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  1. I've just logged in and you just released a new patch. I hate you red text!
  2. Around 2.5k hours ish veteran player is here and still not playing while i could. 😄
  3. Around 2.5k hours spending on warframe. Officially my hype is over. I hope, people who are waiting this update will enjoy as much as they can.
  4. Lets do some algorithms. If fortuna would have released on this weekend, you may have a bug/glitch issue. That means, you have to correct it. It leads make your customers/players to restart the game. That will be waste of time. Killing the hype and mood. So, it won't be releasing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I believe these days are prime days. Releasing it on Monday ( today ish ) is not possible because of server maintanence ish. However, releasing on tuesday, wednesday or thursday is more likely. Players who will play in these days, will see the glitches, report 'em. Devs will try to fix them. In this way, It will be ready to weekend prime playtime without major issue. Hardcore players would have already experience of it. They(i) can make guide videos about it. This will make everyone's happy and succesful publish.
  5. I was expecting that it will released on 6th - 10th November. I was suprised to see a topic about "Fortuna". I am not going to justified as others who is saying that "it wasn't set on stone ish" . I am not dissappointed because i wasn't expected release date on 1st November. However, i believe there is some concern about that every major update has same issue. Announce and delay... I hope it doesn't effect Warframe.
  6. Double Resources weekend please! It has been so long since you did that! 😞
  7. Says who are telling me arca is not shotgun it is a beam weapon which uses shotgun mod. In theory, you are right. Practical in warframe, it is defines as shotgun which is not using standard pellets mechanic. It uses shotgun mods. So it is a shotgun in warframe game. If you don't get it, i have nothing to say anymore.
  8. Whatever. Please read the my main message 1st. I am standing what i was defending. You are the one who is constantly changing subject and throwing out some different things into subject. I honestly don't have any idea what you are defending or what you are trying to say. Thank you.
  9. While you are explaining in theoric, philosophical meaning of weapons, we can't use rifle mods on shotguns, shotgun mods on rifles. So basicly, they are what they are.
  10. For love of god, don't twist the words. Their category has been set by developers long time ago. Deal with it. İgnis is rifle, quanta is rifle etc. Arca is shotgun. I can't change that, you can change that. Why are you still arguing which has already set ?
  11. Yea sure, Please send your opinion to developers and ask them to change arca plasmor, quanta, opticor and all other weapons which uses some kinda laser / beam to laser/ flamethrower section. 😄 Developers set the category of these weapons. They are what they are.
  12. Please did you read my main opinion ? If it is not magazine cap, it will be another that will get a nerf.
  13. So, it is a shotgun at the end. What is the problem that you are having ?
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