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  1. For how the parazon in missions works against ennemies, it's not that good. An execution only available randomly when the ennemy has low health is a bad idea, considering how fast ennemies in warframe can be killed. I propose for the parazon to act like Ash 4th ability. However, you can only use it through charges (ex: 3/3) that can be replenished in missions one way or another.
  2. I especially agree on the lack of survivability, blind is the only thing that keeps me from dying everytime.
  3. Because of umbra's passive, which makes him act like an independant Warframe, whenever I go into operator mode (5th ability), I always have to recast exalted umbra blade (4th ability), which is a pain to deal with. It would make things easier and not frustrating if I didn't had to always recast his ability.
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