (and player retention from dev point of view) and liches stealing stuff does not help with either. I know that this was added to give some presence to the liches, but trying to motivate players by annoying them is a bit silly. One potential solution to this would be to turn liches into glorified extractors - have them accrue "interest" on any resources collected. It does not have to be a lot, but it has to be visible to the player when it opens the lich - a list of stuff that is stolen, and liches additions to it. If it scaled with the amount of time lich was alive - even better, now we have a small reason NOT to kill the lich. (As a bonus, it also helps with the player retention a bit.) Naturally, it's possible to expand this in the future, by making liches undertake small projects (like mini femorians/invasions), if they gather enough resources, but even the basic resource interest is enough to turn a mechanic that is detrimental to player interest into something that is at least a bit motivating. 4. Liches are note Nemeses Ok, not everyone cares about the lore and reasons for killing, but thematically Liches are a plain failure. Players were asking for Nemesis - an entity that is akin to a rival and represents a constant threat. Original concepts showed/mentioned on streams weren't far of the idea - it's a threat that you can't just easily kill off in an hour or two of work (even if we have to suicide a few times along the way). At some point in the development they gained loot tables, and stuff with a loot table obviously has to be farmable, and farmable stuff should be killable in a reasonable amount of time etc. It went from a cool world-building concepts to just another loot pinata. I imagine you could go about addressing this in many ways, but my approach to making liches meaningful at this point would be: Remove the progression items and high rng stuff from liches (so the whole current loot table). Instead give them some sort of guaranteed trophies, stashes of resources etc. If you must have rng on them, make it something that gets some chance to appear on the lich every day, no every kill (just please don't do ridiculous single digit %). Move liches from the front lines - have them stay in their ship/base, and only have an option to attack them directly 1/week or have it limited in some other way. Give liches more meaningful presence - in addition to current resource stealing, give them some death squads, deploy temporary nightmare modifiers in your missions and mess with players with other minor ways. Add more meaning to thrall missions - make them into tactical strikes to decrease lich influence, retrieve stolen resources, farm kuva weapons etc. Of course it would be possible to dial down the kill difficulty on the current liches, turn them into some sort of lieutenant and just add a proper Nemesis as their boss, but that feels a bit of a waste. 5. Other Minor issues Current opting-in mechanic isn't really idea, as the game doesn't tell you what you are getting into. The easiest way to fix this, would be to simply have an option to order a hit on the lich from red veil or steel meridian 1/week to just take care of the lich. Spreading out of the nodes across the whole of the star chart is becoming a problem already. It's already almost impossible to find a squad for some of the missions outside of peak times and it can only get worse from here. Having some shared tactical strikes against the liches, that were not directly tied to the star chart could be a better approach to let players share the burden between them.
  4. I've noticed that cache optimisation has been acting crazy last couple of months (maybe before too and I just have not noticed). The size of the installation directory appears to double in size, and constant disk writing implies that it essentially copies everything, doing god knows what with all the processing power it uses. The first time I noticed this was when the installation size of warframe more than doubled, I ran out of disk space and the whole process hung up at 85ish percent. At very least it should check that it has the available disk space and when it is running out of space. However in the days of SSDs and limited writes the whole behaviour in itself is not acceptable imho. It is currently faster and less damaging to my hardware if I just delete the warframe and redownload it, instead of trying to optimise the cache (especially if I do it every other update or less frequently), which is just ridiculous.
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